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Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
6,093 backers pledged $409,150 to help bring this project to life.

New Video and What Makes Hero-U Different

Just a quick update tonight to share some very important news:

First, Lori has completely redone the project video.  Please check out the new version and tell your friends.  Perhaps they will see it and say, "Wow, I must join the true believers who are making Hero-U a reality."  And that will benefit us all.

We have now passed 3,200 backers and are MORE THAN HALF-WAY to our goal with over $200,000 in pledges!  Our backers are awesome!

The $2,000 Art Lovers tier is now sold out.  When the Kickstarter closes, I will send screen images of all of the available paintings to the art lovers, let them pick their favorites, then allocate them according to the order in which they pledged at the Art Lovers tier.

Here is an example of our "2D Tiled Art that doesn't look tiled".  This is still concept art, but it is very close to the way the catacombs will actually look in the game:

What Makes Hero-U Different

I did an interview for this morning, and just have to share my answer to one of their questions with you, our backers.  Pablo Romero asked, "What's unique about Hero-U and its world? What kind of experience can your future players look forward to, once the game is finished?"

With each Hero-U game focused on a single character, the story can be tighter than in our previous games. And of course, making story central to a game immediately distinguishes it from most games being made currently.

We also have a dynamic mix of game play between the University, taking classes, studying in the library, making friends with other students... then going down into the catacombs, exploring, fighting monsters, and solving the mysteries of why Shawn got sent to Hero-U and what's going on in the outside world. Our plan is to have a strong balance between the story, character interactions, and role-playing elements of the game.

We're trying to create a game for which walk-throughs will be inadequate. Each player can make choices about how to interact with other students and teachers, where to spend their time, and on what they want to focus. All of these choices will have effects on relationships and the story, so the game may seem different to every player. That's a much different idea from watching a film or playing a tightly-scripted adventure game.

The constant for all players is that more of the game world and mysteries will open up for the player as the game progresses. Eventually you'll reach one of a number of satisfying conclusions.

We intend to let players save their status, then "import" that into future games. But it won't work like a Quest for Glory import. Shawn will be present in the later games, and what you did in the first one will affect his personality and elements of the story, but you'll be playing a different character with a completely different backstory and character abilities by then.

In the last game, all of that will come together through a Cunning and Subtle Plan that Lori and I hope we'll know how to pull off by then. :-)

Closing Testimonial

Many of our fans say, "Your games were more than games to me.  They inspired me to try to be a Hero in real life."  This makes us really happy, because we have always tried to make our games have value beyond just the entertainment.  Paul Shuler sent us this testimonial video several weeks ago.

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    1. Jean-Marc Giffin on

      I'm really looking forward to this game, and I think that you have a lot of great things to say and ideas expressed in your updates. In that way, I think you're both doing a great job!

      As for the video, I don't think that starting the first minute with just text on the same background is very engaging, and when you show the screenshot with the tileset, it just pans around for another minute or so on a static screen.

      My recommendation would be to really cut down the intro text, and to speak WHILE you show the screenshots. So it would be like you two talking about the game to the camera, then you would continue to talk about while the screenshots were being shown, then back to you two being goofballs.

      Does that make sense? I think it would make the video "snappier", if that means anything in this context. :P

    2. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage

      @Corey: re:@Jack: I wanted to clarify that for you hours ago, but was kind of stuck at how to phrase it properly. (^_^;;) Anyway, nice to yet again get a wee bit more info than I had already discerned from your updates here and the class profiles on your site.

    3. JuanitaD-ArmikrogArmyGoat @ AGL589+$4.96 on

      @Corey - That was a great explanation about the Bards and Hero-U/School for Heroes! Also, I really like your new video. When you said you an Lori needed acting lessons, I imagine that was just so you'd each know what to do while the other one was speaking. Nothing is harder than trying to figure where to look, what expression to have, etc. when you're not the star at the moment. In the new video you both looked much more natural and relaxed. And you're getting good at embedding those videos, now. *thumbs up*

    4. Justin

      @Corey: That video you linked me to is much better! I found myself wanting to hear more because you were just being yourselves. Maybe it's just the difference between rehearsed and on the fly. I'm a goofball and geek myself but when it comes to said yourself your acting skills need improvement so....maybe don't act? Just my 2 cents and as we all know these days 2 cents ain't worth squat! LOL

    5. Corey Cole 2-time creator on

      @Jack: That's the trouble with cutting complex ideas down into short sound bites. Here's a little more about the history of Bards and Rogues at The School for Heroes, predecessor to Hero-U:

      At first we had Warriors, Wizards, Rogues, and Paladins at the school. Some of the Rogues and the Rogue instructor role-played a political intrigue involving rival Thieves' Guilds and others. That led to the instructor retiring, and the school closing its Rogue division, for the protection of all of the students

      When we reopened the school in 2008, we decided to treat that forum role-playing game as canon, and so the school now had Warriors, Wizards, Paladins, and Bards, but no Rogues. Of course, some roguish sorts managed to slip in anyway. We referred to them as "disbarred bards", and technically they were all Bards on the school rolls.

      The reference to Bards not attending class has to do with that history. There are a number of actual Bard students at the school, and they work very hard on perfecting their crafts of music and communication. Then there are those who call themselves Bards, but for some reason seem to have very little interest in most of the Bard classes.

      Fundamentally, Hero-U doesn't want to advertise itself as a place where Thieves and Rogues are learning their craft, so there is no School for Rogues at the school. All of the Rogues are registered in the Bard class. But they (mostly) know which are which.

    6. Corey Cole 2-time creator on

      @Justin: Sorry, but the fact is, we're goofballs. Or at best nerds. That's the real Corey and Lori on the screen. Check out our much longer "Matt Chat" interview at… for another example of the real us.

      The difference between the two videos? We knew we had to fit our spiel into 2-3 minutes, so we kept filing away at the script until it was short enough. Then we had to learn it well enough to make sure we delivered the key ideas from it. But it's still just us talking to you on the video.

    7. Justin

      Awesome concept art! I agree, that image should be front and center on the main page. People may not re-watch the video; grab them too!

      As for the videos.....maybe you two should just be yourselves. You mentioned "acting" before and that it's not your strong suit. Should you be playing a weak card on the main page? When the average person decides to give you their money, they want to feel like they have a sense of who you are and what you're about. Those videos just scream "goof balls" to me. Why give my money to goof balls? "I've" experienced your games so I can see passed that and expect great things. But people who have never experienced QFG (or your other games) only have that video to go by.

      If you want to do a skit then do a skit. Start it, end it. The rest of the video should contain the real/actual developers. Give us Corey and Lori Cole!!!!

    8. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage

      Yeah. The image does also appear in the video, but especially to entice those who completely wrote off Hero-U after the original video/image, putting it first thing after the video seems essential to me. If they stumble back onto the page by any chance, they aren't likely to check the updates, let alone if the main video has been changed, so getting their renewed attention with a proper eye-catcher may end up crucial.

    9. Missing avatar

      Irenaeus on

      Yeah, I'd definitely put the screenshot in the main page. It's the first thing checked, sometimes before the video!

    10. Ratatoskr - Battle Squirrel of the Varl on

      That concept art does look fantastic. It might be worth sticking it on the main page for those people who don't check updates for some reason, though maybe it's in the video now. Can't remember.

    11. gandalf.nho

      This concept art looks very good.

    12. TAHR on

      This new screenshot is so promising :)
      I hope that a lot of people who were still hesitant will come back and watch the new video.

      I want this project to happen !

    13. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      Looks great!

      I was going over some of the earlier design stuff and stumbled across a reference to the Bard section at Hero-U and how a lot of students tend to miss the music classes. Now, I know that bards in are really known for not being good at anything another class can do, making music and sleeping with everything female shaped that the DM lets them roll to seduce, but I've a fondness for them string strummers. It's probably because I love the Taliesin archetype (and have fond memories of 1e), and I played one once whose weapon of choice was his lute case. It was a masterwork item!

      But really, I think bards get beat with the punchline end of the rogue stick too often in fantasy works. I'd love to have the chance to prove that bards can be the quintessential rogue instead of feckless foofs. And hey, classy ladies love sonnets!

    14. Oscar Tong on

      You're right, I can't believe it's tiled. Wow!

    15. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      I love the concept art - I want to play! :)