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A picture book of poems focused on conservation & imagination. Teaching children about the sea & protecting the planet through poetry!
A picture book of poems focused on conservation & imagination. Teaching children about the sea & protecting the planet through poetry!
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Book Copies- Starting to Arrive to Backers!

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Happy Monday, everyone!!

We received the other four boxes of books last Monday and successfully packaged and shipped out all of your Kickstarter book rewards on Wednesday, November 13, 2013!

Those of you who live in the Omaha, Nebraska area should have already started to receive your copies of No Worries Whale, and those of you who live farther away will start receiving them as soon as today. 

We were informed that everyone within the United States can expect to receive their books by the middle of the week. For those of you who live outside of the country- your books have been shipped first class, but they will take a little longer to get to you. But they are on their way!

If you are one of the last few people whose addresses we have not received, please contact us with an address ASAP so we may do our best to get you your copies before the holidays!

We are so excited that we have started to receive feedback from those of you who received your books over the weekend, and are happy for the reviews that have been posted to our page on so that others considering ordering our book can see what others have to say!

Thank you, all of you for backing No Worries Whale!

We love hearing your thoughts about the book, and have been so thrilled to hear that several of you are planning to buy more copies as gifts for the holidays!

Thank you, thank you- We wouldn't be where we're at without each and every one of you believing in us and supporting our cause!


*For anyone interested in leaving a review or purchasing additional copies for the holidays, visit us here: No Worries Whale on Amazon

*We would also love for anyone to leave a rating and/or review on 

*And for any of you in the Omaha, NE area- We will be selling and signing books at the Scooters Coffeehouse at 180th & Q on Saturday, November 30th, from 1-3 p.m. We would love to see you there and would appreciate anyone's help spreading word :)

The PDF copies of No Worries Whale are yours!


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NWW on Amazon...& You'll Have Rewards Soon!!


Happy Sunday, we hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

We have been busy since our last update. After the arrival of our proofs we went to work, looking for any last little changes we wanted to make before accepting the final proofs. 

Then, once satisfied, we accepted them! This was very nerve-racking. Very exciting! 

Accepting our proofs, Amazon immediately turned around and informed us that our title would be available in 5 to 7 business days. We must say, this was not what we were expecting. We had planned to set the release date of “No Worries Whale” to Friday November 15th, but it seemed Amazon had other plans. Right away, we ordered the books we needed to fill each of your Kickstarter rewards.

Amazon said to expect our shipment to arrive on Tuesday November 12th. With this in mind, we are working to have everything related to your Kickstarter rewards planned out. So once we receive our books, we can get to work, prepping them for shipping and distributing to each of you! As long as we receive our shipment on the 12th, as scheduled, we plan to turn around and ship your book rewards out the following day. We will be setting up the PDF downloads around this time as well. You will receive a new update when the time comes and these are available to you!

With our original plan to set the release date to November 15th, each of you would have received your books around the time it would have been made available on Amazon for everyone else to purchase. Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan. We discovered Amazon put our title up at some point this past week.

Good news: “No Worries Whale” is now available on!!!

Unfortunate news: We will not be able to ship out your books until November 13th 

More good news: You should all have your books well in time for the holidays!!!

We’ll share another update to let you know when we have, in fact, sent out your rewards! Thank you again, for everything. We wouldn’t be where we’re at without each and every one of you!

We are so excited that “No Worries Whale” is now available on Amazon! We can’t wait to get our book to children everywhere, teaching them to love and protect the ocean. And with the help of people like you, we will make a difference! 

Spread your light. Spread love and knowledge.


The proofs have arrived!


It’s been an exciting weekend everyone because… WE GOT OUR PROOFS! And guess what? They look great! When they arrived in the mail, we got together, slowly opened the box, peeked inside, shed a happy tear and then proceeded into a state of hyper excitement that we have yet to come out of. The happy dancing was bubbling up and threatening to escape but unfortunately, we opened the box in a public place so we had to suppress it. We are sorry to report there is no happy dance video to share on this momentous occasion, only a photo and a profound sense of gratitude.

With that said, we are going through everything one last time and then we’ll be able approve the book. So, what does that mean to you? It means that we are on schedule and if all goes well from here, we can order your rewards and send them to you before the holidays as planned!

We can’t wait for all of you to see the books because they wouldn’t be possible without you! To have worked so hard on something for three years and finally hold it in your hands is an indescribable feeling. We hope when you get your books and open them you’ll feel the same way because you are the backbone of this whole operation and we are so glad that you are a part of it. It means more than words can express.

We want to say thank you, but it just doesn’t seem like enough when it comes to this project. Opening that box was like witnessing your dreams come true, like being a child and finally unwrapping the gift you told everyone you wanted for what seemed like centuries of waiting, like winning the cosmic lottery. There are times in life when the words, “Thank you,” are so insufficient in their ability to convey the level of gratitude you have for a group of people based on what they have done for you and today is one of those days.

No Worries Whale on the News

WE WERE ON THE NEWS! So this is my attempt at making our news story more accessible to everyone. Apologies for the poor quality but some of you were asking, so we've delivered! Thanks to all of you who made such a great story and our project a success!