Funded! This project was successfully funded on November 20, 2012.

Update #39

Breaking In Is So Hard to Do

Last Chance to Pledge on the Site

We are closing the KS store on June 30. This will be the last chance for you and your friends to contribute the project until we open a regular store shortly before we release Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. The "KS Store" is at for just one more week.

You may also upgrade your Kickstarter pledge in the KS Store. Choose the "Donate" button, and donate the difference between the reward tier you want and the amount you have already contributed. Make sure you use the "Comments" field to give us your Kickstarter name and any other information we need to upgrade you to the new tier.

Staying around after the store closes will be the Hero-U web site - - recently redesigned by Lori. You can find new artwork and more information about the game there. Be sure to visit and participate in the discussion forums - - while you're there.

Then there's Lori's news column - - in which she posts project news in between these updates. The latest column mentions our composer Ryan Grogan's latest award for his exceptional children's TV work Down Under.

Fine-Tuning the Demo

The team is well along on our first playable demo, the "Break-In House". This is a simplified version of an actual game scene, so creating it tests most of the code we've developed so far. Shawn can walk around in it and interact with everything. Don't worry – It's one of the first scenes of the game, so there aren't any spoilers.

We are trying to complete the demo in the next week or two with Shawn's real animation, sound effects, and most of the interactions and dialogue that will be in the game. We'll post a link to it when it's "ready for prime time."

Wagging Our Tales

We are delighted to welcome Mark Povey to our team as a senior animator. Mark's impressive background includes working on Don Bluth films including "All Dogs Go To Heaven" and "An American Tail". He has also animated games such as "Broken Sword", Disney's "Tarzan", and "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". Mark is currently focusing on animating our characters smoothly.

We have also added Luke Utterback as a part-time AI (Artificial Intelligence) specialist. Luke has six years of experience as a game programmer including work on "Bourne Conspiracy" and "LEGO Universe". He also did the AI programming for the lamentably cancelled "Warrior's Lair" project (see

Then there's Richard Aronson, famous for the Dread Gazebo story (  Richard helped create the characters of Erasmus and Fenrus that later made it into Quest for Glory. Then he started designing games professionally, including Hoyle's Bridge, The Ruins of Cawdor, Law and Order, ER, World Series of Poker, and some other excellent games. Richard had a bit of time to spare, and has been helping Lori and me fill out the design of economy, equipment and other treasure, and other game systems.

Interesting Kickstarter Projects Ending Soon

There are just over two days to go on Armikrog (, which has so far raised $700K of its $900K ask. This is a stop-motion-animated adventure game from the creators of Earthworm Jim. The lead artist (Doug Ten Napel) has raised some controversy unrelated to the project with comments against gay marriage. If this is an important concern to you, you will have to decide whether you want to back Armikrog. Personally, I am backing at a minimum level just to keep up with the game's progress. The art style and proposed game play look amazing.

Also ending soon is Double Fine's Massive Chalice Campaign ( This is a strategy game rather than an adventure or RPG, but I think it looks really fun. One feature is a campaign mode in which your heroes can retire to raise new generations of heroes – You have to balance your short-term chances against the long-term survival of your realm.

There are still two weeks to go on The St. Christopher's School Lockdown ( This is a unique adventure game that explores modern themes of suppression and revolt in the context of a British public school. It looks great, has a different and very interesting theme, and promises to have a character-centered story similar to our own plans with Hero-U.

Just started is LFG: The Fork of Truth ( This is a 4-player co-op RPG based on the popular Looking for Group web comic ( The comic started out as a World of Warcraft parody, and has progressed ("matured" would be too strong a word) into a very fun series. I follow it religiously.

Until We Meet Again

Hero-U development is starting to accelerate, and many exciting developments are happening behind the scenes. We look forward to sharing more art, music, news, and demos with you here and on the web site. Stay tuned!


    1. Nero_-_rooma__capitolium_ii_2007.small

      Creator Ahenobarbus on June 29, 2013

      @ Guran - Cognition was greenlit yesterday. But yes, greenlight is a nightmare for many amazing looking games..

    2. Lastexpress_2.small

      Creator Guran - St Christopher's Alumni on June 28, 2013

      Here's hoping you can still bypass the horror that is Steam Greenlight! So many fantastic games that just never seem to get greenlit: Cognition, The Cat Lady, Gray Matter...but I'm incredibly happy about the news about Humble Store!! They really offer the best of both worlds, as you get both a DRM-free and Steam copy (when available). It also encourages people to visit your own site to buy the game.

    3. Gravatar_herocorey.small

      Creator Corey Cole on June 27, 2013

      We will definitely be on - I talked with them at E3. We expect to be on Steam, but I need to contact them again as that was originally arranged through Andrew Goulding. At the time, Steam said that we can bypass Greenlight, but I have to verify that is still true. We've also talked with Humble Bundle and plan to use their Humble Store service to sell pre-orders and direct game downloads from the Hero-U site. They are excited about the game, so we have a very good chance of being included in a Humble Bundle; that will obviously be at least several months after the initial release.

    4. Missing_small

      Creator Michael Bishop on June 26, 2013

      Very cool update. I'm a big fan of Don Bluth and recently played Broken Sword for the first time, so Mark Povey's addition to the team is great news. I'm really looking forward to trying out the demo. Looking forward to further updates!

    5. Mausicon.small

      Creator Maus Merryjest AGL589 on June 26, 2013

      Tim: Agreed... although I am getting the physical edition of the game, a lot of my friends are salivating about this game and are curious about the digital distribution. They're not very good at keeping in touch with websites, so I am sort of their unofficial mailing list.

    6. Missing_small

      Creator Timothy Cook on June 26, 2013

      Also curious about Steam/GoG here. They are basically the only way I ever buy games anymore.

    7. Lastexpress_2.small

      Creator Guran - St Christopher's Alumni on June 26, 2013

      I'm really thrilled that you got Mark Povey on board! The Broken Sword cut scenes are amazing and I really look forward to see his work on Hero-U.

    8. Mausicon.small

      Creator Maus Merryjest AGL589 on June 25, 2013

      Corey, will the game be ultimately available on Steam and/or Just a curiosity!

    9. Gravatar_herocorey.small

      Creator Corey Cole on June 25, 2013

      Anyway, let us please drop the Armikrog discussion here. That was one sentence in an otherwise unrelated post. There are other places for that discussion.

      @SD: We are closing the backer page on for the simple reason that I promised I would do that. We want to make sure that our early backers know how special and important they are to our project. We don't want someone to wait until a month before the game launches, then still be able to buy an exclusive backer-only reward.

      We will have a preorder page, but I haven't made a decision on when to open it. Two major digital distributors have given me opposite advice. One said that a long preorder period leaches support and interest in the game launch. The other said that it helps to keep word about the game spreading. They are probably both right. :-) In any case, our preorder page will let people buy the game, but not any of the special Kickstarter rewards.

    10. Olauron_small.small

      Creator Olauron - Obsidian Order on June 25, 2013

      Neverhood is one of the best adventure games ever made. If Armikrog is potentially a similar game (and it seems it is) then it just must succeed. It doesn't matter to me whether I agree with political or religious views of its creator or not. Only the game itself and its contents matter.

    11. 226897_10150178392293702_584193701_6910549_5253568_n.small

      Creator Joseph Austin on June 25, 2013

      Like Serena said, its a matter of personal comfort level with things. I only stay along for the ride because I am resigned to two fates:

      1. I will always be giving money to someone I do not like.

      2. Same-sex marriage and social acceptance is an inevitability and people are just whining about it now anyway.

    12. Serena_paladin_qfi.small

      Creator Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM on June 25, 2013

      I want to point out something here. I have nothing really against the project itself. If I did, I wouldn't have written a brief "Ending Soon" article on the blog I write for. TenNaple, though, leaves a rather bitter taste in my mouth and I don't feel comfortable keeping my pledge because of it. I, personally, have no problem with someone speaking his mind. It's when he takes his views and tries to jackhammer it into you that I have a problem with. Everything that I've read and heard about this controversy makes me less and less want to back the project. If he had said something ONCE and let it go I probably would still be in.

    13. Mausicon.small

      Creator Maus Merryjest AGL589 on June 25, 2013

      Exo: It is unconstitutional to violate someone's individual rights. the reason we have a constitutional republic instead of a democracy is so that the majority cannot vote away the rights of a minority. One of those rights is the freedom to enter into contractual agreements between two consenting adults, and have the government and the courts honor and protect said contractual agreements. There is no such right that allows you to delimit the legal relationships that two consensual adults enter into.

    14. 226897_10150178392293702_584193701_6910549_5253568_n.small

      Creator Joseph Austin on June 25, 2013

      @timothy - yeah... it makes me squirm a bit too tbh

    15. 226897_10150178392293702_584193701_6910549_5253568_n.small

      Creator Joseph Austin on June 25, 2013

      @Corey - I certainly didn't view it as an invitation to stop backing Armikrog. Thats one place where I disagree with eXo,

    16. Missing_small

      Creator Timothy Cook on June 25, 2013

      This is getting far too heated for me; I'm out.

      In general, my rule is "I don't care if I hate your opinion, unless you either start acting like a douche or you start writing political editorials". He passes the first test but the second is where I have trouble; he's gone out of his way to become a public figure. I don't want to trip over one of his articles later and go "ugh, I own his game".

    17. 226897_10150178392293702_584193701_6910549_5253568_n.small

      Creator Joseph Austin on June 25, 2013

      In a way I agree with both of you. I do think Maus shouldn't be stating that he brought it up first on kickstarter if he had no means of proving that, but aside from that I understand both sides here. Here's the thing... if this was just his project and not a team of people who work together and have a shared vision, I wouldn't fund him knowing what I now know. Voting may be constitutional, but you cannot expect people to be perfectly relativistic when they feel strongly on a subject. To be clear, people who want to discriminate against me and my relationships with LAWS and vote to do so, those are enemies. They can call me intolerant if they want, but they have acted against me and cannot be friends.

      But again, he's just on a team. To rage on this would be similar to boycotting Bond flicks, which I love, because the original author of the books was a sexist racist homophobe (read Goldfinger sometime, if you dare).

    18. Gravatar_herocorey.small

      Creator Corey Cole on June 25, 2013

      @eXoScoriae: Very well said. I posted that comment because I know that some active supporters of Hero-U have dropped support for Armikrog specifically because of TenNapel's beliefs. I agree that intolerance of any kind is a problem, and all of us have to be careful about hurting other people. I personally believe that people should accept of others regardless of their beliefs as long as they do not cause harm to others because of them.

      I try to avoid posting commentary on political parties, religions, and so on because I know that both sides believe their arguments are compelling. However, our games often express Lori's and my beliefs. For example, our "Paladin" is very different from a D&D Paladin. Theirs uphold law and order - Ours place the greater good above laws (e.g. in Raseir, where the laws are despotic and evil). I think being "true to ourselves" leads to better writing, but I also understand that many of our players may disagree with the ideas we express.

      That said, Armikrog appears to be "just a game". I don't think that supporting it promotes or denies any particular philosophy. My reasons for backing it at only a low level have nothing whatsoever to do with the creator's beliefs.

    19. Serena_paladin_qfi.small

      Creator Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM on June 25, 2013

      **grabs a bag of popcorn and sits back**
      Actually, I wouldn't mind a link myself. I barely touched the comments section even when I WAS a backer. The first I heard about the controversy was from other backers in the comments that I DID read..

    20. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator eXoScoriae on June 25, 2013

      There is nothing unconstitutional about voting. The mere fact it exists as a vote means it is not law yet, and therefore must be voted on. You have basically just said that anyone who has ever votd against same sex marriage is a "vocal activist". You are creating extremism at that point.

      And second - you claimed he specifically brought this up on his project's page. You were asked by 2 people for a link and instead chose to write a diatribe that has nothing to do with that. Is that your way of conceding you just made up the fact he stated on his own KS page? If so, it seems you have resorted to lying in order to try and make TenNapel look worse. I don't agree with the guy, but at least he is honest.

    21. Mausicon.small

      Creator Maus Merryjest AGL589 on June 25, 2013

      I think you need to think clearly and actually draw a distinction: the man is a vocal activist. No amount of whitewashing will clean up the search results that come up when you investigate this. It is not as if he is sitting in the corner of his house talking to his friends- he has made public posts and declarations, using the accolades he has received as an artist in order to expand the circulation of those opinions.

      As such, it is hypocritical to separate cause and effect, an act from its consequences. Napel's use of his name for political fodder cannot be separated from the projects he spearheads. Why? Because he has chosen to make such things part of his public persona to the point that the point of contention becomes; "My money will go towards furthering and aiding his career, which he will in turn use to expand his political circulation. Is it ethical, therefore, to support the career of someone who has already used what celebrity he received in the past to do this? Is it the right thing for me to do, to contribute to this with my money?"

      I'd like to draw a very definite distinction here: Doug Napel opposes gay marriage on a political level. That is, he willingly votes and campaigns towards using government force to prevent two consenting adults from entering into a voluntary contract-- based on the fact that he does not approve of the parties involved. This is unconstitutional, but also very immoral, a violation of individual rights.

      It would be markedly different if Napel disapproved of gay marriage in the same way that some people disapprove of rock n' roll, loud t-shirts and wearing white after labor day: they draw heavy objections and dislike that it is done, but they leave people alone to make what they consider to be grave mistakes. I openly support and encourage this disagreement-- I am all for it: If you don't like gay marriage, don't get one.

      However, when you advocate the use of government to tell people what they can or can't do with their own lives? Those are fighting words. When someone is a vocal activist of such a cause- of government force- no amount of whitewashing can make it palatable.

      Yet, all the updater did is mention the controversy as a thing that exists. They did not tell others not to support it. And neither am I--- support it, if you want to. I consider it inconceivable for myself. But I must live and deal with the difference of opinions.

      As you must, and stop accusing the developers of throwing a cheap shot.

    22. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator eXoScoriae on June 25, 2013

      Yea, that is my greater point Joseph. You state it well. As long as my money isn't directly funding discriminatory procedures, it does not concern me what the beliefs of those who hold them are. I have never seen any evidence that TenNapel has actually ever done anything to act on his beliefs and deprive anyone of their rights, or specifically harass a single person. I have, on the other hand, seen many members of the LGBT movement threaten violence on him. Something he has never done.

    23. 226897_10150178392293702_584193701_6910549_5253568_n.small

      Creator Joseph Austin on June 25, 2013

      ... not even to mention where my taxes go ....

    24. 226897_10150178392293702_584193701_6910549_5253568_n.small

      Creator Joseph Austin on June 25, 2013

      Yes, please provide, Maus. It's a lot of comments to scan through. What brought this up?

      To be clear, I read his articles and he is no friend of mine, but neither is Monsanto and I'm pretty sure the bag of limes i picked up from kroger's yesterday funded their operation directly.

    25. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator eXoScoriae on June 25, 2013

      He did not unless someone can provide a link to him in the KS comments. The one time I saw it come up in the KS comments he asked everyone to keep the comments on track for the game, and instead invited anyone to write him, call him, or stop by for a drink to discuss politics and religion. I can provide a link directly to that comment for Armikrog backer'.s Can anyone here provide a link to something more inflammatory? or is this just a case of wishful thinking Maus?

    26. 226897_10150178392293702_584193701_6910549_5253568_n.small

      Creator Joseph Austin on June 25, 2013

      Wait wait wait... let's clarify please. Did HE start this on Kickstarter, or did someone else dig it up? Can someone answer this definitively?

    27. Mausicon.small

      Creator Maus Merryjest AGL589 on June 25, 2013

      I believe Timothy pointed out the issues.

      Also, Doug made his comments on Kickstarter. It is not as if he was being a fading flower about it.

      Nevertheless, all the developers here did is point out that the controversy EXISTS. Which it does. If they hadn't mentioned it, there'd be just as many people yelling at them for not mentioning it.

      In the interest of full disclosure and honesty, it is better to point that, yes, the elephant is in the room and it is wearing purple slippers. You must learn to deal with this.

    28. Missing_small

      Creator Timothy Cook on June 25, 2013

      Not a vocal activist? It's not just comment sections on blogs; a quick Google found an editorial he wrote where he compared the ACLU to pedophiles. The guy's a political firebomb.

      Growing up as a huge fan of Orson Scott Card, it pretty much floored me the first time I came across his political writing. Very disillusioning, and I won't be buying his books or going to see the shiny new Ender's Game movie because of it. TenNapel is pretty much the same from where I'm sitting.

    29. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator eXoScoriae on June 25, 2013

      Joseph - well, see - that was my concern. You are likely not the only one who got that impression.

      3 years ago I can't even remember what i said, but I am damn glad I wasn't running a webcomic at the time that gave me a platform to say it.

      And yes, i agree with Justin... bringing up that project and then saying, "Buuuuut... he made some remarks, so go pledge *if* they aren't important to you". That is basically saying that anyone who pledges (above the minimum level, since apparently that is ok).must not find LGBT issues to be important.

      How many people dropped their pledge over there because these guys felt it necessary to bring up old remarks he made?

      It is just silly and it comes across as a passive aggressive attack.

      If Hero-U was still active, I would withdraw my pledge. It was only $75, so nothing ground shaking, but enough to show that there is no room for this sort of stuff. I canceled my LSL Reloaded pledge when Paul Trowe started all his shenanigans attacking other games, and this is in the same boat as far as I'm concerned.

    30. Kickstarter.small

      Creator Justin on June 25, 2013

      @Guran - Even if I did agree with that (of which I do not) there was absolutely no point in bringing it up here. The last time I checked this is Hero-U, not FOX News. The only reason to bring it up was to "sling". Mission accomplished. They probably lost backers from Hero-U supporters that backed it yet knew nothing about it. They also likely gained a few from those who enjoy drama....therefore....pointless.

    31. 226897_10150178392293702_584193701_6910549_5253568_n.small

      Creator Joseph Austin on June 25, 2013

      @eXo - in that case the controversy is irrational. I'm on the tail end here, so I'm speaking from what is said and if we're talking about some old blog, people need to drop it.

    32. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator eXoScoriae on June 25, 2013

      Joseph - unless I missed something, he did *not* bring it up in the comments on his KS page. This all happened 3 years ago on the comments page of his Ratfist blog. It then went over to an article on thegaygamer, where he showed up, made some poor taste jokes, and then apologized for being crass.

      If it appeared on his KS page then I would bet dollars to donuts it was because someone showed up there attacking him over 3 year old comments.

    33. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator eXoScoriae on June 25, 2013

      Doug is not a "vocal activist", and to say as much is ridiculous. The while thing erupted in the comments section of a webcomic he has since taken down. If he was a "vocal activist", then you would see his beliefs echoed in his work. You would see references to him outside of that one blog comments page keeping this going.

      The simple fact is, you purchase groceries, gas, electronics, media, and a whole range of other services from thousands of people who have different ideologies than you. I promise you that some of the eggs you had in your last breakfast came from a farmer who hates something you believe in. He is probably a lot more vocal about it than Doug.

      If I only supported projects by those who felt as I did, well.. then I'd have a damn hard time of it.

      I have the right to be an atheist, I have the right to support my gay friends (including at least one fellow who did a bang up job on aspects of Hero-U), and I have the right to express those sentiments while still maintaining complete professionalism when it comes to my work. Doug has those rights too.

      I am lucky that my paycheck comes from the private sector. I'd like the think however, that if one day I created something amazing that I would want to share with the world, that my creation would be based on it's own merits, and not the fact that 3 years ago I stated I was an atheist online. It is unfortunate that others can't state their beliefs (without acting upon them), without being attacked. I mean hell, if I went on the offensive every single time I came across something Christian.. well.. I wouldn't lead a very happy life now, would I?

      I wish people could be secure enough in their own beliefs that they didn't feel the need to marginalize others.

      Doug makes great games and has an amazing sense of creativity. I don't need to know anything about him beyond EWJ, The Neverhood, and what he has created thus far in Armikrog. That is all I need to know to back that project. The guy can have defection parties in nazi regalia during full moons in his spare time, I really don't care. As a fundamentalist Christian, I'm sure he would have would tell me that I am going to hell, and probably insult a whole slew of my other beliefs totally unrelated to LGBT.

      Way I see it, don't even bother mentioning Doug's project if you are going to dredge up shit from 3 years ago guys. If Corey and/or Lori never said anything in their lives that would offend any of us, I would be really surprised.

      News check guys - everyone has an opinion, and based on the statistical number of opinions out there - most of them aren't in line with yours.

    34. 226897_10150178392293702_584193701_6910549_5253568_n.small

      Creator Joseph Austin on June 25, 2013

      @Maus - yes it shouldn't have come up. He can do it elsewhere. If somebody had found him saying it on a blog and that was the controversy it would be stupid. But he said that within the comments on kickstarter and doing so makes it more serious. If I had been in charge of the project I would have reprimanded him for adding dangerous contention to the campaign. There is no doubt in my mind that they lost money over this, and even if they succeed that money is still gone. Never ever argue politics with people you're asking for money. Hello, my name is captain obvious.

      (I do agree with you though, that framing this issue as two respectful sides who kindly agree to disagree is missing the fact that any vote cast against gay rights is an effort to keep discrimination and second-class citizenship a reality for a group of people. There are those who support gay marriage and consider homosexuality immoral. That is okay. This isn't. Some things aren't friendly disagreements, they are wars. Nature of the beast.)

    35. Mausicon.small

      Creator Maus Merryjest AGL589 on June 25, 2013

      It wasn't slinging dirt, it was the developers pointing out that Doug has made his stance a part of his public persona and that he acknowledges himself to be a vocal activist on his front. It was his choice to make it a public dialogue.

      As such, people who take ethics seriously (such as myself) need to ask themselves what is of higher priority to them, and whether or not they feel comfortable supplying business to someone with whom they disagree on such an important issue. It is not merely an issue of disagreements, but rather an issue of a person actively supporting the violation of the rights of the individual. The ethical question, then, becomes one of "What are the implications of patronage in this situation?" It isn't a classless dig- it is pointing out a situation that exists and which one cannot deny in full honesty and disclosure.

    36. Lastexpress_2.small

      Creator Guran - St Christopher's Alumni on June 25, 2013

      @justin A Kickstarter is like a 30-day job interview. If TenNapel said that stuff he will have to defend it. I dont agree with his views but the Armikrog pitch is just too darn good to make it matter. Now I just hope they get funded so we can all forget this debacle and move on to other amazing projects like St Christophers.

    37. Lastexpress_2.small

      Creator Guran - St Christopher's Alumni on June 25, 2013

      @mrfatso No stretch goals unfortunately. According to their store page, they have recieved $18k from Paypal page. So we're still about $70k from the baby meep stretch goal at $500k.

    38. Kickstarter.small

      Creator Justin on June 25, 2013

      Why even bring it up? That's just as bad. Got any other dirt on anyone from any other project?

    39. Serena_paladin_qfi.small

      Creator Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM on June 25, 2013

      Regarding TenNaple, back it or don't back it. It doesn't matter to me. I've said my peace and am letting it go from there. I'll also admit that finances were also a deciding factor in addition to that controversy.

    40. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on June 25, 2013

      silly question, but did we managed to hit any stretch goals thanks to paypal?

    41. Lastexpress_2.small

      Creator Guran - St Christopher's Alumni on June 25, 2013

      Thanks for the update Corey, I'm looking forward to play the demo! It will be great to see a first glimpse of the game. Also, thank you for mentioning St Christophers School Lockdown! I think many Hero-U backers will like their proposal, I know I do!

    42. 226897_10150178392293702_584193701_6910549_5253568_n.small

      Creator Joseph Austin on June 25, 2013

      @NotDomo - Yes, I see he stayed off the main page and updates and videos, so I don't really care.

    43. Missing_small

      Creator NotDomo on June 25, 2013

      The only caveat to this discussion I'm going to mention is that TenNapel has done his best to avoid discussion of the topic on the Kickstarter and the only (uninflammatory) comments he made there were forced by the "outrage" of people suddenly spamming the project with "zomg, no one should back this 'cause Doug TenNapel's a bigot". He has kept his views as far away from the project as possible and he's not even the one heading the project.

    44. 226897_10150178392293702_584193701_6910549_5253568_n.small

      Creator Joseph Austin on June 25, 2013

      @Serena - I understand that. But his point of view is an endangered species anyhow. I don't feel threatened by him. Everyone will have to make their own choice on this but, if it ruined their chances, then may this be a lesson to everyone who runs a kickstarter that you need to keep your team from contentious discussions with people who may or may not choose to support you.

    45. Serena_paladin_qfi.small

      Creator Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM on June 25, 2013

      I gave my reasons for doing so on the forums, but I ended up pulling my pledge to Armikrog. I just can't bring myself to back a project with someone like TenNaple on the team. I know he's just one person, but it still tarnishes the project.

    46. 226897_10150178392293702_584193701_6910549_5253568_n.small

      Creator Joseph Austin on June 25, 2013

      Hmm I didn't know about the artist's comments before now... he's just one person on the team though and the product is more important. I'm going to look into it, because if he used the kickstarter updates or page / videos as a forum to express contentious political views I will have to withdraw because the rest of the team should have vetoed it. It doesn't look like its going to make it though. I was wondering why and this might just be the reason. Careful what you say around people who are giving you money.

    47. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator eXoScoriae on June 25, 2013

      DOug TenNapel said:
      thanks for your clarification. As a traditional Christian, I totally understand how this is really difficult for gay advocates to understand. I don't want any more division between us than is necessary, and I don't see much reason for any vitriol on my part.

      I'm really sorry to Gamescook for making that comment, I was trying to be tricky and make a point, but that's dirty pool on my part given the culture of this community, I should have known better.

      I'm sorry for being crude, for not delivering my already culturally difficult values in a more appealing way. I think those who particularly disagree with me deserve a better case to be made. "Take a dump in the ladies room" is a poor delivery of an argument, and I wasn't being very careful.

      Every person, especially my opposition, deserves the best treatment I can muster. You may find my views offensive, and I won't apologize for that. But for expressing them in offensive language you and I both have a reason to be offended by my words. I'll be more careful in the future.


    48. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator eXoScoriae on June 25, 2013

      * I was getting Chis Pope and Corey Cole's names mixed up below when I said "Chris & Lori". Apologies for that.

    49. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator eXoScoriae on June 25, 2013

      Mentioning Armikrog with the caveat that TenNaple made inflammatory comments is a bit of a double edged sword to me. I think it is very kind of you to promote his project, however it also leverages it against comments he made 2 and a half years ago in the comments of his webcomic. His work has never echoed any sentiments such as this. he openly applauds himself for being Christian, and exclaims this is why America is great. As an atheist i find that silly, but you know what, as long as Armikrog isn't all about how great God is, I don't really care. I would venture to say there are very likely beliefs that you guys (Chris and Lori) hold, that I and many others don't agree with either. I've never gone and researched everything you've said online to see if that was the case, because frankly, what you say and do has no effect on the quality of work you put out.

      There are no role models in creativity, and choosing to only support the arts of those that mirror our beliefs is dangerous. Might as well be the pre-reneissance when only art funded by the church had a chance.

      All that said, TenNapel went on to discuss his beliefs in the comment sections of other blogs.I think his own words sort of stand on their own,

      "No intolerant fundamentalists I know boycott entertainers based on their homosexuality (not that there's anything wrong with that)... you have to go to Fred Phelps types or super extreme backwoods Baptists to get that. I think it's funny that to find the level of intolerant fundamentalist behavior exhibited by some in the gay movement you have to go to Fred Phelps and backwoods Baptists. Most gays and most Christians get along just fine, even with our disagreements.

      If you're a gay entertainer and you lose the Fred Phelps types as members of your audience, do you feel super compelled to change your belief system? Yeah, me neither. I would rather lose every job and every fan than to do what a Fred Phelps demand I do. The gays that want to control my heart, my mind and manipulate my free speech aren't scary... they're clownish.

      Hate is an equal opportunity employer."

      I backed Hero_U at the physical boxed copy level, and I have chosen to back Armikrog at a similiar level. I have backed 51 projects in total, many of them at higher levels. Not once have I stopped and said, "Well, this person may not believe as I believe, so I'm out". As someone who falls very liberal on some topics, very conservative on others, and a defined streak of atheism running through me - I suspect i would find precious little in this world to consume and/or support if I expected everything to come from like minded people.

      Just something to think about before someone here dismisses their KS campaign out of hand simply because of the little info provided here.

    50. Image0026.small

      Creator S. van Hengel on June 25, 2013

      Couldnt you release the demo first and close the KS store a week later ?

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