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A text-based single-player roleplaying video game with dynamic storytelling and gorgeous illustrations, where every line carries weight

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  • Update 10 - The Final Countdown - Updates to Rewards, Stretch Goals and an Interview
  • Update 9 - Romance and the Creation of Characters
  • Update 8 - The Business of War - Rewards, Stretch Goals and Combat
  • Update 7 - Long Time, No See - Articles, Fanart and More
  • Update 6 - Platforms, Customization, Stretch Goal details, and more
  • Update 5 - Goal reached, Thanksgiving thanks!
  • Update 4 - Crowdvertising, Stretch Goals
  • Added an International option for the $50 tier (Sentinel)
  • Update 3 - Everybody Wasn't Kung-Fu Fighting
  • Update 2 - Comment replies, design influences, and user interface
  • Update 1 - A strong start, comment replies, and what's in store


New mechanics are systems that will improve and expand the game, but aren't necessary for the initial launch.

  • Romance & Relationships: With this update you’ll be able to woo party members and other NPCs. Find out more about the backgrounds behind major characters!
  • Achievements: If we get to this tier, we’ll be able to implement achievements, so a little box will show up, congratulating you for every monumental decision you screw up. Also includes shiny badges!
  • Home Base: Create and upgrade a stronghold and defend it from the end of reality. Construct and decorate your bastion with various architectural and interior decor from all Low Vis cultures.
  • Advanced Inventory and Profession: At this point, we'll be able to develop and balance a larger inventory system, allowing you to craft and upgrade weapons and armors. Includes new professions, skills, crafting, artwork, and customization sets.


Content upgrades are additions that expand the game world, but use already implemented mechanics.

  • Additional NPCs: Just like it sounds - more major characters, some to woo, some to threaten the fragile peace others are trying to construct. These characters provide additional information to the background of the Diviner world.
  • More Factions: Like the political and religious factions that already play a major role in the story, these professional factions can be joined, but have their own plot, separate from the core story.
  • Expanded Locations: This includes new towns, fortresses, guildhalls, dungeons, and ruins to explore. More maps, more monsters, more loot!


More art will be needed along with mechanics and content additions. However, the more funding we get, the more aesthetic improvements we can also include in our game!

Short Stories Collection

We've created a lot of cool characters for the Low Vis universe, but unfortunately can't include many of them into our actual game. Help us reach the $15,000 and $20,000 stretch goals to have their stories told through a comprehensive collection of short stories written and imagined by our very own Dev team.

Language Translation

This will be determined by popularity with our backer base, and whether or not we can find translators to modify our work.


We have tons of new expansions and upgrades planned for future stretch goals. But will we reach them? Only time will tell...

The Diviner is a single-player text-based RPG, with a style similar to that of Wasteland and Oregon Trail. It incorporates the gameplay and nostalgia of old school games, but is paired with gorgeous illustrations and modern aesthetic design. Player customization and the possibility of individualized impact on a story are key to establishing a true role playing experience. By eliminating excessive grinding - and instead introducing choices that affect the way your entire game's narrative progresses - The Diviner is an experience tailored to how the player wants their story to unfold.

It will be available at launch on PC, Mac and Linux.


Your Empress leaves for the North to put down a rebellion -- but never returns. It's your job to bring her back. Leave the comfort and luxury of the Empire you've always known to embark on a journey to find her and discover the true threat tearing the world of Low Vis apart. Choose where your alliances truly lie as you explore a vast world and do your best to keep it from ending.

Welcome to Low Vis

Enter a pre-industrial apocalyptic world filled with gods, monarchs, and the damned. Politics is synonymous with religion, and it is the powerful who kill gods. In this world, the unknown is the known.

Engage with different political and societal systems through a wide variety of NPCs, quests, and locations. Interact with a wide variety of different cultures and civilizations.

This is not a European analogue, but a broad world influenced by many cultures and peoples. Our team is a broad spectrum of ethnicities, genders, and sexualities, and we aim to make a game that does not ignore this diversity but celebrates it.

User Interface

User interface blends both text and artwork. Much of the game will be read, but we will include a variety of visual elements to make the game more aesthetically pleasing.  

  • Main Event: Where game events will be displayed -- this can either be for exploration, enemy combat, NPC interaction, or quest progression. Most of what happens in the game will be explained through text in this section.
  • Player Choices: These are the choices that you can make in response to the main event situation. Depending on what the main event was, this could be for movement/exploration, dialogue choices, attack/defend/flee combat options, etc. Clicking on a choice will take you to the next event. 
  • Main Illustration: This is an illustrated drawing that visually supports the main event taking place. The main illustration also varies, ranging from location illustrations to NPC/enemy art. 
  • Secondary Illustration: A second drawing, incorporated for both decorative and/or mechanical reasons. For example, during exploration the secondary illustration will display a mini-map of your surroundings; during questlines, this image could be of an item you have to retrieve.
  • Player Interface: These “bookmarks” on the side, when clicked on, will display your current game status. Although this is a pre-alpha version of the layout, we currently plan on having (in descending order) a pause, quests, character profile, skills, and map screens.


The Diviner draws gameplay and aesthetic inspiration from a variety of different sources. Wasteland and other 1990s-era RPGs became the main basis of execution and UI design for the game - with simple images depicting game events, that are paired with a more detailed text description. The ambient tone of The Diviner is similar to that of Limbo’s or A Dark Room: bordering on creepy, not truly scary, but still threatening and esoteric. Fallout: New Vegas’s factional choices also provided us a basis for incorporating more options for player choice.  

The visual look of the game is a unique mix of illustrative styles with modern design. The final in-game art will take on the appearance of Medieval/Northern Renaissance and 19th-20th century book illustrations, but character designs will be modern in dress: a homage to present-day high fashion, a la Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, and Balenciaga. However, all work still has a historical twist, primarily drawing from Byzantine culture and global 11th-17th century fashion. Architecture within the Diviner world is also reflective of this - buildings stand towering, interiors are spacious, and lighting is generous.

We've played a lot of games, and this is reflected in the mechanical design of the game. Exploration is straightforward, and takes from classic text-adventures and choose-your-own-adventure stories. You’ll have a location or scenario described to you, and you make a decision about where to go. It is very similar to Oregon Trail, but on a larger scale. Our system for Dialogue and Conversation can find its roots in the systems of Bioware, but with more long-term impact and greater ability to define your character’s personality. Finally, combat draws from a number of sources, including, but not limited to: Guild Wars 2, Diablo and Pokemon.  

To be clear, the ideas for the implementation of these mechanics originated from these games, but our final systems will be our own, developed and tuned by us for The Diviner. We will be writing another update shortly with more details about the internal mechanics.


Stylized, intelligent combatAs you explore the world of The Diviner, you will have to fight a variety of enemies, some human, some less so. To defeat them, you are able to customize your combat capability.

The Architect, the Cloak, and the Vanquisher
The Architect, the Cloak, and the Vanquisher

You begin by selecting a base class- Guard, Conspirator or Instructor, and then using the abilities you find interesting. These unlock similar abilities, allowing your character to become specialized in a style of combat that you enjoy.

The Guard can specialize as a Crusader, dual-wielding axes, a Juggernaut, a unstoppable shield-bearer and as a Vanquisher, using a massive two-handed weapon.

The Conspirator can sneak through the shadows to assault their enemies as a Cloak, launch attacks from a far with a bird and bow as a Stalker, and outmaneuver their opponents as a Sentinel.

Finally, the Instructor can follow the path of the Inquisitor, attacking the mind of their enemies, the Architect, able to build defensive shields and the Weaver, commanding the veil of reality.

You are able to mix and match from within your class- so you can takes skills from both the Juggernaut and the Vanquisher, or any other combination.


No two play-throughs are the sameWith The Diviner, we focused on making an actual role-playing game, one where the player has an active position in developing the personality of your character in respect to the world around them.

Your choices shift the political and religious balance of your surroundings constantly - not just at the end of the game. You will have to live with your decisions as you try to lead the world through the apocalypse. 

Within the main quest alone, there are hundreds possible combinations for quest outcomes and factional alignments - with each combination affecting the people and world around you in different ways.


Words carry weight. In a game that so heavily emphasizes plot, dialogue should play an important and essential role in progressing through game. Your charisma (or lack thereof) can get you as far in the world as combat would - if not further.

When you talk with an NPC, they develop an opinion of you based on your dialogue choices. As time progresses, they "speak" to others and you begin to build a reputation, which affects how others may interact with you. Over time, your global reputation persists along with your character, thus having a long-term, dynamic impact on the world.


You are your own heroOur base game will not include a traditional inventory system - instead, this will be replaced by a wardrobe function that collects any armor and weapon you find. These items can serve as both disguises and defense against any NPCs or enemies you may encounter.

The armor you acquire throughout the game will reflect the various cultures featured in Low Vis - not only are they protective, but also fashionable!


Navigate beautiful landscapes through dynamic illustrations. Climb the plateaus of the Eastern Empire, traverse through the mountains of the Grand North, window shop past the streets of the Western Kingdom, and venture into the darkness of the Forsaken South...

With vast scale of exploration, Low Vis is filled with unique cities, towns, dungeons, and other areas of interests to explore and plunder.


It's dangerous to go alone. Gather a party of diverse NPCs to travel with you in your journey. These characters can provide valuable quest advice and serve as companions who make the journey more (or less) bearable.

ARCHITECTWe will reach out to you to set up the Skype call with anyone on the team - artists, world builders, game designers etc. We'd all enjoy talking about designing The Diviner and the inner thought processes of our work, but we're also able to talk about random nerd things.

This tier does not include duplicate copies of merchandise. This means, that even though it includes the Architect and Sentinel tiers, you are not going to receive two copies of the Physical Game.

Any tier that involves making in-game content includes extensive group chats and collaborative designing with the Development team via Skype - from world designers to artists, we will work to make your ideas an edifying aspect of the Diviner world!

The Diviner cosplay will be created by our very own TY, who's already had extensive experience in making physical clothing. Choose from any armor set or character design from the game (within reason, no armor plating unfortunately) and we will create a custom-fitted, real-life replica of the outfit!

Meet the Dev team in your choice of Disney World, Florida or Austin, Texas! We will pay for room and your trip to the park & around Austin, but cannot cover transportation costs there.

Gain special access to private forums viewed only by backers. Provide feedback on mechanics and world development as they are being made, and potentially become a playtester! Respond to surveys and make an impact on the final product!

Anyone who donates at least $5 will have their name listed in the credits as a Contributor. Anyone who donates at least $250 will be listed as an Associate Producer. If you donate $1000 or more, you will be an Executive Producer. 

Physical Diviner Merchandise

All physical Diviner merchandise will be expected to ship out in July. We will be offering the following items:

  • T-Shirt: High quality, t-shirts - comes in men and women's XL, L, M, and S 
  • Game: A DVD with the game
  • Poster: High-quality poster of original game art.
  • Art Print: High-quality glossy prints on cardstock of original game art.
  • Postcard: High-quality postcards of original game art.
  • Stickers: A page of stickers, for all your real-life customization needs the game itself cannot tend to.
  • Pins: Choose from a variety of Diviner themed graphic pins.
  • Cloth Map: A physical copy of the game map, printed on a poster-sized sheet of fabric. (the map seen on Kickstarter will NOT be the final map printed on the cloth map - the printed version will be much more detailed and include cities and other landmarks)
  • Short Stories Compilation: A printed compilation of illustrated short stories about the Diviner universe, written and drawn by our talented Dev team (only made if $15k stretch goal is met)
  • The Making of The Diviner: A compilation of our design process  for art, mechanics, and world-building. This includes concept art, Dev team commentary, and more lore behind the Diviner world!


 ...and more to come!

I got tired of waiting for Bethesda to make my dream games, so then I made The Diviner. My background is in concept art & illustration, and already have business experience as a successful etsy shop owner -- but now I am ready to bring my aesthetic and financial expertise into the arena of game design!
I created my first RPG when I was six- there were dragons of different colors and they all did cool things. I continued along that path, and ended up studying Game Design. When I ran into The Diviner, I knew that I could bring my ideas forward, and that I’d have a great team to work with and we'd be able to make an amazing game.

Worldbuilder, artist, lackey. One might say jack of all trades but if we're honest, it's more like the junk drawer. I've been creating things and bossing people around for as long as I can remember, so getting to do both while making something I'm passionate about is awesome.

Art person, mostly I do comics but sometimes I do other things. Right now I am doing this thing, you know, The Diviner. 

Our programmer. Is he real? We're not sure. Does he exist? Probably, but not on this plane of existence. What we do know is that he grants us coding miracles from the heavens, and nobody knows how he does it. Oh, and he also made Memnio.

We have a bunch of other very talented people working on all aspects of the game, particularly world-builders, writers and artists. You can read more about them here!

Kickstarter artwork by TY and the talented Reky, Choo, Polks, and Rae Nan!

If we lived in the ideal, Marxist-Communist society, then we’d be able to create a game of this scale without having to gather funding (subsequently, the bohemian society we would be a part of probably would not accept video game projects). The biggest challenge that The Diviner must overcome is aggregating money to pay our talented team for their hard, and time-consuming, work -- whether they be game designers, dungeon mappers, writers, or illustrators. Justifiably, here is a rundown of where we'll be using our money:

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

With the funding completed, we will be able to implement our financial resources into creating physical work for the game.

Of course, the biggest challenges associated with creating video games is often the programming and art. The problem with coding is often the complexity and the bugs that arise due to that. The coding side of The Diviner is simple enough that this is not a worry. With art, artists and people in other creative fields often underestimate the amount of time they need, and this can lead to backups in the pipeline. However with several artists already on the team, and others we can pull in if necessary, this should not be an issue. Among the design team, we have the contacts to replace any team member necessary, or simply bolster our ranks.

While we are a relatively new team of developers, we are confident that our passion, dedication, and professional approach to this project will lead it to success. After Kickstarter, we will not only have the human, but also the financial, resources to see The Diviner through.


  • No! We will be hosting downloads of the game from our own website, and will keep the game DRM free. If we do reach the $20k stretch goal and get the game on Steam Greenlight, there is the DRM inherent in that option, but we will continue to offer a direct download from us.

    Last updated:
  • The game will be launched on PC, Mac and Linux.

    Last updated:
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