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Cyberpunk strategy/management game. Run a global megacorporation. Manipulate culture, destroy governments and become immortal.
Cyberpunk strategy/management game. Run a global megacorporation. Manipulate culture, destroy governments and become immortal.
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Posted by James Patton (Creator)

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while; this is basically just an update to say "Hi there! Not much to report, but progress on the game is still being made."

Steam page:

Oh look, Spinnortality is now available for pre-order on Steam! If you or a loved one/friend/acquaintance you are trying to strike up a conversation with might want this game, they can stick it on their wishlist to get a reminder when it's released.

(I will, of course, let you people know when it's out as well.)

Development stuff:

These last few weeks I've been working on the "Space program" systems. More details will follow next month, but for now I'll leave you with this image:

Stuff that is not game development: 

Unfortunately I've had to spend a lot of my time applying for funding rather than working on the game. It turns out there are some pretty useful grants/funding opportunities where I live, and I'd be a fool not to look into them as an extra source of income. Most of them also have deadlines in March, so I really had to do this now in one big push instead of spreading my applications across several months.

Why apply for funding when I already have the Kickstarter money? Assuming Spinnortality sells well enough, I'd like to become a game developer full time permanently, but that means being smart about my future and taking opportunities wherever I can. If any of these applications come back positive, I have more money for Spinnortality PR and more money (and therefore time) to work on whatever comes next. But even if all my applications fail, it's still useful practice for next time. There may come a time when public funding like this is the only thing keeping the wolf from the door, so I'd better get used to applying for it. 

In closing:

The good news is that, even though I had to focus on funding and Steam for a while, Spinnortality is still on schedule for a late August/early September release! Expect another update in about two weeks, when I aim to release the next build to beta backers.

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    1. James Patton Creator on

      Ruben W: well, I'd like to do a secret military facility but the game already gives you way too many military connections, so that wouldn't be useful. And energy isn't being simulated, so sadly a nuclear moon base wouldn't serve much purpose :P

      Aleksandar: thanks! I just wanted to make sure everyone knew things are still on track. It's easy to forget when you're in the trenches developing something, but I should really try to keep you guys informed.

    2. Carmilla on

      Thank you for the update. I wish more creators did posts just to show that the development is progressing. Not every update has to be massive :3

    3. Ruben W.

      No secret nuclear moon base? :O

    4. ionas on

      As an early backer, would I be able to get a steam key?
      Otherwise where would I download the game?

    5. James Patton Creator on

      Thanks! :)

      And if anyone wants to upgrade to the beta/early access version, just email me at:

      You can just pay the difference by paypal and I'll make sure you get your beta key :)

    6. MoonRaven on

      Shame I didn't upgrade to the beta/early access version :) Good to see the progress though :D