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A series of animation videos to disseminate all the information a woman might need when she wants to have an abortion.
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En updates está la versión en español - Los valores que aparecen para colaborar están expresados en dólares )


The present project seeks to put into circulation a series of videos that will serve as tools of dissemination, providing key information regarding how to do a safe and legal abortion in Argentina.

The present project consists in the production of 9 informative videos: a central video with key information about what to do in the event of an unwanted pregnancy and 8 specific videos that develop in greater depth each of the topics.

All of the material will be contained and organized in a multimedia platform that will function as reference for everything concerning the rights of women, girls, and adolescents related to termination of pregnancy (laws, articles, books, links to other reference sites, and the information contained in the videos in text form available for download, which can be put into practice in diverse social, educational, and community spaces).


The primary objective of this project is to promote access to information about the reproductive health rights of women, girls, and adolescents, and specifically about the access to legal abortion at the national level.

With this perspective the project seeks to:

  • Produce and put into circulation nine informative videos about pregnancy termination and a digital platform encouraging dissemination and participation, which will contain all of the produced audiovisual material, not only promoting access to information but also fostering dialogue with those that visit the platform.

  • Guarantee the circulation of information regarding pregnancy termination, protected by the right to information, via neighborhood and community health spaces and social networks, in a way that provides an accessible tool for the community as a whole.

  • Make visible and public the current laws regarding reproductive health, helping to destigmatize the practice of abortion in the country.

  • Establish the necessary links with social sectors and organizations which deal with the problem on a daily basis.


In Argentina abortion has been permitted since 1921 in cases where the woman’s life or health were at risk, or when the pregnancy is the result of rape.  However, this is not respected and it is very difficult for women, girls, and adolescents to access their right.  As such, the number of abortions performed outside the health system is very large.  Statistics indicate that in Argentina nearly 460 thousand voluntary abortions are performed annually, and around 100 women die in the same period due to the lack of access to quality information on the subject, or the lack of resources or help to perform the procedure in a safe manner.

Throughout our work we have observed a lack of existing information and, even worse, the circulation of erroneous information regarding pregnancy termination.  Perhaps, results this from the fact that there is no clear policy regarding this issue in Argentina, the majority of women, adolescents, and girls with whom we work and come into contact do not possess information about what to do when they need to terminate a pregnancy, or what said termination involves or implies.  We have seen many cases of women, adolescents, and girls who did not know of the existence of safe methods of pregnancy termination, such as the the way to do it at home with the use of pills, or even who to turn to in the case of an unwanted pregnancy, given that most public health policies in Argentina continue to turn their backs on this reality.

In this context it is common that many women, adolescents, and girls submit themselves to practices that put their health and even their lives at risk.  We recognize that our work is primarily concentrated in the large urban centers of Argentina, where most of information on the subject is disseminated, and we know that the scenario at the national level, above all outside urban centers is even worse.  As such, we consider it necessary to develop a communicative and informative strategy that begins to reverse this situation, in order to improve and facilitate the work we have been doing.  The more information there is, the fewer risks women will run.  The communicational impact that can be generated by information circulated via the internet or the reach of a video published across social networks are well established at this point.  As such, production for this format is a powerful strategy in the dissemination of high quality and easily accessible information.


The videos will be concise so as to be easy to access and circulate, containing and transmitting information in a direct manner.  They will use colloquial language so as to be understood by the wide spectrum of women, adolescents, and girls of different ages, and sociocultural backgrounds that will access this type of information.

We propose to work with animation techniques to visually reinforce verbal discourse, representing the text in a clear and explicit manner, emphasizing the key information and points of contact between the main aspects of the topic.  We will aim to focus on the specific information and access to it, giving priority to a framework of support for women, girls, and adolescents; avoiding the stigmatization and marginal tone with which this theme is normally treated on the audiovisual level.

Recognized women (actresses, radio personalities, singers, etc.) have agreed to be involved, appearing in the final image of the videos and providing voice-over.  This will help increase the dissemination of the videos and promote the idea that abortion is a cross-sectional theme in our society.



  • Production of a first central video that summarizes and presents the information necessary for a women to orient herself when confronted with pregnancy and begin to think about terminating it.

  • Creation of a digital platform of content that will promoted via dissemination of this first central video.


Production of a series of videos with specific information about different aspects of pregnancy termination:

1. How to do an abortion with pills?

Information about the safe use of Misoprostol

2. What is the EMA method?

Information about surgical abortion

3. What method is best for me?

Advantages and disadvantages of each method

4. How far along am I?

How to calculate time of pregnancy

5. When do I have the right to a legal abortion?

Information about legal abortion

6. Many women have been through the same thing as you

Learn about their experiences

7. Unsafe methods

Practices not to turn to

8. Myths and legends about abortion

To dispel ghosts

( En updates está la versión en español )

Risks and challenges

We think that the most important risk or challenge that we have is to get the money for the project, considering in Argentina abortion is not legal so It's very hard to get a grant in the country. That's why it is so important to receive donation from outside the country.

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