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$433 pledged of $4,000 goal
By Ed Pilolla
$433 pledged of $4,000 goal

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The First Step

I must confess that the prospect of doing this story is wildly exciting. It's not just because I want very much to learn the details of staffing and salaries. It's also because I want to get deeper into the issue of public animal shelters. And getting funded for this story is the big first step.

As a volunteer in the L.A. County shelters, one notices that when a kennel attendant calls in sick, no one is called to replace them. How often does this happen? Is it happening more now that staff has been slashed over the last few years?

These are a couple of basic questions to pursue once I receive the data. Other questions will surface. That's just how chasing a story unfolds. Things surprise you. I know more volunteers and employees will tell me more about what they see and wonder about, and that's because it's already happening.

The project is nearly ten percent funded. I'm so excited to show you what a definitive story one can do with the proper data. 

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