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A film about about a story about a place where time stands still

Is time a fantasy or it is real? 
When we are inspired to do EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE, how do we choose?

Have you ever stood in a bookstore and wondered how long it would take to read every single one of these books?

Have you ever looked down a list of college majors and known that, with five lifetimes YOU COULD LET YOURSELF BE PASSIONATE ABOUT EVERY SINGLE ONE?

I have. This has driven me crazy and inspired me.

My film asks the question: How can we choose how to spend our small amount of time? When the weight of every choice seems unbelievably important...  when there are so many - an infinite amount of other ways we could go - HOW DO WE CHOOSE TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL?

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NORAH: In a place where time is standing still you can fall in love immediately because the only reason to fall in love or not is a fear that that love might not be worth your time. If time isn't passing no thing can be more important than any other thing so everything is always worth it... Im not talking about falling in love with another person by the way, I'm talking about falling in love with- anything...

Norah and Will
Norah and Will


On the eve of a terrible storm, Will, a handsome and inquisitive young actor stumbles into a rural, roadside inn to escape the rain.

There, he meets introverted, lonely Norah - an artist/writer who stopped making art a long time ago. Norah's greatest work, the story of a house where time stands still, puzzles and intrigues Will.

Together, they discover that the inn where Norah lives is much like the house in Norah's story. Together, they work to escape a world without time by deciding to choose - and follow through on something, anything - in their case, they decide to fall in love.

The set of Norah's room
The set of Norah's room


We've shot about a third of the film already. The scenes we've shot are the scenes where Norah's describes her story and its the fantasy sequences that take place in the story that we have yet to shoot. 

"The house where time passes slowly is infinitely large inside and there are hallways that go on forever and rooms that are rivers and rooms full of trees. ...I added all that because everyone's first question is- wouldn't it get boring if time wasn't passing and it didn't want that to be the point. I don't want it to be boring, I want it to be infinite!" 

We're going to transform a swimming pool into a river room and create a library where grass grows out of the floor. We're turning an ordinary big house into a timeless house. 

Any size donation will help us immensely! 

Your donations will go towards:

Decorating the set: wallpaper, paint, prop rentals, grass growing out of the floor, infinite time, a swimming pool rental, a rainstorm...

Equipment rentals: Lenses, camera rig, magic. 

Three meals a day and transportation costs for cast and crew.

Film festival entry fees when we're all done and ready to show the world!

Thanks for taking the time (some of your very precious time) to check out our project!

Hope it sparks your interest. 


Katie Oscar and the rest of the Time Story production team.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This film must be completed by May of this year in order for me to graduate. So it will exist by the springtime.
If an actor or crew person became unable to continue the project we would have to re-cast, re-imagine and move forward.

Two days of shooting are scheduled for outside and this is New York and these are crazy times so there may be LOTS OF SNOW! ...We will film in the snow or film after the snow or re-imagine and move inside and film near a fire, under a blanket with tea.... but the film will exist by springtime!


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