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Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
6,093 backers pledged $409,150 to help bring this project to life.

Fireside Chat and Another Amazing Day

Wow, what a day! With close to 300 new backers and almost $23,000 added to the till, this was our best day since Day 2 of the campaign. We now have 4,100 backers and need about $127,000 to reach our goal. Keep the energy going for just five more days, we'll be funded!

By my math, we have 5-1/2 days to go, so all we have to do is keep doubling the number of players and amount of pledges each day... $46K, $92K, $184K, $368K, $736K, and another $736K on the half-day... I guess I'd better post the $1 million and $2 million stretch goals! Check it out at:

Besides the tireless action of you, our backers, we got some nice boosts today:

Brand new JustAdventure interview:

Support from Al Lowe, Josh Mandel, and the Leisure Suit Larry project:

Support from Chris Pope and the Two Guys From Andromeda SpaceVenture project:

Shadowrun and Felicia Day each retweeted one of our messages, reaching millions of potential fans of our new type of game.

Welcome to all our new backers and interested gamers! We're happy to have your attention, and hope you will decide to support Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption.

We also got a nice shout-out from Shadows of Esteren, a pencil & paper role-playing game project. As you know, Lori and I got into making computer RP/Adventure Games because of our paper gaming background. The art in this game looks great, and it sounds like a really interesting dark fantasy project. If you do paper role-playing, check out their project at

Why are all of these games supporting each other instead of demanding that the players give all their pennies to our own projects? It's because we believe we are in the middle of a rebirth of adventure and role-playing games. 2012 was the seed, and 2013 will be the first year in which we all have many more choices of which games to play. Those of us who like games with depth, story, and great characters will be able to feast on the new crop of Kickstarter-funded adventure games and RPG's. Yay everyone!

Fireside Chat – Much More About Hero-U

Lori and I did two Google+ hangouts today. On the second one, we found the button to record the chat to YouTube. Some of the highlights include details of the story, mysteries for the player to solve, technical details for how we can accomplish the simulated personalities of our many characters.

We talked a little about some of the issues at Sierra, for example unexpected development costs on Quest for Glory V. We also talked about issues that publishers have with stores, and how that can force them to release games before they're ready.

Lori revealed the secret of our first stretch goal, originally we were holding off until we reach $300,000. At yesterday's rate, we'll hit that today! And the secret is:

Meeps! Of course, there are already many Meeps in the game. But if we reach our first stretch goal at $500,000, we will add a Companion Meep. This one likes to follow you around, but will need constant care and attention. Like a Tamigotchi, you'll need to feed it, groom it, etc. Your pet Meep will be sometimes helpful and often annoying, but will definitely add another dimension to the game.

In addition, the funds from that stretch goal will allow us to increase the project budget for more art and other content. Our second stretch goal adds voice acting, but we'll get to that later.

Hidden here and there throughout the video are lots of tidbits about Shawn, the history of the University, the ways in which all the planned games in the series will relate to each other.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Hangout, and to all of you who are helping our dream become a reality. We will gladly repay you all next year with the best game we can possibly create!

Here's the full two-hour chat:


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    1. sVnsilver Sand, Dream Traveller on

      Incase anyone missed this truly charming side-article from the JustAdventure Interview (easy to overlook). Here's the link:

      I can't place the exact time-line on when this took place, but it was after E3, and before Quest for Glory II VGA remake was released. Really, really good article :).

    2. Missing avatar

      Remi D. Finjord on

      A lot can happen in 5 days, don't lose hope! :)
      (as long as the amazon issue is fixed)

    3. Maus Merryjest AGL589 on

      Darn... maybe kickstarter will grant project extensions due to amazon screwing up?

    4. Ratatoskr - Battle Squirrel of the Varl on

      Amazon is broken at the moment which is stopping any mew pledges, but hopefully, they'll get their crap together soon. This is really bad timing for us.


      doesnt look like this is ognna happen... sucks too.. i was looking forward to a signed copy

    6. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      hehe was I the only one that has ran off and read through the entire "wheat and chessboard problem"?!? ;-) Thanks for the update, very informative & exciting. Let's get those Meeps folks!

    7. Tara Morrigan on

      @Kennita I'm not sure quite what you're talking about with all the urls, but all kickstarter projects have a facebook 'like' link just under the video on the home page. You can share from that - soon as you click 'like' it'll come up with the option to.

    8. Rinu on

      Oh my gosh, you plan to release it on my birthday! *reading justadventure's article*

    9. Kennita Watson on

      What do I do? I saw a list of 100+ URLs that I don't have time to peruse, and wouldn't know which to forward if I did. You're definitely missing a trick by not having a "Share to Facebook timeline" icon/link prominent on your Kickstarter home page: make it as easy as possible!

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrew Houghton on

      lol. $2 mill here we come..

    11. Missing avatar

      gz33 on

      That is a truly luxurious moustache.