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The Inspector of space and time meets his greatest foe in this 6-episode web series, starring Travis Richey (Community, The Event, PLL) Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 1, 2012.

The Inspector of space and time meets his greatest foe in this 6-episode web series, starring Travis Richey (Community, The Event, PLL)

About this project


We announced some INCREDIBLE perks available at the $35 level in just the last day.  We kept adding to it, but we can't modify a perk after someone pledged. Please see the Updates for details, or click HERE for the official rundown on our Facebook page, including some AWESOME things unlocked if we reach $30,000!!! (Like an exclusive look at the first episode of Season 2!)

UPDATE - AMAZING new perk for final push!

We're almost at the end of the campaign, and I wanted to give everybody something more, something EXCLUSIVE, that only backers would get, but I also didn't want to make it a lot more expensive. 

So, I just created a $35 level. For those who have already donated more than that, they'll automatically get this perk. For those of you who are at the $25 level, it's only an extra $10 to get this.

The Perk is an EXCLUSIVE version of the series, re-edited into one continuous episode, and featuring an extended Opening Title Sequence not included in the general release version of the series. 

THIS WILL NEVER BE RELEASED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC! It's only for backers - for the people who made this possible. 

ALSO - If we reach $30,000 by the end of Saturday when the campaign ends, we'll shoot part of the first episode of the SECOND SEASON of this series, and include it in that full-length episode!!

Update - Funding Goal Reached (But We're Not Done Yet!)

The goal of $20K is our minimum budget.  It's what we needed to make this series a reality.  Anything more that we raise will go towards making this series even better.  And MORE OF IT.  I woke up at 3am a few days ago with an idea for the second season ofUWSAASTWCATTT, and I wrote the entire first episode.  It's pretty good. 

So, don't stop sharing this campaign and spreading the word!  I couldn't be more proud and excited to make this series with each and every one of you having made it possible!

The Story

My name is Travis Richey.  I was a fan of both Doctor Who and Community before ever getting the opportunity to audition for the role of Inspector Spacetime.  

I am also an experienced indie web series producer, having made Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy, Smiley Town, 2 Hot Guys in the Shower, and an award-winning series of Mac vs. PC spoofs.

After my first scene of Inspector Spacetime was shot for Community, I instantly saw the potential for the character, and set about creating this web series with my writing partner.  And it turned out pretty damn awesome.  I thought it would be a great idea to take it with me if I ever got to do another episode, give it to the folks at Community and say, "You guys should make a web series of this, and by the way, here's a script!"

Turns out that Hollywood doesn't work quite that way... It had to be pitched through official channels.  So my agent pitched it.  Even then, I didn't hear anything.  

And now, with Community's future uncertain, but fans of Inspector Spacetime as enthusiastic about the character as ever, I realized I'd just have to do it myself.  

Strike that.  We'd have to do it.  Ourselves.  The fans.  Because that's what we do.  It is, in fact, what made Inspector Spacetime anything at all. Fans turned a 15-second clip into a show with 50 years of history!! 

So I'm going to make the [UNTITLED] series, and I need some help to do it.  I've made several hundred minutes of original comedy content over the last few years, on no budget.  Unfortunately, though the writing and acting are excellent, you can see the lack of budget in the production quality.  I think [UNTITLED] deserves to look and sound like it belongs on TV (because, frankly, it does).  

For that, I'm turning to Kickstarter to raise a minimal budget for equipment and production costs only.  No one will make one dime off the finished product.  We won't be selling DVD's or merchandise.  There won't even be ads on the Youtube videos.  We're making this show because I know fans want to see it.  I know, because I'm one of them.  

NBC, Sony, and the Community production team have nothing to do with this web series.  It is entirely fan produced.  With your help.  And though we cannot call it "Inspector Spacetime", it is very clearly set in the universe that fans built for that character.  The Inspector will fight the evils of the universe!

Thank you.


  • This is a complicated question, and admittedly, there is a TINY bit of grey area that I'm hoping doesn't result in anybody trying to interfere with this wonderful project.

    First off, I want to be very clear that I LOVE "Community," and hope very much that this web series will bring some much-needed attention to the show, which, even though it's returning to finish out it's 3rd season (the episodes have all already been shot), is still in very real danger of not coming back for a 4th. Anyway, I'm reasonably certain Dan Harmon knows about this project, and if someone wanted to stop it I'd have heard something by now. But that's hardly sound legal reasoning, is it?

    Rest assured, Dear Inspectator, that I talked to many people before deciding to actually do this. Lawyers, agents, and my own mom (who happens to be a lawyer, but that's not important right now). In the end, we determined that I am on fairly solid legal ground to produce this project, and even show it to people. The fact that we are not going to be making any money from the sale of this series, or anything related to it, or even allowing ads to be posted on it on Youtube, helps remove a lot of the uncertainty.

    So why would anyone bother to stop this fan-film from being made? The questions (a judge would ask) would be:

    Does it prevent anyone connected with "Community" from making and profiting from Inspector Spacetime content? NO. (besides the fact that if they wanted to, they probably would have done it already, with fans clamoring the way they have). We're making our own script (which I offered to them first but got NO response), so it's obviously not a story they were planning on making. And hey, if they like what we end up with, I'll be happy to sell them the right to use it.

    Why hasn't NBC/Sony/Dan Harmon/Dan Harmon's mom done anything about all the Inspector Spacetime stuff out there (T-Shirts, posters, iPhone cases, etc.) that people HAVE made money off of? The reason, and I'm only guessing at this, is that in the end, all that interest in Inspector Spacetime eventually leads back to "Community." I had at least a dozen people tell me at Gallifrey One that they learned about "Community" because of Inspector Spacetime, and went and bought DVDs to catch up on the show. Well, imagine if this web series is a huge success - how many people would then look for the Season 3 episodes (Available this summer on DVD) to see where it all got started! At least a few, I'd venture.

    (That being said, I'm positively BAFFLED as to why NBC hasn't put out "official" Inspector Spacetime merchandise...)

    Still not convinced? Think I've been skirting the issue with assumptions and specious reasoning (them's legal words!)?? OK, that's cool.

    Here's the skinny: Under US copyright law, you cannot copyright a TITLE.

    You CAN have a trademark on a title, but currently there is no US trademark for "Inspector Spacetime."

    WITHIN the web series, we do not use any of the elements that the show writers created: the name "Reggie" (the Constable), the term "Borgons", or even the name "Inspector Spacetime" (NONE of which, by the way, can be copyrighted)

    There is also very clear precedence under the parody section of Fair Use law that would protect us (similarly to how it protected the writers of "Community" from the creators of Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Batman, Spiderman, Apollo 13, Space Camp, Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2001, Armageddon, Adaptation, Night of the Living Dead, Terminator, Cougar Town, Clue, Star Trek, the Cosby Show-- y'all get my point?)

    Now, IF, given those facts we were ordered to cease and desist (a long shot), I would, after consulting my lawyers and telling you all and about it, change the name to "The Inspector" or "Inspector What" and do it anyway, since everything at that point would be an invention of myself, my writing partner, or the fans.

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  • Yes! That was a overlooked omission. It should read "All of the above, plus..." The $50 level definitely includes the listing in the credits, the HD Downloads, and the MP3 link to the Theme Song.

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    Pledge $10 or more

    91 backers

    Your name in the "Special Thanks" portion of the credits

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    Pledge $25 or more

    214 backers

    All of the above, plus the full series available as a full-HD digital download, plus a link to the High-Quality Inspector Spacetime Theme Song MP3.

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    Pledge $35 or more

    158 backers

    EVERY backer who donates $35 or more will receive a completely EXCLUSIVE HD download of the full-length edit of the series as one continuous episode, complete with extended opening credits sequence NOT available on the general release version.
    ALSO, if we reach $30,000 before the end of the campaign, we will shoot and include in THAT VERSION ONLY, a sneak peek at the first episode of the Second Season of UWSAASTWCATTT!! How cool is that?!?

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    Pledge $50 or more

    80 backers

    A signed thank you postcard from Inspector Spacetime himself, Travis Richey, and a link to download a high-quality MP3 of the entire web series score (available only to donors).

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    Pledge $100 or more

    37 backers

    All of the above, plus a hardcopy of the script for all 6 episodes, signed by writers Eric Loya & Travis Richey, and an autographed Inspector Spacetime 8.5"x11" photo.

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    Pledge $250 or more

    8 backers

    All of the above, plus a copy of the original web series poster (A3-size) to be designed by Jonny Eveson (, and both of Jonny's previous Inspector Spacetime posters, all signed by the cast.

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    All of the above, plus a full-size version of Jonny Eveson's poster, signed by cast and crew, plus a phone call or video chat with Travis!

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    1 backer Limited (19 left of 20)

    All of the above, plus an original full-size poster, designed by Jonny Eveson, using your likeness as one of The Inspector's Associates from one of the episodes in the IS canon. Plus Travis will record a personalized audio clip (in character, if you like!) for use on your answering machine, voicemail, youtube video, podcast, etc.

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    Pledge $5,000 or more

    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    All of the above (except where noted), plus Associate Producer credit & join us on set for a day! (travel to be the responsibility of the donor)

    Estimated delivery:

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