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A lighthearted adventure RPG in the style of such titles as Grandia and Lunar.
A lighthearted adventure RPG in the style of such titles as Grandia and Lunar.
248 backers pledged $7,939 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kyle Pruitt Creator on

      Alright! We've reached the end! In total, we were able to not only reach out set goal of $5,000, but also exceed it by almost $3,000. Talk about exciting! For those curious, the extra funding will be going towards providing assets to the game they we originally did not think we would be able to. Namely, animated cutscenes and extra artwork!

      According to Kickstarter, it will be another 14 days before the funding is cleared, but we're already hard at work finding an animation studio that fits Erythia's style. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more updates!

      Erythia Team

    2. Grégory Bernal on

      Congratulations on being officially funded!

    3. Corbbox on

      I start considering a cancel of my pledge as well.

      Please Dev.-Team. An update would do a great job...

    4. juryman00 on

      I'm cancelling my pledge, no communication for weeks, if this is any indication of how things are run then I do not have high hopes for the game, sorry

    5. Missing avatar

      Lion on

      So how about a little proof that you guys are alive and our money won't be going to a Nigerian Prince?
      It's been nearly a month since anyone has said anything.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sergio Lopez on

      Do beta testers receive a copy of the final game?

    7. chris dickson on

      Did they fall off of the world? I'm surprised that nothing has been mentioned in terms of new news, updates, or even a congrats on continuing to crush the pledge (currently by 50%) but... nothing??? Quite disappointed on a lack of communication in general, probably due to being very excited... but still!

    8. Tyson Hodges on

      What engine is this game developed in?

    9. Missing avatar

      Troels on

      If it becomes available on Steam, will we receive a redeem key? Also, how much do new pledgers have to pledge to receive the game itself when it's released?
      Looking good guys!

    10. Tyson Hodges on

      Sorry, not to double post! But please try for a Steam release! =D

    11. Tyson Hodges on

      Pledge in for the 25$$ exclusive. I've been wanting more old school RPGs. And Kickstarter keeps answering my prayers. xP

    12. ShinKagato on

      I love the artwork in this game, it reminds me of all of the awesome jrpgs i used to play on the Saturn/PSX back in the day. I thought long and hard about my pledge and decided on the top tier one, this game reminds me of a better time, when we didnt have stupidly high polygon counts or 40 minute cut scenes, back when we had a little bit of fmv here and there, some voice and a lot of character in the sprites. I cant program worth a damn, but ill make sure i can help those that can, good luck guys, cant wait to see the final game ^_^

    13. Kyle Pruitt Creator on

      "Wow guys! We are getting backers at an almost alarming rate. We wanted to
      get some new artwork up at the 50% mark, but our supporters are outrunnig
      our team. Don't worry though, more is on the way soon. We can only take it
      as a good sign that we've gotten this far this fast. Thank you all for the

      @ Hexidemic - Steam is something we had not considered, but it is definitely something we will look into now. We'll definitely keep you updated on this issue.

      @Jared - We have a video in the works, and my next update will include information about the already revealed characters and a brief synopsis of Erythia's story.

      @all - Thank you all for your support! We never imagined we'd get so many backers so quickly!

    14. Jared on

      I think if you gave some more details about the specifics of the game, you could pull in more backers. I like the concept though, good luck! :)

    15. Hexidemic on

      I'm curious if you're looking into releasing on steam as well. Backed and good luck!

    16. Kyle Pruitt Creator on

      @Nubcakes - the battle system of Erythia is one of our most anticipated aspects of the game. Whenwe began designing it, we wanted to distance ourselves as much as possible from the battle engines of past SNES era RPGs. Every one of us on the design team could recall many games in which we could breeze through battles without much thought.

      Our battle system is unique in that it features a lot of aspects you see in modern MMO games, such as taunting, aggro management, positional bonuses, cooldowns, and much more. It really adds a new level of excitement to combat!

    17. Kyle Pruitt Creator on

      Wow, seven new backers in four hours. Thanks for your support, guys! And yes, Flora Li is an amazing artist, and one of the most pleasant persons I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Her talents are a very welcomed addition to the Erythia team! Wait until you see what she has in store!

    18. Missing avatar

      Nubcakes on

      An older looking RPG with emphasis on story and strategic combat? Sign me up!

    19. MonkeyOutbreak on

      Haha, what are the odds. I actually know Flora Li. Backed!

    20. Mega World Studios on

      Love good story an a touch of that classic RPG feel! Keep on rockin'