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It is time for "How To Avoid Being Sad-Volume 2"! This one is a gift for my best friend, who needs a huge shot of sunshine and joy.
It is time for "How To Avoid Being Sad-Volume 2"! This one is a gift for my best friend, who needs a huge shot of sunshine and joy.
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It is time that I release the second edition of 'How To Avoid Being Sad'. I promised my best friend I would do this, and she needs me to do it now. It's time! It has been over five years since I self published the first volume of "How To Avoid Being Sad". It was a sweet, slim volume that began as a 'list' for a young man, Max, I sat next to on a red-eye cross country trip. It may not have rocked the publishing world, but it felt great to follow through on a promise I had made to someone.

I have promised my friend I would put out the second volume now. I have been 'living' with it for over a year now. In that time, my friend has been in the fight of her life, just to have a normal life. She will win, and go into remission, I know she will, but she isn't there yet.

Do I think publishing this book will help? Yes, I do.

Also, since it has taken so long for me to get it together to finish writing the book, I have found myself 'dreaming' of other things I really want to do.

 I own and am developing two websites -


These sites are based around the last item on the list of How To Avoid Being Sad-Volume Two

Not to 'spoil the surprise' but that's ok! Here it is-


It's a good one isn't it? I think so!

So far, my budget for these websites is exactly $0.00 (a nice round number, which reminds me of a joke...

What did the 0 (zero) say to the 8 (eight)?

 nice belt.

(*Another way to avoid being sad, know awful jokes, and tell them.)

I have no budget for these sites, which I see as being the next "Facebook" and "Twitter", because, yes, all my dreams are THIS BIG!*


So I am asking for just a little help* because in the last five years, I have come to realize that no one REALLY, can, or should, go it alone. When you need help, you have to be brave enough to ask for it. (* means it is in the book!)

If I can raise 3k, I can self publish at least 100 copies of the new volume plus GIFT a signed one to everyone that makes a donation here, and I can also finish my site where both volumes one and two can be offered to the world!


If I can raise 6k, I can properly program and build out and so they can garner the attention of an Oprah, or an Ellen, or an AT&T.. an entity that has a HEART and that sees the need for something like this to exist on the world wide web, which yes, can be used for SO MUCH GOOD.

(check out to get an 'idea' of the project, but please keep in mind the budget I have been working with! :))

And finally. THANK YOU. thank you for this feeling! Thank you for allowing me to put into practice the items on the list.. "to ask for help" "to do it, anyway"  "to dream big" and most importantly, to get the chance to be the friend I want to be for my best friend. The kind that always shows up. (for her, and myself) and never lets her down.

There is no greater gift than the gift of someone believing in you.

Thank you.

With my whole grateful heart,

Rachel Leigh Smith


anyone who donates $10 or more will get a signed copy of volume two the moment it comes off the presses!

anyone who donates $20 or more will get the book and a c.d of all the wonderful music I have listened to while writing this book and teaching spin classes.

anyone who donates 5k or more (I am kidding, sort of) gets a trip to NYC to eat bread and cheese in Central Park under the cherry blossom trees, to take my spin class at Chelsea Piers, to do 'uni shots' at omen restaurant and watch the sunset over the Hudson River...


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    Any $10 donation gets a signed copy of "How To Avoid Being Sad" -Volume two, the moment it is back from the printer!
    Any donation of $20 or more gets the book and a c.d. of fantastic un-sad music!
    Any donation of 5k or more gets an all expense paid trip to NYC!

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