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The late jazz saxophonist Frank Morgan's tale of redemption from drug addict, conman and convict to beloved elder statesman of jazz.
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Street Disease

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Here’s Frank in an audio tape on the subject of what he calls Street Disease – and how it leads to trouble for kids who catch it. 

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    1. Creator Jan Schulman on June 11, 2012

      this is a good title for what happens to the kids out on the street: "street disease". i would love to see this investigated and discussed more deeply. kids get lured into the street, into hanging out, into ditching school, into doing drugs, into comitting crimes. they don't always know why they are doing what they are doing, but it's a kind of 'going along' that drags them along, and drags them down. frank morgan obviously knows what he is talking about because he's been there --- on the streets. i know it because i watched my own grandchild go there (and believe me, he was loved!) because of his broken heart (due to abandonment by his mother, so i, his grandmother, raised him). he's off the streets now, but it took a number of years and lots of will power for him to get back where he wanted to be and away from the streets.