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Cyberpunk strategy/management game. Run a global megacorporation. Manipulate culture, destroy governments and become immortal.
Cyberpunk strategy/management game. Run a global megacorporation. Manipulate culture, destroy governments and become immortal.
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Posted by James Patton (Creator)

Hello again to all you fantastic backers - all 812 of you! I can finally write that as a definitive figure because the Kickstarter is over, and we reached a whopping €14,000!

This is good for you because more money means I can add more features, polish and general tweaks. It's good for me because I get to focus on making the game the best it can be - and that's something I've wanted to do for a long time now! I am so excited and grateful that you've decided to give me this chance and let me work full-time on something I'm so passionate about, and have so much fun making.

Plans, plans, plans!

I don't know what my longterm plan for the entire development is yet - I still need to work that out - but here's what I do know.

Short term

I've promised backers who pledged €19 or more a new build every 8 weeks. As of right now, that means I need to get a new build out by mid-February. Bear in mind, though, that making this deadline will be a mite tricky because:

  • Unlike future builds, I first need to organise the beta build distribution system as well as just releasing the build
  • Christmas and New Year are between then and now, so that's a lot of downtime
  • I am in the process of winding things down at my job, but I will still have some hours to work before I can hand over to my replacements.

So just be aware that the next two months will be a bit slow while I get off the starting blocks. What can I promise? Well, there will be a build in February but it probably won't have any major new features, just tweaks, corrections to existing stuff and maybe some more UI features. No moon yet, but the moon will come.

I will also release backer updates every time I release a new build. I figure that means beta backers know what they're getting, and even if you're a €10 backer and don't have access to the build you'll at least know how progress is going. Obviously I'll let you guys know if something unexpected happens, but apart from that I'll stick to a regular 8-week schedule: that just seems simplest.

Backer rewards

Right now I'm going to focus on that February build, but at some point I'll also find time to get round to all the other rewards. Expect surveys for those at some point in the months to come! And if you pledged at a higher tier I might get in touch personally so we can work out your creative rewards (stories, newspapers etc.) one-on-one.

Long term

So when's the release date? Well, I'm still aiming for August 2018, but one of the benefits of raising more than my goal is that I can safely delay launch by a month or two if the game needs it, and still work on it full-time. So let's say Q3 2018 and see how it goes? I'd much rather release a polished, finished game a few months late than a buggy, messy one just to keep to an arbitrary date. Also bear in mind that I chose the August release date before I knew that the moon stretch goal was on the table; it might take a little while to get that particular mechanic right.

I think that's it, then! Feel free to message or email me with any questions, but apart from that I probably won't break radio silence until February. Have a great holiday season, everyone, and an excellent new year :)

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    1. James Patton Creator on

      Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! :D

      Dadalos: XD XD XD XD

      Happy holidays/new year all! :D

    2. Dadalos on

      "What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon, Mary. ” ― George Bailey

      XD , I am so looking forward to seeing this develop and grow.

    3. Missing avatar

      FilthyCasual on

      Noice. Merry Christmas laa.

    4. ionas on

      Good luck and dont overwork yourself for the 14k! You gotta live, too!

    5. MoonRaven on

      Good luck!

      I thought I upped my pledge to beta access, but it looks like I forgot, oh well, I'll wait a little bit longer then :D

    6. Marc Gagné on

      Hurray and congratulations!