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Emergence of the Deep State Revealed by WikiLeaks and Snowden

The Heart of Crypto Failure Is Committee Design

FOIA to Five USG Offices for Snowden Documents

Kudos Snowden's advice: disdain celebrity, pander media-law, blow smoke about operational secrets, devise counterspy tools, run solo ops.

HOPE X: Ellsberg and Snowden to Tell How Dripping Secret Documents Ups Funding for Military Industrial Media Complex

Release of all Snowden docs would provide means to strengthen/supercede/trust Tor:

Cryptome Interview: Full Release of Snowden Documents

Request for Accounting and Release of All Snowden Documents

"I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

Demand for Accounting and Release of All Snowden Documents

Converting a random sample of Cryptome's 71,000 files to PDFs produces a total of 6,800,000 pages over 18 years, averaging about 380,000 pages per year or about 1,000 books per year.

OSS Donovan Lays Foundation of National Security Architecture of 13 Agencies, Global Allies, Industry, Media:

Countering Pervasive Monitoring:

Top media and disclosure sites mimic top authorities. Diverse multiplicity are democratic bottom.

Deborah Natsios, City of Redactions, talks with @josephfcox Motherboard how we practice architecture, why Cryptome: http://youtu.be/Ugff1t_e2ks

Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Meet 23 July 2014. Before then release all Snowden Documents. http://cryptome.org/2014/07/pclob-14-0709.htm

Kickstarter discloses donors unlike disclosure avoiders concealed by amply rewarded official secretkeepers and NGOs.

Cryptome Archive (no bots, thanks): http://cryptome.org/cryptome-archive.htm

Now Appelbaum: Snowden dumped docs with several outlets. Unknown will step up to release when civil lib cream has been depleted.

CIA Employee Jeff Scudder Fired for Trying to Release Documents Under FOIA. http://tinyurl.com/nlsfrhf

NY Times: No-War Plan Meets Reality: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/04/world/obamas-no-war-plan-for-fighting-terrorism-meets-reality-in-iraq.html Best avert then, release all Snowden docs.

Ex-NSA William Binney: NSA Almost Lawless, Has a "Totalitarian Mentality," Wants "Total Informamtion Control"


July is dump spy docs time
July 20, 1604: Dump gunpowder
July 4, 1776: Dump royalty
July 22, 2010: Dump ban of declaration of independence.

City of Redactions, Deborah Natsios Cryptome: 


A third of Cryptome media interviews have never been used.Cryptome Kickstarter aims to help other disclosers grow, multiply, offset manipulation by officially-vetted outlets.

Cryptome Archive USB current to 26 June 2014. Evolution continues. Donations: http://cryptome.org/donations.htm

Cryptome Attacked and Censored by ISP Web.com and Network Solutions: http://cryptomeorg.siteprotect.net/webcom-netsol-attack.htm

Whistleblower site @Cryptomeorg pulled OFFLINE due to malware infection: Founder cries foul http://reg.cx/2bgJ (by me @TheRegster)

By sites and outlets is not meant only online, current leader of dirty work posing as clean.

Besides pastes, drops, torrent, implants, hides, Cryptome has over a dozen sites for dispersed distribution, more coming. Got means-methods?

Cryptome has been dispersed. Files will appear expectedly and unexpectedly at diverse locations online and off.

NetSol rushed to reactivate Cryptome. No deal. Henceforth only SM will be used to exchange information. To hell with arrogant dirty ISPs.

If 5,000 Cryptome readers pledged $20, this goal would be reached. For our 5-year plan that comes to about 1-cent a day. Thanks.

Greenwald's No Place to Hide is on NY Times Top 15 best sellers. Help Glenn spread Snowden's free public gift: http://wikileaks.com.br/NoPlaceToHide4Fr33.pdf

Best to support leakers really struggling, unrecognized, all of them unpaid,and quite a few going into debt to keep up the fight. The few leaker successes owe a debt to those not yet acclaimed which enhance the chances of survival for all of them and us doing nothing.

Cryptome Kickstarter to share swarming leaks: online and off, tools and pitfalls, successes and failures, open v secret, shy v ego, 0 v $.

Cryptome Swarming Leaks: Security, Privacy, Submissions, Funding, Staffing, Media, Stings, Betrayals, Hit & Runs. WikiLeaks among students

USG FOIA Ask Me Anything: Expect: How About Never, Is Never Good for You? http://www.foia.gov/

Free Snowden from Journalist and Lawyer Protectionism Blockade

"Cryptome is Ahab, and Greenwald's stash of hidden Snowden documents is the whale." http://xymphora.blogspot.com

Risks of (NSA) Spying Within Architecture (not fully outed by Snowden):




Davos Hungers, Gorges Privacy, Obeses Spying: http://www.weforum.org/

Cryptome welcomes documents for publication that are prohibited by governments worldwide, in particular material on freedom of expression, privacy, cryptology, dual-use technologies, national security, intelligence, and secret governance -- open, secret and classified documents -- but not limited to those. Documents are removed from this site only by order served directly by a US court having jurisdiction. No court order has ever been served; any order served will be published here -- or elsewhere if gagged by order. Bluffs will be published if comical but otherwise ignored. Email: cryptome@earthlink.net Mail: Cryptome, 251 West 89th Street, New York, NY 10024 Telephone for messages: 212-873-8700

Anonymity Is Public Right Not Just for Spies Support Tor Project: http://torproject.org

National Security: What's It Good For?

National Security: If You Want Peace Oppose Militarists Planning War

Donate to Public Intelligence and National Security Archive for opposing secrecy:
http://publicintelligence.net/ http://www2.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/

Support Cryptocomb.org and WikiLeaks.org for opposing secrecy.

In 1995 Cryptome nominated crypto-hero Phil Zimmermann for $10,000 Chrysler Design Award. He got it. More in 1998, none got: http://cryptome.org/jdb/chrysler98.htm

Support Freedom of the Press Foundation for opposing secrecy. Cryptome donated $1,000.00. https://pressfreedomfoundation.org/

Cellphone Selfie by NSA? Celular selfie pela NSA? Mobiliní Selfie NSA?

WARNING: Unlawful to prevent lawful and unlawful spying on Cryptome, Kickstarter and all other sites. Stay offline.

Got NSA Implants? Fik NSA implantater?Oes gennych mewnblaniadau NSA?

Who's watching your DROP BOX? Qui observe votre DROP BOX? Wer ist gerade Ihr DROP BOX?

US Army INSCOM Dossiers Scan of 30,000 Pages Since 2001 FOIA: http://cryptome.org/inscom-dossiers-scan.jpg

Deborah Natsios will prepare series of videos on the physical architecture of spying following the premier shown here, Meet Me At Your Riser. Also on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzSB1__vHoM

Cryptome has been primarily funded for 18 years by its operators with modest funding by donations for copies of its archives. Outside support would be appreciated but the site will continue in any event.

Cryptome publishes documents prohibited worldwide, in particular material on freedom of expression, privacy, cryptology, dual-use technologies, national security, intelligence, and secret governance -- open, secret and classified documents -- but not limited to those.

Crowdfunding for Cryptome, oldest radical secrets-leaking site online: http://boingboing.net/2014/05/29/crowdfunding-for-cryptome-old.html

Cryptome, the original WikiLeaks, launches $100,000 Kickstarter: http://www.dailydot.com/politics/cryptome-kickstarter/

A Radical Pro-Transparency Website Is Raising Money To Annoy Glenn Greenwald: 


No 1 Cryptome publication, over 11M hits, terrifying, launched unending war on terrorism: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w465MHsvYpg

No 2 Cryptome publication, Bin Laden Trial Transcripts: http://cryptome.org/usa-v-ubl-dt.htm

No 3 Cryptome publication, Eyeball Series, begun after 9/11: http://cryptome.org/eyeball/

No 4 Cryptome publication, Protest Photo Series: http://cryptome.org/protest-series.htm

No 5 Cryptome publication, NSA TEMPEST Documents: http://cryptome.org/nsa-tempest.htm

No 6 Cryptome publications, Nuclear Power Plants and WMD Series: http://cryptome.org/nppw-series.htm

No 7 Cryptome publication: Eyeballing Iraq Kill and Maim: http://cryptome.org/info/ikm/index.html Media-redacted horror of families of dead and disfigured.

No 8 Cryptome publications: US Army INSCOM dossiers, 30K pages scanned over 13 years (still coming): http://cryptome.org/2012/01

A2 sends: Great to see your doing a KickStarter. I will support it a little when I have some money. Anyway, I've been a fan since being a teenager at Cryptome. Over the years I have used it to leak stuff in the public interest. It annoys me that Wikileaks got so much attention and Cryptome didn't - how many thousands of documents must they have been sent from darkest Africa, Israel, Russia and China by now but not put up? All this irritating imitators springing up XYZleaks and fragmenting the whistleblower system. Anyway, as the only site doing what your doing, please build into your new plans some kind of accession plan. I hate to be morbid but we are all getting older. Try to find someone with as little ego as possible (we don't need another Assange) or a way to distribute / automate leaks that can't be shut down. Also the idea of a better search and library with some tagging would be really good - I've often pointed people towards you but they never found what they are looking for. Keep up the good fight.

Wellspring of public cryptography, Cryptome, WikiLeaks, unauthorized disclosure, Cypherpunks Archive 1992-98:  http://cryptome.org/cpunks/cpunks-92-98.zip (83MB)

Video, Heading to Sabu Sentencing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVUlrTPNdF0&list=UURwhQQfBNzjB-68PlIRRD9w

Risks and challenges

Risk and challenge is the purpose of Cryptome.org and is possible only by provision of documents from thousands of contributors.

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