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A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone.
A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone.
A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone.
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    1. Liew 7 days ago

      I hope we won’t be getting something that online going to sell it cheap.

      I know some Creative here sold their idea to company for mass products. After they start selling for weeks or even months, then they start to delivery to backer.

    2. Origami Labs Creator on March 7

      @Yong Soo Kim : Thanks for your note, you may refer to our latest backer update through this link here: Meanwhile we will also be posting another update within the next couple of weeks.

    3. Missing avatar

      on March 7

      still waiting to receive further info on a delivery schedule

    4. Origami Labs Creator on March 5

      @Susie @Young @Gaurav @Sebastian Thanks for following up, you may refer to our latest backer update through this link here: Meanwhile we will also be posting another update within the next couple of weeks.

      @Kevin Thank you for liking our update and really appreciate your questions here. On battery life, we have increased it to 1 hour and 45 minutes of direct play back time, with 48 hours of standby time. We see ORII as the master of the 10-second interaction, primarily handling text messages and short calls. And the way we use our voice assistants today are mostly command base inputs. So ORII’s usages are all about those short interactions, this is why we believe there should be sufficient battery life to cover a day of use. Regarding the charging case, we will be giving you a closer look in the upcoming updates with more details. Incase you haven’t done so already; you can actually watch the replay of our live feed here:

      @Felipe Massetti We are doing the best we can to deliver the most refined version of ORII as possible. Thank you again for supporting this project!

    5. Missing avatar

      Susie on March 5

      Update on the shipping please, thanks

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin James Rowe on March 5

      Hi, loving the updates and web chats (tend not to watch live as in the UK). I'm sure it's answered somewhere but can you give me a rundown on battery life please? I understand the reasons for ditching battery in case (although I don't necessarily agree w/ them, I would have waited however long for this). In the chat around 1.5hours was mentioned, doesn't this render ORII pretty useless if the aim was it to become the new way to interact with voice assistants in a working day? I just cannot see it working for me in the real world now but I hope I am wrong

    7. Missing avatar

      Young do on March 5

      I know that in February I decided to get your product that I want.
      Please confirm that you have not arrived yet.

      2월쯤에 내가 원하는 당신의 제품을 받기로 한걸로 알고 있습니다.
      아직 도착 하지 않는 것에 대해 확인을 해주세요.

    8. Missing avatar

      Felipe Massetti on March 4

      Some project take longer then expected when that happens you have a couple options either you wait and receive the product when they finish it cause complaining isn’t gonna make them work any faster , or the product was a scam and In That case you will get no refund at all not from the creator of the product or from Kickstarter no matter what you say or do will change that. so stop wasting time asking for refund. You don’t go to the casino and ask for the money back that you lost gambling. do you? Cause that what Kickstarter is it’s a casino and you gamble and sometimes you leave with a nice product sometimes you don’t end of rant. #icanwait

    9. Missing avatar

      Gaurav Pathak on March 2

      Please update on shipping .

    10. Missing avatar

      Kevin Chan on March 1

      I am backer #1722. As you may aware that my payment had made for over 8 mths while the product is still not yet received. When will i be receiving the product? In addition, how to get refund if i intend to cancel my order?

    11. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Xu Zheyang on February 22

      When will i be receiving my product again ?

    12. Origami Labs Creator on February 11

      @Lisa Glazier Shanahan For address change, please do drop us an inbox message on Kickstarter or email and we can update it on the system for you. We will also be reconfirming your address before we ship.

      @kokobin Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, think this can be added into the wishlist for our next generation ORII. At this moment, ORII can be worn comfortably on your finger all day, giving you that instant access to your smartphone with a touch on the ear.

      @Simon Kong Once again, thank you for your support!

    13. Missing avatar

      Lisa Glazier Shanahan on February 10

      Hi, I am backer #48. With the extended timeline of the project, my shipping address has changed. I sent info on my change through “contact creator” but is there something else I need to do to update my shipping address?

      Thank you.


    14. kokobin
      on February 1

      Have you tested an [optional] lanyard to enable securing/wearing on the neck?

    15. Missing avatar

      SIMON KONG on February 1

      @Origami Labs, Thanks for the live stream & also the meaningful updates.
      Take the time to ensure durable product that most important to backers & ORII users.

    16. Origami Labs Creator on January 31

      @James thank you for supporting us, we will be giving our all to deliver the best ORII to you.

      @Glenn thanks for this, actually it’s part of our discussion early on. We do agree that USB C adoption is growing but most people still use micro USB and it’s something that can be easily accessed around you. However, this will be included in the wishlist for our next generation.

    17. Glenn Carmichael on January 31

      Disappointed by the delay, but understand why it's necessary.

      Just looking at the designs for the charging case and noticed that it looks like it will be using Micro USB. Has there been any thought into going with USB C as everything is phasing out Micro USB and I've finally got myself to a point where all the tech I use and travel with is either just USB C or Lighting... having to add a micro USB cable back into the mix will be annoying!

    18. James Ryan on January 31

      Really disappointed over this huge delay! If you fail to meet the new May deadline, I'll certainly be wanting a refund.

    19. Origami Labs Creator on January 27

      @Paul @Yaswanth @Alan thanks for following up, please expect an update in the next couple of days, we will be covering status, shipment dates and more. We are also scheduling a Kickstarter live AMA session for us to go through the update and answer any questions that you may have.

      @Jaramie appreciate that you have posted this here, some of these features are already on our development wishlist. Meanwhile, our core focus will still be on using ORII as a fast communication device and a handy way to access your smartphone’s voice assistant.

    20. Liew on January 27

      Dam, another project that are not fully promised. As usual, once China online site start selling it dirt cheap. We will then got our overpriced order.

      Guess this KS are fully a sram to let others earn fast and easy money.

    21. Missing avatar

      Paul on January 27

      how close are we getting with this? been awhile since a useful update.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jaramie Stumpf on January 25

      You should partner with they made a electronic ring to access your car, house, computer and you can even electronically pay with a swipe of your hand. I think ORII would be great if you could get it to clip or retro fit on the top of their ring! A marriage made in electronic heaven! Thoughts?

      P.S. can I have the first one?

    23. Missing avatar

      yaswanth kumar on January 25

      Hi guys, any updates on shipment dates ?

    24. Missing avatar

      Alan Marshall
      on January 24

      Hi, when should beta backers expect their rings? Thanks

    25. Origami Labs Creator on January 12

      @William you may refer to our update in October, we announced the interchangeable ring size solution. This means you don’t need to measure your finger size because you’ll be getting different ring sizes in your ORII package. All you have to do is to make sure you have the correct shipping address and fill in your color survey.

    26. William on January 12

      I have not receive any sizing instrument and survey for my size and type.

    27. Origami Labs Creator on January 4

      @Simon Kong thank you for the support! We will be posting CES updates through our social media, so do check us out @ORIIOfficial on Facebook and Instagram.

    28. Missing avatar

      SIMON KONG on January 4

      @creator, well done and a successful showcase at CBS next week.

    29. Origami Labs Creator on January 1

      @Huge Jedwill Happy New Year! We will indeed be at CES and would love to have you come by. Our dates there will be Jan 9 to 12 at Eureka Park. Chat more soon!

    30. Missing avatar

      Hugh Jedwill on December 31

      Will you guys be at CES? Would love to meet your team and learn more about your product roadmap.

    31. Origami Labs Creator on December 27

      @Felipe Massetti @Kyle Paulo We will be sending an update on timing within the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!

      @Andre Vallejo Glad to have you as part of our family! To ensure that everyone has a ring that fit, we will no longer be sending out ring sizers, instead we will include multiple interchangeable ring bands, all in one box. You can also refer to our previous 2 updates for more details.

      @Abdul Halim Mat Ali We are moving to a new CRM system for better backer followup, hence we want to gather everyone's addresses now. If you don't know what your address is going to be yet, you can update us later at

    32. Moshe Levin
      on December 27

      Hi ORII team,

      Please NOTE, and RESPOND in Return-email, to my KS email, Regarding my RING SIZES


      Best Wishes for the NEW YEAR

      Moshe Levin

    33. Abdul Halim Mat Ali
      on December 27

      Receive the e-mail to confirm shipping address.
      Is ORII shipping soon? If yes, that's cool.

    34. Missing avatar

      Felipe Massetti on December 23

      So what’s the shipping ETA? that’s all I want to know. Please and thank you.

    35. Missing avatar

      Peter Bishop on December 20

      Can I get a refund? Still waiting on a response since Dec 1st.

    36. Missing avatar

      Kyle Paulo on December 19

      Very excited for this and appreciate all the updates. Just wondering, are you guys on track for the February shipping date?

    37. Andre Vallejo on December 18

      Everything Sounds great guys I’m so proud to be part of the ORII family ( : and I was just wondering when do you think shipping on that the ring sizes will be?

    38. Missing avatar

      Ajay Kumar Parlapally on December 15

      Please include extra ring sizes in my delivery package.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kevin James Rowe on December 14

      Great to know. This is most excited I've been about any of the Kickstarters I have backed. Good shout re: voice assistants, it's not part of my everyday working life at the moment... will start to introduce it. Happy Christmas!

    40. Origami Labs Creator on December 14

      @Kevin James Rowe rest assured that quick calls and messaging is still ORII’s very core feature! We think it’s about time to get everyone warmed up about using their voice assistant so we are ready to unleash ORII’s full capabilities as soon as we get it out of the box.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kevin James Rowe on December 14

      Slightly concerned about the subliminal messages in all the updates. All the focus has turned to Voice assistants and hardly any mention of short calls anymore... are you trying to subconsciously steer us away from this product being suitable for quick calls?

    42. jerice50
      on November 28

      Nudge, nudge, nudge!

    43. Stéphane Talbot on November 24

      Coool! It's going on! Lets keep up informed it's a pleasure to read you're on the right way. :)

    44. Antonio Lezcano
      on November 20

      @Chetan Chauhari

      The answers you are looking for are in the update #13.

    45. Missing avatar

      Chetan Chaudhari on November 20

      Hi Team,

      I haven't received sizing instrument yet..any update ?

    46. Melvyn Ong on November 14

      @Kyle, please read last update.

    47. Missing avatar

      Kyle Paulo on November 14

      When are the ringer sizers being mailed out?

    48. Origami Labs Creator on November 1

      @Shawn @Sean you can find the survey in your message inbox once you are logged in. We have sent the survey again, there should be a notification email. Do let us know if you have trouble finding it.

      @Nichols thanks for pointing this out, the bug is now fixed! Sorry about the inconvenience caused.

      @Aditya very nice of you to share backer number instructions here! Also good suggestion on Alexa, this is something we are looking into, but as far as we are aware this can only fully function in US, UK and Germany. We will keep you posted on this one.

      @Stephane @Hon we are also really excited about Dark Night. We will try to get some more photos out for you guys to get a closer look!

    49. Missing avatar

      Shawn Bensley on October 30

      Hi Origami, I have not received the survey. Can you please send to me again?

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