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Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
6,093 backers pledged $409,150 to help bring this project to life.

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The Hero-U User "In-Yer-Face"


Last Chance for BackerKit Add-On Survey

I extended the BackerKit lockdown date to Oct. 5 to make time after this update. If you have not completed your survey, please get it done today. We have 6,900 completed surveys and 1,100 to go. Chris and I will have to go through each incomplete account - that could take 100-200 hours of work away from the game.

Please help by answering your survey so that we know we have accurate information. I’ll have BackerKit send out a final reminder this weekend. Here’s the link in case you can’t find the BackerKit email -

When we lock down on Oct. 5, you will still be able to make corrections to your email address and other information, but it will no longer be possible to order add-ons. We will use the numbers from the completed surveys to order posters, t-shirts, and other add-ons.

Do you have a friend who missed the Kickstarter campaign and wants to get in on the excitement? They can help us and the project by preordering Hero-U at Don't forget to keep up with the game on and

User In-Yer-Face

Cidney and JP have been working hard on improving the look and feel of Hero-U. We’ve evolved a long way from the early demos, and want the user interface to match the theme of the game.

The Hero-U Main Menu
The Hero-U Main Menu

Hero-U is all about conversation and your relationships with the NPCs in the world, so we updated the interface to emphasize that aspect of the game. Character portraits are larger and show more expression rather than being confined to a small box. Conversation menus have a less boxy and more storybook-style look.

Screenshot of the conversation UI from April 2015. We used a boxier layout and rectangular portraits with a heavy font.
Screenshot of the conversation UI from April 2015. We used a boxier layout and rectangular portraits with a heavy font.
Conversation UI, as of September 2015. Lighter, more fantasy-appropriate typeface, portraits larger and taken out of the box.
Conversation UI, as of September 2015. Lighter, more fantasy-appropriate typeface, portraits larger and taken out of the box.
New Conversation UI, September 2015
New Conversation UI, September 2015

The improvements might seem subtle, but they set the tone of the game. Conversations should feel real, and the environment should be as rich and interactive as we can make it. Shawn needs places to buy school and adventuring supplies, and to sell things he finds in the dungeons – or acquires from their hapless former owners.

Two Current UI Examples - School Store and Mr. Terk's Office
Two Current UI Examples - School Store and Mr. Terk's Office

In most modern games, you click on something and a fixed action occurs. Hero-U is much more complex, as we try to give the player choices as often as possible. Also, in the Quest for Glory tradition, the passage of time is critical.

For example, students might discuss adapting to school life in the first few days, but later on they have much more important – at least to them – topics. As a result, each character has hundreds of dialogue lines, varying according to the player’s actions and outside events.

The goal is to make you feel that you are Shawn and really present at Hero U. We think we’re making great progress towards that goal.

An Interesting RPG Project

The Dwarves campaign ends in 6 days and has just crossed its goal. It’s a fantasy RPG focused around the Dwarf race, and it looks great: Give The Dwarves your support if you like story-driven role-playing games.

Don't Sell a Dwarf Short!
Don't Sell a Dwarf Short!

BackerKit Survey for Hero-U – We Need Everyone!


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

More on BackerKit Surveys


BackerKit sent the surveys out (under my name - Corey Cole) yesterday, and you should have received yours by now. Please answer the survey both to make sure we have correct current information (such as your address) and to make sure we got all of your add-ons correct.

If you see a problem with your account, send email to so we can fix it. We've fixed several problems already, and I'm sure there are more.

I've heard there is an issue with "collapsing" your two pledges from the 2012 and 2015 campaign. I will work with BackerKit to resolve that.

Do *NOT* pay extra money unless you are ordering additional add-ons. Chris Fong and I did a tremendous amount of manually filling in spreadsheets based on text entries in our original backer spreadsheet. As a result, there will certainly be some errors. If BackerKit is asking you for more money, send email to and I'll fix it.

If your add-ons included preordering the second Hero-U game (Wizard's Way) or an extra copy of Hero-U, you should have paid $18 for each, but I listed them as $20 each on BackerKit. If you've already filled out the survey, that would have shown you as $2 short. I have fixed that by crediting all of those accounts an extra $2. I need to do a second pass for people who pre-ordered more than one copy; I'll do that tonight.

Add-on t-shirts were not added due to a conflict between our spreadsheet data and the BackerKit database. If you added a t-shirt to the first campaign, please put the price into the tip jar - we mailed out all of the t-shirts last year.

Any other issues - please let us know by email. Thanks for your understanding as we go through this very complicated process. The folks at BackerKit have been extremely helpful, but we are doing things their system wasn't really designed to do.

BackerKit Re-Survey and August Update


It’s been about two months since the second Hero-U Kickstarter campaign closed, and we’re making great progress in every area of the game. The current focus is on the thousands of tiny details that lift a game from “acceptable” up to “excellent”.

If you receive this update more than once, that means you contributed to the project in both Kickstarter campaigns, or on both our website and Kickstarter. In that case, make sure you read the section on “collapsing” your pledges into one pledge. This post is part of the November 2012 Kickstarter campaign.

Surveys Coming Soon

Later this week you will receive a link to a backer survey on BackerKit. We are using their service to track pledges, add-ons, address changes, and fulfillment accurately. The tricky part on our end has been combining pledges – especially those with add-ons – from our 2012 and 2015 Kickstarter campaigns, PayPal, and Humble Bundle into a single database.

In some cases, we were not able to do this. As a result, BackerKit will send new surveys to all of our backers from both campaigns. This will give you a chance to update your address and any other information that may have changed in the last couple of years. You will also get the opportunity to specify or request add-ons such as meep plushies, posters, and many others.

If you backed at the $20 level in both campaigns, we have automatically merged (“collapsed”) the two into a single pledge at a new $40 level that includes all of the promised rewards.

If you backed at any other level in both campaigns, you may choose to keep the pledges separate. You would choose this option if you want the rewards from one of the pledges to go to a friend. We expect that this will be a rare choice - most of you will prefer to “collapse” your pledges into a single larger pledge. Here’s an example of the BackerKit invitation page showing how to do that:

How to Combine Pledges on BackerKit
How to Combine Pledges on BackerKit

If you choose the “collapse pledges” option, the extra funds from your pledge will be available to order add-ons or to move up to a higher reward level. If you can’t do that within the BackerKit interface, there will be a support option you can use to request a reward level change.

Please respond to the survey as soon as you receive it even if you answered our previous Hero-U survey in 2013. We plan to ship most of the add-ons in November to help backers who want to use them as Christmas gifts. We need accurate add-on numbers as soon as possible so that we can order the add-ons in time for November shipment.

Programming - The Combat System

Joshua continues to improve the tactical combat system features. We now take account of movement in combat including tactical retreat (also known as “bravely run away!”) Al has improved the combat animation and added more attack and defensive moves and reactions.

Here’s how the tactical combat grid looks in the debugger – the color-coded “pegs” show where enemies are allowed to go, and which areas they try to avoid. The grid makes enemy movement look more realistic and causes some “emergent behavior” that helps make combat less predictable.

I also think the grid is really pretty – maybe we can make it into a different type of game someday. More importantly, it’s useful.

Combat and Movement Grid Example
Combat and Movement Grid Example

Our other team programmers - Cidney, Jonathan, Robert, and Judy - are concentrating on improving the Composer game design tool, cleaning up the game interface, integrating 3D art and animation, and generally raising the quality of the game play and appearance. Every piece of the game needs to be “just so” as we continually refine and polish the game.

Art and Animation

One of the stretch goals in the recent Kickstarter was “improved animation”. Former Sierra animator Al Eufrasio is now working full-time at bringing the characters and monsters of Hero-U to life.

There’s more to it than meets the eye – for example, students with capes have had trouble sitting down because their capes like to float through the backs of chairs. Some looked disproportionately large when sitting, and some seemed to float in mid-air. All of them tended to slide out of the way if Shawn walked too close to them.

As with everything else in Hero-U, we’re trying to walk a tightrope with character animation – it needs to make the characters feel alive without breaking the budget or adding too much time to the schedule. When in doubt, we try to err on the side of “make it look better”.

Speaking of tightropes, Lori recently added a tightrope challenge back to the rogue practice area. This is a side-effect of reaching the Gog Temple stretch goal. Shawn needs to have good climbing skills for the Temple, which means we needed to add a way for him to practice them. It helped that we can rely on Al to animate climbing and walking the tightrope.

Our dynamic duo of background artists - John Paul Selwood and Aaron Martin - continue to amaze us with great concept pieces deftly converted to full 3D environments. JP is also creating dozens of single-frame images for transitions and exposition. These fill out the story without the need for complex custom animation sequences or movie “cut scenes”. For example, the alley scene after Shawn escapes from the “break-in house” tells the story in a single image better than any movie.

These are just a few of the thousands of details involved in making a graphical adventure game. In some ways, it’s easier than an animated film because we are not creating custom animation for every event of the game. In other ways, it’s harder – each animation sequence has to work throughout the game.

Catacombs Exit (detailed concept by JP Selwood)
Catacombs Exit (detailed concept by JP Selwood)

Supplemental Hero-U Funding Campaign Succeeded!


Amid some controversy and a lot of heart-warming support, we returned to Kickstarter for supplemental funding for Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. The project was successful, ensuring that we can finish the game without maxing out every credit card and life insurance policy loan.

Between overfunding of the campaign and some very generous backers on PayPal, we have also been able to restore some content to the game that we previously planned to cut. Hero-U will be a much better game as a result.

I've posted a full report to

Keeping in Touch

We will use these Kickstarter updates mostly for posts about fulfilling Kickstarter rewards, including information on how to access your backer account on BackerKit.

 To keep up-to-date on game progress, please bookmark:

Thanks for sticking with us as we try to make a game worthy of a million-dollar Sierra budget with the crowdfunding dollars, our own resources, and a lot of hard work.