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A man wins the lottery but, after secluding himself in a hotel away from society, finds himself lost in the depths of his mind.

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So what is Sink?

Sink is the story of a man who wins the lottery and, after secluding himself in a hotel away from society, finds himself lost in the depths of his mind.

After being approached with the original concept by Alexander Vucasovich we developed it into a screenplay for a short film.

Who is Blurred Pictures?

Blurred Pictures is the directing duo of Christopher Dodge and Rosco Guerrero as well as the Blurred Creatives.  The Creatives are talented, artistic people who have a wide range of roles from everything including Cinematography, Lighting, and Production Assistance to Sound Design, Photography, and Post-Production.

We are a Denver-based house.

Why a short film?

We want to make a short film because we feel that it is the next natural step to becoming feature filmmakers and we believe that we are now up to the challenge.

This particular story also lends itself to the short film medium because of its character driven temperament, atmosphere, and surreal quality.

As filmmakers we are particularly interested in exploring character and personal motives, which, in our opinion, is often neglected in this type of film. It is our intention to give the same consideration to a short film that we would a feature in order to produce a great experience for you, the audience.

The Production Team

We have a great crew attached.

Executive Producer - Alex Vucasovich

AD - Jerimiah Whitlock

DoP - Fredo Jones

RED EPIC OP - Jonathan Stevenson

Sound Mixer & Designer - Thomas Cassetta

Score - Alex Vucasovich

Blurred Creative - Daniel Alvarez

We also have a great group of dedicated Production Assistants, Interns, Set Photographers, and a full Behind the Scenes crew including video.

We have all the pieces of the puzzle in place and now we need your help.

Why we need your Help

Making a film is an incredibly difficult undertaking with many facets that deserve proper funding in order to create the best possible experience.

The necessary elements:


        In order to shoot this film the way we see it requires the use of some expensive equipment and highly skilled personnel.  The camera we are shooting on is the RED EPIC, the same camera that The Social Network (2010), and the upcoming films The Hobbit (2012) and The Amazing Spiderman (2012) were shot on.


        Just as the proper crew are necessary to create the images, the perfect cast in necessary to bring the story to life.

-       FOOD

        People have to eat!


Fortunately, we have been able to secure a great location, a skilled crew, and a talented cast, however, there are many unforeseen expenses that come up when making a film that will likely come out of our pockets, so, every dollar helps! 

A lot of people are donating their talents and time to this project, so any additional money that comes in will be distributed to them, evenly.

Our goal is to raise $4,000 by April 18, 2012 so that we can bring our vision to fruition and give you the best and most memorable cinematic experience that we can.

We appreciate your interest in our project and for taking the time out of your day to learn more about us.

                                                 Thank you!


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