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Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
6,093 backers pledged $409,150 to help bring this project to life.

Spooky Halloween News

Celebrating All-Hallow's Eve at Hero-U

It's Halloween.  The scent of pumpkin, spices, and falling leaves fills the air.  We've redecorated Hero-U for the season with new headers in the project description and a new version of the project video.

I've also lowered the price of the top tier to $7,500 and sweetened the reward by including a drive up to Yosemite Park to help understand why making games in the Sierras is so special.  Just in case you're planning a trip up here and want to discover where Sierra adventure games were born.

Some of the publicity efforts are starting to kick in.  A big Thank You to our friends at AGDI / Himalaya Studios for letting their fans know about he Hero-U Kickstarter. And of course to all our loyal backers for your support and for spreading the word.  We've now passed 2,700 backers and $152,000, and are well on our way to the project goal.

Eriq is putting together a video on the art process for a later update, and Lori and I will have more on the story, the combat system, and other aspects of the game.

Media News

Lori and I will do an "Ask Me Anything" chat on Reddit -  It's scheduled for 6pm EDT on Halloween, which should be 10 pm in England, 11 pm in Central Europe, 3pm here in California, noon on Thursday in Melbourne, and... well just ask Google for "Current time in New York" and they'll tell you when it is. :-)

Coming soon:  "I'm a Backer" on,, and a painfully long interview on  I'll post direct links to those in the Reference Library section of the project description when they go live.

We will also be featured on the Start-Up America News section of Doug Stephan's Good Day news talk radio show.  They are trying to promote the idea of crowdfunding as a way to increase opportunity and prosperity in America.

Why Your Crowdfunding Support Matters

I've written a little about the importance of "voting" by supporting projects that matter to you back in August on my Quest Log blog ( Here's some more on the subject.

Dear Fellow Gamer,

Every time you choose to support a Kickstarter project, you are casting a vote.  When you back a quality adventure or role-playing game, you send a message.  You tell everyone out there that you believe in that type of game and want to see it made.

There are many ways to cast your vote.  You could be like the millions who flock to the latest in the endless stream of indistinguishable first-person shooter clones.  You don't have to back those on Kickstarter.  They'll get made anyway because publishers know that a lot of people will buy them.

But your "votes" on Kickstarter matter in another way.  Games like Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption will not exist at all without your support.  You can sell massive explosions and special effects in a television ad.  You can't sell games that promise story, puzzles, and intelligent game play.  Games like ours don't appeal to the mass market.  You have to stop and think to play Hero-U, and that's not as popular as grabbing a rocket launcher and blasting away at Zombies.

Supporting Hero-U and games like Shadowgate matters.  We're small companies making the biggest, best games we can put together on a modest budget. You've taken the time to read this far, and that means you are our target player - Someone who reads and thinks about what they read.  We lost all the twitch gamers back at "casting a vote."

This game is for you, and when you recognize that, you will discover a secret.  It's the truth about "risk". Is it riskier to back a game that will take a year to make, but is made by developers you respect, and is the type of game you will love when it's done?  Or is it riskier to sit and wait, and have those developers leave the business because not enough players seem to want their style of game?  When you wait for someone else to back your games, you may be waiting forever.

Don't worry, you can always play another first-person shooter.  Or maybe Solitaire.  Those games will always be there.  Our type of game can only exist with your backing, and your help in spreading the word.  Care to join us?


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    1. Justin

      Thank you Corey!

    2. Corey Cole 2-time creator on

      @Justin: That will depend on the aspect ratio the artists choose, but they will be approximately 16"x24" for the normal size and 24"x36" for the super-size (unframed canvas).

    3. sVnsilver Sand, Dream Traveller on

      @Corey: There's almost nothing worse than losing your writing, especially for a long update or response. I tend to you Word if the forum I'm using doesn't have an auto-save feature. Been burned once too many times.

      Thanks for your level-headed response to criticism. It's actually too bad you're physically unable to play FPS's, I believe you would find a lot to enjoy out of Bioshock. Atmosphere and Immersion are probably it's strongest points and it has one of the best stories among FPS games.

      Another game worth experiencing is Amnesia: The Dark Descent, by Frictional Games an Indie developer. Unfortunately (for your motion sickness) it has a First Person perspective too, but you're unable to use any weapons. It has to be the scariest game I've played (I haven't played through it all yet). You feel like your life is constantly in danger, largely due to the superb sound design. Atmosphere, immersion and exploration are the focus for that game.

      p.s. - As always I appreciate your own and Lori's level of communication... it's almost unfounded. :P

    4. Justin

      How big is the "canvas art print" versus the "supersized canvas art print"?

    5. narcischizm on

      I love Kickstarter because it puts the power back into the fans' hands and gives us a global voice. A voice that we can share and use to show these big developers that niche markets still work, that a game can be successfully made and funded without appealing to the lowest common denominator. Hero-U sounds like a wonderful game, and I don't understand, quite frankly, the verbal tongue lashing at the gaming industry mentioned in this latest update. The people who are reading this are already your fans and supporters. You already have our money and support of the project, there's no need for you to try to sell us on why not to support a large developer of FPS games. Hell, if I wanted more of that format I could just run out to Gamestop or anywhere else that sells games and blow my whole entire budget. I apologize if I'm maybe missing the point but I would rather read an update regarding what you're planning for the game and new and exciting ways to promote this fan-funded project. Nothing but love and respect to you guys for doing what you're doing but please don't sink to THAT level to try to hook more supporters. I'm sorry if I come across brusque, but it looks like I'm not the only one that felt rubbed the wrong way about this update. Please don't take this as me "defending" first person shooters or giant software developers either. I don't even like FPS games and I would much rather invest my time in a game with a richly woven tapestry of intriguing storyline, plot development, intrigue and suspense. Just so you know I've been getting the word out on this project as much as I can and I firmly believe that it will receive adequate funding. Kudos to you guys on a project that thinks "outside the box."

    6. Corey Cole 2-time creator on

      @Robin: I'm working on getting scans of the paintings to put up here. They are painted on 8" x 10" art board, with the painted area typically between 6x8 and 7x9.

    7. Corey Cole 2-time creator on

      Ref FPS's... My point isn't that they are all terrible games. It's that publishers consider them a "guaranteed" model, so they keep pouring more and more money into FPS's, while shutting out most other forms of games.

      There are some excellent indie games out there, but the publicity is sporadic and it's often hard to tell which ones are good. Portal is a rare semi-exception, as a small-studio game that was picked up by a big publisher. Anyway, I think Kickstarter fills a gap, providing a way for smaller games to become well known.

      (My tone may have been a little curt on the post - That section was twice as long before I lost it all to a user interface issue and had to completely rewrite it at 1 a.m. Apologies to my offended FPS fans. As for myself, I can't play FPS games - motion sickness.)

    8. Justin

      @Christopher Sand - "the point being made is true to varying degrees"

      Pretty much. I was done with FPS after Doom 2. 99% of them are basically the same. It takes something with actual innovation to get me to play an FPS. There's been maybe a handful over all these many years that sparked my interest enough to really get into them.

      With that said though, you must have an open mind each time you try. It's a little hard to have an open mind with the general bashing found in this update. I dunno...this update came off a little cocky to me. They might be better off keeping it about the project.

      "Games like ours don't appeal to the mass market."

      Sadly, that comment right there explains reality (Sierra's reality). But at the same time there's a buck to be made so I just don't get the lack of support either way. I guess a buck doesn't squat anymore.

    9. sVnsilver Sand, Dream Traveller on

      And thanks for the update Corey and Lori. I always look forward to reading them.

    10. sVnsilver Sand, Dream Traveller on

      The bashing on FPS games is exaggerated.. though of course, the point being made is true to varying degrees. Most of us recognize this. A majority of publishers will minimize risk by funding games that have mechanics and are in a genre that is proven to sell to the masses. With an unstable economy this is exacerbated. It makes business sense. Unfortunately those facts don't lend to making games that are complex, story driven and moreover different.

      On the other hand there are very good games that are released every year. And unique games. Quite a number don't sell especially well and the ones that do are usually a sequel to a popular series. The "evil" Publisher isn't the only one to blame. Risks are taken. It's seems to be a pointedly brutal market for games with new IP or games that try to innovate. Still there are the success stories and amazing experiences to be had.

      Overall I'm very excited about the opportunities that a program like Kickstarter enables. The nature of the funding does allow for more creative freedom and closer knit communities with big opportunities to consider feedback from people that care a lot about the project they're helping get on it's feet.

    11. Robin Da Silva on

      Hi, I am very intersted in going for the Art Collector pledge, but would like to know more details about what original art you'll get? Will it be one piece? From which game? And the dimensions of it, would it be possible to see photos of what art is up fro grabs? Thanks. x

    12. TheChosenOne on

      Bit over the top with the last part. There are plenty of unique story games without "explosions" or not another common FPS games which aren't coming from Kickstarter.
      I asume its done purely to make this KS sound more important but still.

    13. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Great speech regarding crowdfunding. I do have to point out that not ALL FPS games are clones upon clones of military shooters. Some are actually pretty damn good. Bioshock (I'm so looking forward to Infinite) and Half-Life (I gotta try the Black Mesa mod to see how it stacks up to the original) come to mind. Both have great story while at the same time have the "twitch" reflexes that the big-name franchises have. Hell, I'd even put Halo in this category. I've since outgrown the Dooms and CoDs of yore, but give me a shooter with a good narrative and I'll give it a shot.

    14. Justin

      "The scent of pumpkin, spices, and falling leaves fills the air."

      Ugh, one of the things that suck about SoCal :( I WANT COLOR!!!!

    15. Atarun

      Very nice piece on the importance of crowdfunding (and cool shout-out to Shadowgate, both your projects deserve to reach your goals and then some).
      Though not all FPSs are created equal. Everyone (but us) wants to play linear cinematic military shooters. But FPSs that go above and beyond you-know-what (ha, take that copyright lawyers) need crowdfunding almost as much as adventure games do.
      No genre of game should ever become the enemy. The enemy is the band of big publishers for whom only profits matter: not the customers, not the developers, not the products, just profits. Any game that tries to shake off their influence and do their own thing for their target players, I deem worthy of my consideration and, if it looks like a game I'd enjoy, of my pledge as well.