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A film about about a story about a place where time stands still
A film about about a story about a place where time stands still
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Hello Everyone. 

So here it is. A good old fashioned, one year late. 

The work that still needs to be done on it which has prevented me from allowing it out of its box will have to remain part of its overall message- time must pass and so things must happen however imperfectly. 

This film is the most beautiful film I have ever created. It has gotten me recognition as an art director and brought me together with many talented artists and with all of you. 

I thank you so much for your support and your patience. I made this film. i hope it makes you think. 

Here is the link:

Happy springtime


More post Pro!

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Happy Springtime!

Hello Everyone!

Its springtime and I am nearing the end of work on this time consuming film about time. 

We're putting the final touches on the sound design and soon the film will be ready for you all the see!

The film will be screened at The Jacob Burns Film Center on the night of May 14th. Here is a link to that event if you're interested in attending!

Hope springtime is treating you well!


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#onset #photos #TimeStory

...Wondering if the film will ever be able to live up to the instragrams that are take on the set... I hope so! 

Check out these gorgeous shots snapped by our Make Up Designer Anna Beaman. 

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Final days

Hello everyone!

We're in the final stretch of our kickstarting.

Last week we rapped our second unit of production. Only two more shooting days left and then we'll be 100% shot!

Thank you to everyone who's made a donation! 

Help us spread the word. Tell anyone who you think might like to pledge! $5 will get their name in the credits and a link to film online! 

Also take a look at these stills from last weeks shoot! 

I'm excited to put it all together and start editing! Cant wait to show you all the film. 


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