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Five strangers are invited to play in an exclusive poker tournament but one of them is hiding a deadly secret.

The Movie:

THE BLINDS is a thriller that centers around a mysterious poker tournament. When five strangers are invited to play in the exclusive tournament, they realize that they may not be strangers at all as an eerie feeling of deja vu comes over them. Before they can sort out how they know each other, the host of the tournament reveals that they've been brought there under false pretenses: these are the five possible people who could have killed his daughter and he's giving them one hour for the killer to confess. If no one confesses by the end of the hour, all of them will pay the price.

PRODUCTION of "The Blinds" began in January of 2010 with Director/Writer David A. Cross and Executive Producer Bill Wienecke. After casting was completed, filming started in May 2010 and was completed in just 6 days using the Red Digital Cinema Camera by Director of Photography Nick Gardner. The majority of the film was shot in Hampstead, MD and a few scenes were shot in Baltimore, MD.

POST PRODUCTION for Sound Recording, Sound Design, Sound Editing and Mixing/Re-recording started immediately at Studio Unknown after shooting was completed. Post production was officially finished in November 2010.

How can you help?

Here's the deal: The movie is finished, but we still need money for distribution and delivery materials, promotion and film festivals entry fees. We are at our budget limit and unfortunately, we do not have the funds to complete these things and get the movie out to everyone. This is where you come in, and not only to help us reach our goal, but to be part of an original movie that everyone who worked on it is proud of. We need to raise a minimum of $1000 to get going. While we hope to reach our goal, and would be very thankful to do so, the more money we get, the more we can do with the film.

So please look to your right to see the excellent rewards we're offering you for participating in "The Blind's" success! The more you pledge, the cooler the rewards!

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  • HOW MUCH? -- that's up to you. Any amount from $25 on up allows you to see the movie and become part of the experience. The more you pledge, the more rewards, plus you'll be helping us to make a better film.
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  • SO PLEASE PLEDGE EARLY -- by pledging early, you'll encourage other backers, too.



David A. Cross - Director/Writer


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    Collectors Package 2 - Includes everything from Collectors Package 1 plus an autographed script page used on set by the director, a copy of a call sheet used during the shoot and a poker chip with "The Blinds" logo on it that was actually used in the film.

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    Ultimate Package - Receive everything from DVD Package and Collectors Package 2 PLUS you will be listed as a Digital Producer in the ending credits of the film.

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