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A text-based single-player roleplaying video game with dynamic storytelling and gorgeous illustrations, where every line carries weight
A text-based single-player roleplaying video game with dynamic storytelling and gorgeous illustrations, where every line carries weight
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Update 4 - Giving Thanks to You, and Stretch Goals


Hey guys, it’s been a couple days since we last posted, and we’d like to take this opportunity to update and thank you again. Not quite a week in and we’re already almost at our goal!

We’ve added an international option to the Sentinel Tier ($50). We originally overlooked this option when creating the Kickstarter, and wanted to make the option available to our international backers.


While we are close to our goal, we have big hopes for the rest of the project. We already owe you all a huge thanks for getting us this far, we’d love for you to take some time to reach out to your friends that you think will enjoy the game. Sharing our posts on Facebook or reblogging us on Tumblr helps us reach more people, and that will result in us making a better game for you.

More Stretch Goals

Additionally, as we’re closing in on our goal, we’ve unveiled the rest of our stretch goals! We’re very excited to hear your feedback on these, as we’re very excited about them and hope to be able to implement them.


New mechanics are systems that will improve and expand the game, but aren't necessary for the initial launch.

  • Romance & Relationships: With this update you’ll be able to woo party members and other NPCs. Find out more about the backgrounds behind major characters!
  • Achievements: If we get to this tier, we’ll be able to implement achievements, so a little box will show up, congratulating you for every monumental decision you screw up. Also includes shiny badges!
  • Home Base: Create and upgrade a stronghold and defend it from the end of reality. Construct and decorate your bastion with various architectural and interior decor from all Low Vis cultures.  
  • Advanced Inventory and Professions: At this point, we'll be able to develop and balance a larger inventory system, allowing you to craft and upgrade weapons and armors. Includes new professions, skills, crafting, artwork, and customization sets.


Content upgrades are additions that expand the game world, but use already implemented mechanics.  

  • Additional NPCs: Just like it sounds - more major characters, some to woo, some to threaten the fragile peace others are trying to construct. These characters provide additional information to the background of the Diviner world.
  • More Factions: Like the political and religious factions that already play a major role in the story, these professional factions can be joined, but have their own plot, separate from the core story.
  • Expanded Locations: This includes new towns, fortresses, guildhalls, dungeons, and ruins to explore. More maps, more monsters, more loot!


We realize that for many of you, English is not your first language, and might prefer the game to be translated. While we can make no guarantees, this is something that we’re interested in and will keep you up to date with our progress and intent. Furthermore, we are making the coding and data storage of the game accessible to players, so fan translations and post-launch updates will be possible.


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    1. Two Crowns Entertainment Creator on

      Apologies for that guys. The update is correct, the image is out of date, and we'll get the correct one loaded up later today.

      They game WILL be released on Mac and Linux at launch, no matter what stretch goals we get to.

    2. Missing avatar

      Billy on

      The diagram on the main page just lists "iOS" under the 35k stretch goal, so I assume (hope!) the image on this update is an older version. Clarification would be good...

    3. Missing avatar

      kilobug on

      Great news, but just a precision.

      The initial Kickstarter page says "It will be available at launch on PC, Mac and Linux.", and the stretch goals say "release on iOS, Mac and Linux" at $35k. Can you confirm we'll get a Linux (and Mac) version even if the $35k goal isn't reached ? As a Linux user, I would like to be sure I'll be able to play it.