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A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone.
A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone.
A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone.
2,082 backers pledged $333,619 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ajay Kumar Parlapally 32 minutes ago

      Please include extra ring sizes in my delivery package.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kevin James Rowe about 13 hours ago

      Great to know. This is most excited I've been about any of the Kickstarters I have backed. Good shout re: voice assistants, it's not part of my everyday working life at the moment... will start to introduce it. Happy Christmas!

    3. Origami Labs Creator about 21 hours ago

      @Kevin James Rowe rest assured that quick calls and messaging is still ORII’s very core feature! We think it’s about time to get everyone warmed up about using their voice assistant so we are ready to unleash ORII’s full capabilities as soon as we get it out of the box.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kevin James Rowe 1 day ago

      Slightly concerned about the subliminal messages in all the updates. All the focus has turned to Voice assistants and hardly any mention of short calls anymore... are you trying to subconsciously steer us away from this product being suitable for quick calls?

    5. jerice50
      on November 28

      Nudge, nudge, nudge!

    6. Stéphane Talbot on November 24

      Coool! It's going on! Lets keep up informed it's a pleasure to read you're on the right way. :)

    7. Antonio Lezcano
      on November 20

      @Chetan Chauhari

      The answers you are looking for are in the update #13.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chetan Chaudhari on November 20

      Hi Team,

      I haven't received sizing instrument yet..any update ?

    9. Melvyn Ong on November 14

      @Kyle, please read last update.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kyle Paulo on November 14

      When are the ringer sizers being mailed out?

    11. Origami Labs Creator on November 1

      @Shawn @Sean you can find the survey in your message inbox once you are logged in. We have sent the survey again, there should be a notification email. Do let us know if you have trouble finding it.

      @Nichols thanks for pointing this out, the bug is now fixed! Sorry about the inconvenience caused.

      @Aditya very nice of you to share backer number instructions here! Also good suggestion on Alexa, this is something we are looking into, but as far as we are aware this can only fully function in US, UK and Germany. We will keep you posted on this one.

      @Stephane @Hon we are also really excited about Dark Night. We will try to get some more photos out for you guys to get a closer look!

    12. Missing avatar

      Shawn Bensley on October 30

      Hi Origami, I have not received the survey. Can you please send to me again?

    13. Missing avatar

      Nicola Hatzigeorgiu on October 29

      Dear Origami labs.
      The survey for colour option doesn't work.
      If you have more than one orii like me, you cannot choose the same colour for both orii, but you have to choose two different colours. Please fix the bug.

    14. Aditya Menon on October 29


      Is it possible to include Alexa as an assistant as well? Alexa skills could make orii even more valuable with the ability to add skills to it bolstering it's functionality

    15. Aditya Menon on October 29


      Check the view my pledge tab. The first field is your backer number

    16. Missing avatar

      JUNICHI ASAKURA on October 29

      How can l know My Backer Number?

    17. Missing avatar

      Sean Xian on October 29

      I haven't receive my survey, can send to me again?

    18. Missing avatar

      Hon on October 28

      Thanks for the detailed update guys! Appreciate it. I was also worried about the size measurement from the start. Looks like you guys found another solution. Thanks.

      I also curious about the dark knight material. I understand it’s different from your previous updates? Please upload more photos on the colours so that we can make a good selection.

    19. Stéphane Talbot on October 28

      Hello. Can we see the Dark Night edition ? #impatient :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Ch. Muhammad Haroon on October 26

      It's been quite a while since last update. When do we expect to get the new update?

    21. Origami Labs Creator on October 9

      @First Not to worry on this, as we have not shipped anything yet. The survey on ring size and ring color will be sent end of this month.

    22. Missing avatar

      Frist on October 9

      Hello, just want to know if ring sizer has been sent or received yet. Please update me, I am worry that it got lost on shipment at my end. Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Frist on October 9

      Hello, just want to know if ring sizer has been sent or received yet. Please update me, just worry if the sizer got lost on shipment.

    24. Origami Labs Creator on October 8

      @King Heiple Please note that you can log back into the survey and update your address. Should you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message directly. Thank you!

    25. Origami Labs Creator on October 8

      @Felipe Massetti Please note that an update regarding ring size and colors will be shared with all backers end of this month.

    26. Missing avatar

      Felipe Massetti on October 6

      Hey any update on when we should get the ring size kit just wondering thanks

    27. David on September 28

      I was wondering if the Backerkit special backers were getting the survey. My pledge was supposed to go for a ring.

    28. Missing avatar

      King Heiple
      on September 26

      How do I change my shipping Address?

    29. Missing avatar

      Gaurav Pathak on September 13

      hi , i meant we have to pay import custom duty on the invoice value in our country when we receive goods from other countries. all your customers will have this problem. what you could do is have a very small value for the goods on the invoice so that the custom duty will be proportionately lower and will save us money ! hope this helps

    30. Missing avatar

      Gaurav Pathak on September 13

      Please ship internationally as GIFT ITEM and 10 $ value so that we save duty

    31. Missing avatar

      Stefan on September 11

      Never mind, I already did, just forgot!

    32. Missing avatar

      Stefan on September 11

      I've checked my email but don't seem to have gotten a survey. Wondering if I'm the only one.

    33. Origami Labs Creator on September 10

      @Frist Do be confirmed that your information from the survey is well received. Regarding the next survey on ring size and ring color, it should come out in October.

    34. Missing avatar

      Frist on September 9

      did anyone received ring sizer?

    35. Missing avatar

      Frist on September 9

      can't wait to see ORII, any news or update please? I responded the address survey, did the survey for ring size or else send?

    36. Origami Labs Creator on August 29

      @Lisa Glazier Shanahan The Dark Night has a different finish compared to the other rings. It's matte black finish on the top of the ring uses plasma electrolytic oxide treatment process as a coating on the aluminium for extra durability.

    37. Missing avatar

      Lisa Glazier Shanahan on August 27

      Is the Dark Night ring a different material from the other options or is the finish different somehow? I thought in one of the live broadcasts something being said about it being different, but don't remember what that was. Thanks.

    38. James Ryan on August 24

      Forgot to mention in my previous post that the increased amount of data Bluetooth 5 can relay (I think almost double in the same amount of time as the latest 4.2 protocol) results in much better audio quality.

    39. James Ryan on August 24

      Hey guys, is there any chance you could update the Bluetooth version to 5? I hear that it's superior in many ways, (i.e in distance coverage, faster and more data travel, lower power requirements etc..... even compared to v4.1. That would be super awesome and the crown jewel in you're already excellent creation!

    40. Origami Labs Creator on August 24

      @Nicola Hatzigeorgiu thanks for your question! Will depend a bit on your location, sent a message to you.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nicola Hatzigeorgiu on August 23

      Dear orii, i would like to know if orii will be eu friendly (no additional tax) best regard Nicola.

    42. Origami Labs Creator on August 21

      @George Wong Another good question, the charging pins itself will be gold plated, as such it is protected and should prevent rusting.

    43. Missing avatar

      George Wong on August 18

      @Creator Thanks for your answer. How about the chargin pins ?

    44. Origami Labs Creator on August 18

      @Remon Ghattas Once we have confirmed the address of each backer through our survey, we will be shipping a ring sizer for you to measure your finger size. Based on your actual ring size, we will then be able to ship you an ORII that fits you.

      @Ely Jevon goson We will follow up with you through inbox on this.

      @V1x3N @Robert Sterenchak @Jonathan Reed @Giorgio Di Paolo @William Dutcher @Jamie @Jim Thank you for your support again! We can't wait for you to try the ORII! Meanwhile, please feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

      @Larry Howard We will be sending out a survey early next week to gather information about your order. We will also be confirming your address for us to send you a ring sizer.

      @James Ryan We will be following up with you through inbox.

      @Michael Ching Great to know that you will be travelling to Hong Kong in October, we would love to have you try the ORII. Please email us at and we can try to work something out.

      @薛元韬 Regarding shipping time, we are aiming for February 2018. We will keep all our backers posted on the status.

      @carol boisvert We would love to hear your experience, do send us an email on your thoughts.

      @George Wong Great question! First, the actuator itself is made of stainless steel. Second, In order to fulful IPX7, the actuator will be sealed with a thin layer of TPU to prevent contact with water. So this should prevent rusting.

      @ccc The session on Aug 13 went very well, so glad to be meeting our backers in real life! You will be able to see the feed again of that day on our Facebook page. If you happen to be in Hong Kong end of this month, we are planning on running an exhibition from Aug 25 to 28, please stay tuned for the details.

    45. Missing avatar

      Remon Ghattas
      on August 18

      I want to know how can i know which size is suitable for my finger?

    46. Missing avatar

      Ely Jevon goson
      on August 17

      Still having problems with kickstarter. They are rejecting my card payment even if all other sites and locarion is ok with it. Unless you have other way. Thanks!

    47. Jamie on August 17

      SO Excited for the team and all of us eagerly awaiting this incredible product! Great work, great product.. The sky is the limit! :-D

    48. V1x3N on August 17

      I'm so excited to be part of this innovative product's initial beginning because this is the future! It will be interesting to see it go from idea to actuality (actuality being my own actual ORII in my hands)! I look forward to all the updates and most of all, receiving the final product (of course)! I really want to say that your infectious excitement, your professionalism, attention to detail, but most of all your attention to your backers is impressive and greatly appreciated! Thank you for answering my questions as well and in a timely fashion. You and your team is what makes me happy to be a backer for this project!!!

    49. Missing avatar

      Larry Howard on August 17

      When will be notified about ring size and color.

    50. James Ryan on August 17

      Hi Kevin,

      Just a kind reminder to honor the ORIIFREESHIP coupon I submitted on July 29th, now that the campaign is funded.

      Origami Labs

      August 4, 2017

      "Hi James, realized that we didn't confirm your ORIIFREESHIP. We'll make sure to process for you once campaign wraps up. Thank you for your support!"

      Best Regards,

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