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A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone.
A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone.
A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone.
2,082 backers pledged $333,619 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. grdkingdom 3 days ago

      I don't like ORII delivery schedule delayed again. But I am still waiting.

      may be FAKE.

      XENXO 's super early bird is US$ 179.

      I saw "XENXO Wearable Smart Ring". It JUST ONLY a NFC ring.
      I found it in chinese TaoBao market. It just cost about RMB90.
      I won't try XERO because it still bluetooh handsfree design. ORII's bone conduction is a very good design. It can be use in noisy area.

    2. grdkingdom on

      Please keep your promise. Send the product in JUNE.
      When will I get the 'confirm address Email' ?
      Don't let me disappointed again. backer #279

    3. Origami Labs Creator on

      @Meir Ben-Tovim @grdkingdom @Kevin Chan Apologies for the wait! Please refer to our latest backer update for more details on the current shipment timeline: If you have any additional questions, feel free to message or email us!

      @Jaramie Stumpf Yes, please shoot us a private message on your updated shipping address.

      @thong tran Thank you for your support!

    4. Missing avatar

      Meir Ben-Tovim on

      Was supposed to get my order in February, any update?

    5. grdkingdom on

      Please keep your promise. Send the product in JUNE.
      When will I get the 'confirm address Email' ?
      Don't let me dispointed again. backer #279

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin Chan on

      I believe we have been kept waiting for quite a long time since we have 1st pledged our order in Aug 2017 while your promised delivery has been delayed for quite a few times! When can we received our product exactly? As a matter of fact, I want to be refunded if you still fail to send the product as you promised in Jun. backer #1722

    7. Missing avatar

      Jaramie Stumpf on

      @Creator I recently moved from my shipping address that i provided you. Is there a way i can update this? thanks

    8. Missing avatar

      thong tran on

      Fantastic update guys.. really looking forward to getting my finger into this ring.. keep up the good work.

    9. Origami Labs Creator on

      @William @Quintin Tahau @James Ryan: The sequence that rings will be mailed out will depend on your Kickstarter backer number (earliest backers first) and whether we have received an address confirmation from you.When your ring is ready, we’ll be sending you an email to confirm your mailing address. Please stay tuned.

      @Guarav Pathak @kyril1217 @Samuel Tan @Samuel Chee @Kevin James Rowe:
      We encountered a production disruption related to our PCB which caused us to change to another supplier. Although we have successfully switched to a backup PCB supplier, the shipping timeline needs to be moved back by 1 month. We have posted our latest backer update here for more details:

      May we also invite you to join us for our Kickstarter Live session on Monday June 4th, 8pm (EST). We will be there answer any questions you may have:

    10. Missing avatar

      Kevin James Rowe on

      Thanks for the update, it's a shame delayed by a month but I want the best product possible. It sometimes feels you're busier marketing the product around the world than knuckling down to get the product complete but that's just mis-perception in being excited for Orii I am sure.

    11. Samuel Chee

      Hi, what is the uodate for the shipping? Been 18 days i been waiting for your updates.

    12. Samuel Tan (Stan) on

      Hi! What’s the outcome now? It has been long overdue on your promised delivery schedule!!!!

    13. James Ryan on

      Shouldn't we have received our shipping address confirmation email by now.... seeing as shipping is supposed to start on June 2018? Backer # 924

    14. kyril1217

      Any news? Is it Delayed again?

    15. Missing avatar

      Gaurav Pathak on

      Where is my product ?

    16. Missing avatar

      Quintin Tahau on

      Have the shipping emails been sent? I haven't confirmed my address yet and I'm concerned that I've missed out. Thanks

    17. William on

      I have yet to receive any confirmation email.

    18. Origami Labs Creator on

      @Jeremy Kurtz: Thanks for bringing this up. Our principle will be to ship out to all our early supporters on Kickstarter first.
      @Samuel Chee: We are expecting to have a tracking number for our shipment. We will keep you updated on the shipping schedule.
      @Joe: Kindly be note that the confirmation email will be sent right before we ship to you.
      @Lindsay Spiller: Do be assured that there is no change to the Armor Red color. It should not look orange. It could be different screen displays or it might be picking up some warm light from one of our shots. Thanks for verifying!

    19. Missing avatar

      Lindsay Spiller on

      Hi - Did you change the red color? Now it look orange? It changes color preference - the previous red was so lovely! Please let me know -thank you.

    20. Missing avatar


      Can you tell me when the email confirmation was sent out. If it was I don’t think I filled mine out, how can I go about doin that.

    21. Samuel Chee

      Will we receive the tracking number ? And please update us the shipment.

    22. Jeremy Kurtz on

      so who gets first shipping? Kickstarter or Indiegogo? I would think Kickstart since we jumped on board first........

    23. Missing avatar

      Chetan Chaudhari on


      Can I cancel my order ? I am not interested in your product any more..


    24. Origami Labs Creator on

      @Hon: Thanks for picking this up, please note that our Taiwan website is a continuity of our pre-order activity done in a localized language. Do be assured that early backers will still have priority in receiving ORII as we start to ship.

      @Ow Wei Ming Wilson: We are about to start the first stage of our manufacturing run and indeed we will be fulfilling early backers first. Please find the link here for our latest shipping update:

      @Samuel Tan @Jacky Yeung @Indranil Sen: Thanks again for your patience, please find the link here for our latest shipping update:

    25. Liew on

      Either they will ship you the displays set or those newer generations product that have been suck in warehouse, those idea and latest update products, sorry to say, you have to pay money to buy online again.

    26. Liew on

      Told you all right, I seen a lot broken promises. Once they online sale. Your support project that make them money are worth nothing. Because you will receive it way after they sell on market.

      You are funding them so they can have the product to sell open market to become rich. They have already forgot who the fuck that come out money to support them.

    27. Ow Wei Ming Wilson on

      Are we expected an eariler delivery since in Taiwan website it stated an earlier date.

    28. Missing avatar

      Hon on

      Saw this on Facebook. Shock to see that they mentioned delivery by mid May!…

    29. Samuel Tan (Stan) on

      Hello! What’s going on the production???? It’s been taking toooo damn long!!!!

    30. Jacky Yeung on

      i am backer 1606, When will it be shipped? thx!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      Kevin James Rowe on

      Hi Gents, if moving house how do I go about changing shipping address pls?

    32. Missing avatar

      Indranil Sen on

      I am backer #1333. I have yet to receive my unit. When will it be shipped?

    33. Origami Labs Creator on

      @Yong Soo Kim: Thanks for following up, you can refer to our latest shipping arrangements in our last backer update.

    34. Missing avatar


      My backer number 1,936
      I did not receive my order. I want to know delivery?

    35. Missing avatar

      Lim Hanxiong on

      yeah.. that happens... selling us away..

    36. Liew on

      I hope we won’t be getting something that online going to sell it cheap.

      I know some Creative here sold their idea to company for mass products. After they start selling for weeks or even months, then they start to delivery to backer.

    37. Origami Labs Creator on

      @Yong Soo Kim : Thanks for your note, you may refer to our latest backer update through this link here: Meanwhile we will also be posting another update within the next couple of weeks.

    38. Missing avatar


      still waiting to receive further info on a delivery schedule

    39. Origami Labs Creator on

      @Susie @Young @Gaurav @Sebastian Thanks for following up, you may refer to our latest backer update through this link here: Meanwhile we will also be posting another update within the next couple of weeks.

      @Kevin Thank you for liking our update and really appreciate your questions here. On battery life, we have increased it to 1 hour and 45 minutes of direct play back time, with 48 hours of standby time. We see ORII as the master of the 10-second interaction, primarily handling text messages and short calls. And the way we use our voice assistants today are mostly command base inputs. So ORII’s usages are all about those short interactions, this is why we believe there should be sufficient battery life to cover a day of use. Regarding the charging case, we will be giving you a closer look in the upcoming updates with more details. Incase you haven’t done so already; you can actually watch the replay of our live feed here:

      @Felipe Massetti We are doing the best we can to deliver the most refined version of ORII as possible. Thank you again for supporting this project!

    40. Missing avatar

      Susie on

      Update on the shipping please, thanks

    41. Missing avatar

      Kevin James Rowe on

      Hi, loving the updates and web chats (tend not to watch live as in the UK). I'm sure it's answered somewhere but can you give me a rundown on battery life please? I understand the reasons for ditching battery in case (although I don't necessarily agree w/ them, I would have waited however long for this). In the chat around 1.5hours was mentioned, doesn't this render ORII pretty useless if the aim was it to become the new way to interact with voice assistants in a working day? I just cannot see it working for me in the real world now but I hope I am wrong

    42. Missing avatar

      Young do on

      I know that in February I decided to get your product that I want.
      Please confirm that you have not arrived yet.

      2월쯤에 내가 원하는 당신의 제품을 받기로 한걸로 알고 있습니다.
      아직 도착 하지 않는 것에 대해 확인을 해주세요.

    43. Missing avatar

      Felipe Massetti on

      Some project take longer then expected when that happens you have a couple options either you wait and receive the product when they finish it cause complaining isn’t gonna make them work any faster , or the product was a scam and In That case you will get no refund at all not from the creator of the product or from Kickstarter no matter what you say or do will change that. so stop wasting time asking for refund. You don’t go to the casino and ask for the money back that you lost gambling. do you? Cause that what Kickstarter is it’s a casino and you gamble and sometimes you leave with a nice product sometimes you don’t end of rant. #icanwait

    44. Missing avatar

      Gaurav Pathak on

      Please update on shipping .

    45. Missing avatar

      Kevin Chan on

      I am backer #1722. As you may aware that my payment had made for over 8 mths while the product is still not yet received. When will i be receiving the product? In addition, how to get refund if i intend to cancel my order?

    46. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Xu Zheyang on

      When will i be receiving my product again ?

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