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A text-based single-player roleplaying video game with dynamic storytelling and gorgeous illustrations, where every line carries weight
A text-based single-player roleplaying video game with dynamic storytelling and gorgeous illustrations, where every line carries weight
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The Business of War - Rewards, Stretch Goals and Combat


We have a couple topics to touch upon in today's update. We're starting off with a few updates with the Kickstarter itself, and then moving on to combat!


New Reward Tiers

We've added three fully digital reward tiers at $15, $30 and $75.

$15: FANATIC // Receive a digital pdf of "The Making of The Diviner", plus all reward of the Commoner Tier.

$30: ZEALOT // Receive a digital pdf of "The Making of The Diviner", plus all rewards of the Vanquisher Tier.

$75: INQUISITOR // Receive a fourth HD wallpaper, access to game design and worldbuilding logs, as well as a Skype call with a member of the Development Team, plus all rewards of the Zealot Tier.

Fanatic and Zealot are upgrades of the $10 and $25 tiers, with the addition of a PDF copy of "The Making of The Diviner", which is a compilation of our design process for art, mechanics, and world-building. This includes concept art, dev team commentary, and more lore behind the Diviner world!

The Inquisitor is a digital-only version of the Architect. You'll get an in depth look at the process behind the game, and will be able to look at our documents as we continue to work on The Diviner. Additionally, you'll be able to have a call (or chat) with one (or more) of us, so you can find out more about the game, characters, or even ask us out (and yes some of us are that desperate).

If there is interest in higher level digital only reward tiers, feel free to message us! If there's enough interest, we'll be able to implement those as well.

Updated Stretch Goals

So, in case you guys haven't heard, we really enjoy working on The Diviner, and so we want to do as much for you guys as we can. We've done some number crunching, and rather than having large chunks of bonuses at once, we can stretch out the stretch goals, allowing us to have the earlier and have them be unlocked more often.

This will retroactively affect a few (as we've passed the breakpoints necessary) and so we will be updating the graphic on the main page to reflect this by the weekend.

Unlocked! $11,000: Additional major NPCs.

Unlocked! $12,000: Improved Cut-scenes and Illustrations.

Unlocked! $13,000: Short Stories collection, Volume 1.

$14,000: Romance and Relationships.

$15,000: Original Soundtrack for the game.

$16,000 New Armor Sets and Illustrations.

$17,000: Achievements!

$18,000: Extensive new faction storylines and world lore.

$19,000: Short Stories collection, Volume 2.

$20,000: Steam Greenlight and Language Translations.

Further updates to the stretch goals will be announced as we get closer to those rewards.

Pleasure...? (Combat)

Combat, as mentioned in the video, is simple and straightforward. Rather than having tons of stats to juggle such as critical strike, hit, attack speed, armor, block and health, we have just Power, Defense and Health.

When you come across an enemy, you'll have some opportunities to use the environment to your advantage or to try and talk them down. If those methods fail (or you choose to skip them) you proceed to combat.

Once in combat, you'll see both your stats and your enemy's stats. Below them, you'd have your combat options.

Your first two options will be to use a basic attack or attempt to flee. Your basic attack is just as it sounds - a simple attack that doesn't have any special qualities, costs or cooldown. Fleeing is also as it sounds - you try to get out of combat.

You'll also have four abilities. These will be any that you unlocked, so you're able to find unique synergies to turn the tides of battle your way. These will have a resource cost (depending on your class) as well as cooldown, so you have to wait a few turns after using an ability before you can use that particular one again.

These abilities deal extra damage, increase your stats or decrease your opponents. Some prevent them from using abilities, while others have unique utility affects that can be easily replicated.

The exact abilities are still in flux, so we can't share any particulars with you at this time, but we'll try to get a rough sketch out shortly.

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      ViridityJemina on

      I'm really excited about the prospect of romance and relationship building! So much closer to that goal now! XD ... Though I'd really enjoy a soundtrack as well. I've been trying to pimp you guys as much as I can on tumblr without annoying my follows, lol.

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      Doomedpaladin on

      Not to sound super desperate but, how many of you are super desperate... and female?

    3. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Wise choice! Thanks.