Andere über dieses Projekt informieren


Andere über dieses Projekt informieren

"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas A. Edison
"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas A. Edison
46.520 Unterstützer haben 3.105.473 $ beigetragen, um dieses Projekt zu verwirklichen.

Neue Updates


Geposted von Zach Braff (Projektgründer)

Dear Amazing Backers: We’re off and running! 

Our crew is about to start getting larger every week. There are now 5 of us:

  • Stacey – Producer
  • Michael – Producer
  • Coco- Co-producer and Queen of all Kickstarter Backer relations 
  • Mark – my friend and right hand man  

Here’s what we’re up to this week:

• Hiring a line producer. A line producer is the person who directly manages our budget. They deal with all the spreadsheets and accountant-type stuff and all the many intricacies of budgeting a movie. A great line producer knows how to milk every cent out of every dollar you have.

• Meeting actors. Our amazing casting director, Avy Kaufman, and I have begun making lists of our ideal actors for each role. This week I’ll begin to meet some of the people I’m excited about. Tomorrow I'm having breakfast with one of my favorite actors and I'm hoping he'll want to play Saul (my character Aidan's father). Also we have two children to cast and that can often take a lot of time. 

• I’m meeting with some of my favorite actors out there; the response to the script has been overwhelmingly good. The role of Sarah, my wife, will hopefully be played by a well-known leading lady. She needs to be pretty and funny and believable as the mother of a 5 year old and a 12 year old. I have someone in mind (who’s also a friend of mine, but I can’t tell you who just yet…)

• Searching for a foreign distributor. The Cannes Film Festival starts this week. Cannes is one of the biggest film festivals in the world. It’s not only a place where films are shown, but also a place where we hope to find a partner to sell the foreign distribution of our film. This is crucial to us being able to: 

  • A) Make sure the film gets seen by countries outside the USA, and  
  • B) It gives us additional upfront capital to make our movie. As I mentioned in a previous update. This film will be made for between 4 and 6 million dollars. 

The 3 elements that will make up our final budget will be comprised of :

  • A) Kickstarter Money, (That’s you. Virtual Hug.)
  • B) My own money,  
  • C) This Foreign distribution pre-Sales money.

I’ll keep you posted with any and all developments as they come in. It’s a very exciting time and none of it would be happening without you.

I’m so thrilled and honored that you have put your faith in me. This is gonna be fun.

Xoxoxoxoxo (and sometimes y) 


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More Screenings!

Geposted von Zach Braff (Projektgründer)
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We love our European backers! We have added Berlin, Paris and Rome advance screenings of "Wish I Was Here!" 

You can pledge for one ticket, two tickets, or a meet and greet to have a drink and spend some extra time with Zach before we watch the film. These are three different reward levels for each screening, so please make sure you pick the right reward. 

If you have already pledged for a different screening, you can switch to one of the new screenings by going to "Manage Your Pledge" on our page and choosing the reward for the city you would prefer. 

We can't wait to bring this movie to you!

We also subtitled our Kickstarter video in Français, Italiano, and Deutsch for some of our international friends:




New City Added.........

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Nur für Unterstützer. Wenn du ein Unterstützer dieses Projekts bist, melde dich an, um diesen Beitrag zu lesen.

Hi from ZB.

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Nur für Unterstützer. Wenn du ein Unterstützer dieses Projekts bist, melde dich an, um diesen Beitrag zu lesen.

Stretch Goals

Geposted von Zach Braff (Projektgründer)
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Our mailbox is filled with people savvy to the world of Kickstarter asking about a new stretch goal. So here goes:

What is a stretch goal? It sounds like a yoga pose.

A stretch goal means that since we've achieved our goal so quickly, thanks to the outpouring of support from across the globe; we're stretching our goal...

Now that you're officially film financiers, it's time to tell you a little more about how your film will become fully financed. Film financing is a smidgen complicated, but I shall break it down for you:

"Wish I Was Here" is a pretty ambitious indie film. It is larger in scale and scope than "Garden State". It's not a 2 million dollar movie. The budget will be comprised of 3 elements:

  • The money raised here on Kickstarter. (That's you. You rule. I love you.)
  • My own money. (Don't worry. A LOT! An ass-ton.)
  • Pre-selling select foreign distribution rights to a few countries.

The budget for the whole project will ultimately fall somewhere between 4 and 6 million dollars. I know that sounds like a lot of money. (And it is.) But just for some comparison, the studio version of this film would likely fall around 25 million.

Things that are pricey:

  • Fantasy sequences with special effects.
  • A computer generated flying droid. (We could cut him. But I love him.)
  • Shooting at Comic-Con.
  • Shooting with two children (5 and 12). *They are only allowed to work a limited number of hours a day. (Lazy!)
  • An epic soundtrack. (We definitely need some Thom Yorke...)
  • Shooting in Los Angeles. (Several states and Canada offer tax breaks to bring production to them. That's all fine and dandy, but as this film takes place in LA, I'm really campaigning to keep the work here.)
  • Shooting on film instead of video. (OK, I'll likely give this up, but it would be awesome.)

Also, 2 million raised on Kickstarter isn't really 2 million. There are fees to Kickstarter and Amazon, as well as the fulfillment costs of getting you all the delicious goodies we have promised you. (Not to mention how many kitten taints I have to sample to find just the right one for our shirts.)

The point is, now that you've got some skin in the game: the more we raise on here, the better our movie will be. EVERYONE working on this movie is working at the bare minimum the unions will allow.

Zach, get to the point:

Tell everyone you know! Tweet it, Facebook it. Let's keep going. This is your movie as much as it's mine now. The more we raise on here, the more amazing-ness we can afford. We are making history. And I'm so honored by your belief and faith in me. 

We will continue to try and offer all the additional incentives you guys are asking for. Please continue to help us make history...

*Also, we are often asked about how to get multiple things. (Like the vinyl and a screening.) This is a sort of glitch in the Kickstarter set-up. The way to do it, is to set up another Kickstarter account. You can still link it to your same Amazon account.

Berlin, Paris, Rome: we hear you. The 3 of us are working frantically to try and bring you an early screening.

Lastly, I wanna share something with you I've never shared with anyone. (No, still not gay...) My hobby is photography. Here's a photo I took of one of my heroes:

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