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Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
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Hero-U Art Process and Progress


Several backers commented on my previous update that they would have liked to read more about our progress with Hero-U. That reminded me that many of you might not know about Lori's blog on our site.

Lori's latest post is about the process we go through to create the art for each room or section of Hero University and environs, using the Wine Cellar as an example. This is the first "dungeon" area players will encounter in Hero-U.

Wine Cellar Color 3D Detail
Wine Cellar Color 3D Detail

The update is at While you're there, look through some of Lori's previous blog posts, visit our discussion forums, or browse the rest of the site. We still have some collectibles for sale, and your friends can preorder Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption if they missed out on the Kickstarter.

We will still be getting new art for several months, and we have a lot of programming and writing work to do after we have the art, so we still have a long way to go on the project. At this point, Lori and I are self-funding and not taking any salary or other payment. For now at least, we prefer that approach to the alternatives. We get to keep control of the project and the company this way.

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    1. JP Selwood on

      Thanks for the feedback, everyone! As the concept artist, I'm thoroughly satisfied with Chris Willis's work on creating the 3D art from the original concept paintings. Navigating the environments should be an exciting experience for players and its inspiring to hear you like where things are headed. :-)

    2. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Thanks for the update. Looking good. :)

    3. Riggo on

      Definitely liking the look! Great update. :-)

    4. Justin

      I never said it should be identical but I've seen art 20 times better in original Sierra games. Not sure what you guys are looking at. I clicked on the link.

    5. jorlinn on Linux on

      The cellar looks beautiful, it reminds me a bit of the tavern scene in Betrayal at Krondor. I still love that game.

    6. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      I agree with Corey that this is a faithful rendition of the concept art -- you just can't expect in-game art to be perfectly identical with concept art, that's not the way it works

    7. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      The linked article at has way more detail showing the transition from initial concept art to a playable room, backers should really read that to appreciate the progress.

    8. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update!

    9. Corey Cole 2-time creator on

      @Justin: We love it. Your Mileage May Vary. In any case, you can't play a game in a painting. You can play it in an environment. The original painting was like a snapshot of one small section of an area through which Shawn and others will move. The 3D version has it all, and still comes very close to the concept painting when you zoom in one one section.

      We had to reject many of the room paintings in Quest for Glory because they looked beautiful, but were not laid out properly to let the characters move around. Or a critical element became hidden once we made it 2.5D. There are always compromises going between image and playable area; we think there are very few in this case.

    10. Justin

      All I saw was the same image from the beginning of the campaign turned into lower quality 3D.

    11. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      i wont worry too much about that, with the amount of love pour into a game, it's easy to get people suck into your world. I also find games that were create with love to be alot more charming and fun to play with than something just churned out.

      Still, good luck and all the best to the rest of the project :)

    12. Darklord on

      I hope once the game is released you guys actually make some money, it would be a real shame for you to be out of pocket for making us a game.