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A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone.
A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone.
A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone.
2,082 backers pledged $333,619 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. William about 1 hour ago

      When is there next batch coming?

    2. Missing avatar

      Karen about 16 hours ago

      Yes I expected creator can show a full picture that the backers # estimated time to receive the product , instead of just standing and waiting the email confirm via email.

      Hope to receive the product soon...

    3. Melvyn Ong 1 day ago

      Hi @Creator,

      Do you have an estimate of how many parcels are being shipped daily and what would be the estimated time frame to fulfill all backers' orders? Still waiting :)

    4. Origami Labs Creator 2 days ago

      @Jimmy Tsai: We apologize once again for this miscommunication, we are now shipping by backer number as we had originally planned.

      @grdkingdom: Thank you so much for stopping by our office! We are happy to hear that you enjoy your ORII experience, please let us know if you need any more assistance!

      @Evan Law: Hi there, since we are now shipping by backer number, we have yet to reach to your number. Once we have yours ready, we can arrange an office pick up if you'd like. Thanks for your patience!

      @Richard Poon: Yes! Please PM us your address so we can update your data on our system.

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Poon
      3 days ago

      Hi, can i still change my address? want to revise it.. thanks.

    6. grdkingdom 3 days ago

      @Evan Law
      I am #27X, so I could get it early.
      I 've just to tell you all, It is a good product.

    7. Missing avatar

      Evan Law 3 days ago

      Hi, I am a Hong Konger and my backer number is 1285, can I come to your office to get my ORII?

    8. grdkingdom 3 days ago

      I got my ORII today. It is a success product . I am a Hong Konger, so I received my ORII in their office.

      They are so nice. Much better than `The Pxx scanner' (almost wait for 2years ).

      Thank you, ORII team.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Tsai 5 days ago

      It's really bad to hear such explanation about shipping. Keep the words which you say so.

    10. Origami Labs Creator on

      Dear Backers,

      Thank you for support and patience as we get our shipping started.

      I wanted to provide a brief shipping update: we indicated in backer updates that we will be shipping ORII prioritized by number sequence for those backers that have completed their address and color survey.

      As we prepared this first round of shipments, I made an 11th hour decision to group them by country (USA) to test run our logistics operations and minimize any potential problems getting rings to our backers using a new provider (this is our first campaign, so we're having to do a lot of "firsts").

      I do apologize that what we had communicated and what we ended up doing for the first round of shipments was different. Throughout our campaign, we've endeavored to be highly transparent about what we're doing and about our progress. Going forward, we will be shipping by backer number as we had communicated earlier.

      Origami Labs

    11. William on

      When will be my turn?

    12. Missing avatar

      Jim Chong on

      Backer #697. I ordered a silver ring. I wonder if they are shipping out the rings by color and not by backer number?

    13. Missing avatar

      Ch. Muhammad Haroon on


      Would suggest if we can have some kind of tentative numbers that how many rings are shipped out so far and how many are being shipped every week. ???

    14. Missing avatar

      Nelson Cheng on

      My backer number is 406 and did not receive confirmation email yet. Can you help to double check? Thanks.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Tsai on

      Have seen some people got their ring. Where are mine? My backer number is 311. No confirmation email yet. Please check it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mary on

      I am backer 277. Was my ring sent out in the first batch? If not when can I expect it. As of yet I have not received an email confirmation.

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel Rubi on

      Hi; Got my ring a couple days ago and was having a volume problem with hearing and speaker but after having a chat with Emile Chan I found that I was positioning my finger wrong. Emile explained in detail on correct way to place my finger and it's all good now. Thanks again Emile! Danny

    18. Melvyn Ong on

      Hi, could you also check whether if my address is confirmed (this was done previously) and I should be getting a confirmation notice soon? Don't wish to sound impatient, but #493 here. Thanks!

    19. Origami Labs Creator on

      @Eric Agena: Thank you so much for your support! We appreciate you letting us know about your concern. Rest assured, we will help you with onboarding and make sure that ORII is working great for you!
      @Karen: Thanks for checking in, we are still shipping our units in batches, will contact you via email once your ring is ready!
      @Ronald Martin: We’re happy to hear that you’ve received your ring! Not a problem - we’ve created a video that should help explain all the features and functionality of ORII: Feel free to PM us if you have any additional questions!
      @Brian Struthers: Great to know you have your ring already! Please let us know if you have any questions about your ORII.
      @Petros Lee: Hi there, it is possible that the single press triggers the volume control because you are playing music at the same time (possibly in the background). If that isn’t the case, please drop us a PM and we’d be happy to help you troubleshoot this further.
      @thong tran @Bruce Levine: Hi there, thanks for checking with us! We’ve addressed your question via PM.

    20. Missing avatar

      Bruce Levine

      I am Backer #411 and I have not received anything or for that matter heard anything regarding when I will receive my ORII. Please provide me with a personal update to the status of my order.

    21. Missing avatar

      thong tran on

      @creator, I'm just wondering how come I still have not gotten my ring yet, or any notification about it being shipped to me. I'm backer number 143. I can see that others that have back after me, have already gotten their rings.

    22. Brian Struthers on

      Thanks Eric, I was so excited to see it had come that I didn’t fully open the box. Can’t believe I did that lol

    23. Eric Agena

      @Brian Struthers, did you lift up the foam that holds the charger and the ring? The various ring sizes are under there as well as the charging cable and a couple of instructional cards telling you how to get started.

    24. Petros Lee

      Hi! Just received my ring today, and I have a question: single pressing the side button is supposed to activate my voice assistance, but it activated the volume controls instead. I've checked and my Google assistant is on and set up

    25. Brian Struthers on

      Btw I never received a ring sizing kit, only the ring

    26. Brian Struthers on

      Just received my ring today and I’m excited to use it, but did I miss an update about ring sizing? The ring I have won’t even fit on my pinky. Any info would be appreciated, thanks

    27. Ronald Martin on

      Should it have come with instructions? I might be dense. I downloaded the app and its paired. What now?

    28. Missing avatar

      Karen on

      Hope I will go receive the confirmation letter very soon as my backer number 1366

    29. Eric Agena

      @Bradley - I had the same experience and contacted the @creator regarding my issue. We're currently working on it and I'm confident we'll have this figured out. Customer service has been awesome (thanks, Marcus!) and I am very happy that I backed this project. Great people behind the company and I'm enjoying being part of the process of bringing a product like this to market.

    30. Origami Labs Creator on

      @Hugo Gomes: Hi there, yes. Once we ship your ring, we will provide you with a tracking number.
      @SUNG-SIk LEE @Tim Rynne: Thank you for letting us know! We'll follow up on your case and get you the confirmation email as soon as possible.
      @Bradley Laurent: We are thrilled to hear that you've received your ring! To help you get started, we've created a video that should address your concern: If you need any additional help, please reach out to us directly via PM.

    31. Bradley Laurent on

      Backer 1316 here. I received my ring today (California). Any tips for increasing the volume? The ring is firm and tight on my finger and I have tried both ears but even with the volume all the way up it's not very loud. (But you can actually hear the sounds coming from the ring like a speaker.)

    32. Missing avatar

      T R on

      Hi @creator - backer number "001" here... no email, no tracking, no ring... not quite sure how that works with your "(earliest backers first)" approach...

      I have confirmed address previously, but haven't received any further comms (and yes, I check my spam folder regularly)

    33. Missing avatar

      SUNG-SIk LEE on

      nono. i mean u must be miss send me email. because backer #237 already receive orii. i am a backer #18!
      i am a may be in the first group of shipping.

    34. Missing avatar

      Hugo Gomes on

      Is there any tracking number?

    35. Origami Labs Creator on

      @Jesus @thong tran @SUNG-SIk LEE: Thank you for your comment! As mentioned in our latest backer update, we are now shipping our initial batches. Please refer to the update for more details:

      @Eric Agena: We are excited to hear that you've already received the ring! Well noted on your comment. We have reached out to you via email to help you get started with your ORII. Let us know if you need anything else!

    36. Eric Agena

      Received my ring today in Hawaii (backer #237)! Looks great but unfortunately I can barely hear out of it. Sent an email to the ORII team and hoping to sort out the volume issue soon. But I wanted to report here that I did get the ring so they are indeed being shipped out and hopefully everyone gets theirs soon.

    37. Missing avatar

      SUNG-SIk LEE on

      hi i am a backer18 but i didnt got any confirm address email plz chect my process

    38. Missing avatar

      thong tran on

      @origami labs.
      I'm just wondering if you have sent my ring yet? I'm backer number 143 and located in Australia. I'm only asking because I'm going to Japan on the 25th August..I would really love to be able to use the ring in the home of technology.

    39. Missing avatar


      I have not received anything yet, approximate delivery dates

    40. Melvyn Ong on

      Nice update, backer #493 here so I hope it'll be soon. Can't wait!

    41. Origami Labs Creator on

      @Melvyn Ong @Lun Mei Shan @Mary @Srikanth B @Nicola Hatzigeorgiu @timbarth
      : Thank you for your comment! Please note that shipping runs by the order of your backer number - once we are near your number, we will be sending you an email to confirm your shipping address. We just posted a new backer update today:, so please refer to that for more details.

    42. Missing avatar

      timbarth on

      Backer 1864...any update coming shortly, as Delay from February til now.

    43. Missing avatar

      Nicola Hatzigeorgiu on

      Backer 2151. I ordered two Orii.
      Amy update of my order?

    44. Srikanth B

      @Origami Labs my understanding was that you would confirm shipping addresses?

    45. Missing avatar

      Mary on

      I am backer number 277. Did your shipment include that number? I haven't
      received a shipping notice yet.

    46. Missing avatar

      Lun Mei Shan on

      Hi, I'm backer 1325. Any update for the delivery date? It has been postponed for 6 months. Please let me know when will I receive the product. Many thanks.

    47. Melvyn Ong on

      Hoping to be one of the first batch :D

    48. Origami Labs Creator on

      @BlackGauntlet @Young do @Eric Agena @Thom Leggar @Leonus Tan: Hi there! At this time, we have already begun shipping out the first couple hundreds of units as scheduled. Please refer to our previous backer update for more information on the timeline: and be on a lookout for another backer update coming up next week! We have also sent you personal messages to address your individual questions.

    49. Missing avatar

      Leonus Tan

      Any update?

    50. Missing avatar

      Young do on

      Today is July 30th.
      July is two days remaining today.
      How many times is it shipped?
      Is it going to proceed?
      In Korea, it is now unclear how this technology will be used.

      오늘 7월 30일 이다.
      7월은 오늘 포함 2일 남았다.
      몇번까지 발송인가?
      진행 하기는 하는 것인가?
      한국에서는 이제 이 기술이 어떻게 쓰일지 막연해진다.

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