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$2,428 pledged of $32,000 goal
By Noah Hornberger
$2,428 pledged of $32,000 goal

Dub Cadet Update

I would like thank everyone who so kindly backed my Dub Cadet project. There was a lot of excitement and buzz, but when it came down to it, responsiveness was fairly low. Unfortunately, we did not have enough funding response to meet the goal. Like the zipper, some ideas just take time to catch on.

I had several friends and backers send me notes to let me know they are still interested in getting a Dub Cadet and do not want to see the project die. I agree --it's something I really believe in, and something I will continue to push forward. For me it's a living curiosity inspired by creativity, technology, and a vision of future possibilities. Getting other folks to dream with me is not impossible (as you and 22 other backers have proven), but it is a bit more challenging than I expected.

After a few days of considering different options, I have decided to run another kickstarter project with a very targeted pitch, a longer run-time, and a smaller funding goal. You will be the first to know when it goes live. This will be another chance to get one.

I'm learning that true success is an attitude we can have every moment and not an outcome of a specific project. I hope you feel successful and find today rewarding --because I sure do. Thanks.



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