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A digital backup band that adjusts to your guitar playing in real-time and lets you play other instruments' sounds with no latency.
A digital backup band that adjusts to your guitar playing in real-time and lets you play other instruments' sounds with no latency.
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Shipping Update

Posted by OneManBand (Creator)

Hi Guys,
Its Benzi here.

I would like to relate to your frustration as we share it as well regarding shipment.

When we receive estimated shipping dates from our manufacturers, we truly believe we are going to make it. Unfortunately, many things in the very complex process of manufacturing, are not up to us: 3rd party manufacturers have not delivered on time and many more.

The fact that this is the first commercial production we double and triple check even the smallest things such as putting the electronic PCB in the plastic package and tightening the screws. Things are taking a little longer than expected.

We truly apologize for the ongoing delays and we want you to know that we have nothing else to do with all the 4000 electric PCB's, plastic packaging, boxes, batteries, cables, string, and other parts not mentioning 1300 specially customized guitars other than sending them to you and to make you guys happy.

We spent 5 years of R&D, close to $3M devoted our professional and personal life in order to get to this moment.

WE WILL START the shipping process for the first batch of the OMB pedals in the next 14 days. A few weeks later the guitars and upgrade kits will start as well.

Be sure that even if it takes a little longer,
you will get it - that is our only focus
Thank very much for your patience and support,

Benzi Thee

A Special Upgrade Kit Update!

Posted by OneManBand (Creator)

Dear Backers!

Here is another OMB Guitars update - everything about our upgrade kit You've been asking about!First - we are proud to show you the inside of the upgrade kit box (same)! This is what you'll see when you open the box. 

Exciting, right?!

We have started the assembly of the electronics, this process is planned to end within ten days or so. We will then insert all electronics into the plastic cases, run the last and final QA with all our team on board. We'll pack and ship to your door!

These past few weeks have been extremely busy, making sure you'll receive the best product, and trying to minimize delays as much as possible. And we thank you for all your support and feedbacks!

And today: NAMM! We will be in Hall E - Booth #2044! Come and play with everything! We seriously can't wait to see you guys.

Thank you,

The OMB Team

Another Exciting Update!

Posted by OneManBand (Creator)

Dear Backers! Here’s another exciting update! 

We are working overtime to finish all of your top quality OMB guitars and devices. 

Ori,  one of our engineers is in the guitar factory working with the teams. We had a few days delay regarding finishing the guitars and 90% are ready and they look amazing. Here are some more exciting photos from the manufacturing process. 

The first parts of the plastics are in our hands and are being assembled as we post, and the other parts will be here by the end of January. As we are, as last updated, getting ready to finish and ship in February. 

Our engineers approved all of our latest fixes (see our last update regarding the switches) it took them a few days longer than planned but it was very important everything will be done right. Our latest fixes gave incredible results of accuracy and smoothness, much more than we imagined.

Our electronics manufacturers received our final approval to produce everything and will probably finish part one by the end of January and part two till mid-February. Immediately afterward we will assemble plastics, conduct the last QA, pack everything and ship to your door. 

Have a great weekend, 

Benzi Thee 


An up Close Look on Your Guitars!

Posted by OneManBand (Creator)

We're happy to say that 2/3 of the OMB guitars are after paint and waiting for assembly of electronics. We are looking forward to completing them all by January 8th. They look and feel incredible. 

Important Updates & Estimated Delivery Dates

Posted by OneManBand (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Here is our periodic update on where we are today. We will continue to share information and update on our ongoing progress, of course if there is something significant, we will share it right away (that means good news 😊)

The status as of today is:

Pedal - final product and components have been approved and manufacturing has begun.

All plastic parts have been injected and are being shipped to us. They are supposed to arrive in our offices about the same time the electronics should be ready. 

Packaging and charging cables have arrived and are waiting patiently to be put in the box and shipped 😊

We expect to start shipping beginning of February.

Captured at the OMB Lab
Captured at the OMB Lab

The shipping is going to be express delivery done by DHL door to door via air.

OMB Add-On kit:

We are waiting for the PCB with the new components to arrive. We should be getting them this Sunday (December 23rd). Once we get them, we are going to run tests for about a week to ensure stability. If everything is as expected, we will give the green light to go into production. 99% of the components (besides the new ones being tested) are already here so the assembly should not take too long. The plastic parts have been injected and are being shipped to us as we speak. 

At the Factory
At the Factory

Here too the packaging and charging cables have arrived.

if everything goes as planned, we are expecting to ship mid-February.

The shipping is going to be express delivery done by DHL door to door via air. 

OMB Built in acoustic guitar and OMB built in electric guitar:

According to our manufacturer, the guitars bodies should be finished by January 8. One of our engineers is in the factory overseeing this to ensure everything goes according to specs. 

The electronics for those guitars will go through the same process as the OMB Add-On kit.

Expected shipping date is also mid-February.

At the same time we are working to perfect our app. As you can see in the video: 

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

Add more sounds, beats, bass lines etc. this is an ongoing task Which we’ll keep going also after the app is released for many years.

Once again,

Thank you for your patience.

Hope to have more news coming up soon! 

Happy Holidays! 

Benzi Thee