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"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas A. Edison
"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas A. Edison
46,520 backers pledged $3,105,473 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Zach Braff (Creator)

Thanks to all of you for your incredible designs for the Backer created T-Shirt! 10,109 backers voted, and the design you chose is attached below.

Joscha Viertauer's Dandelion Design! Congratulations Joscha!

Joscha also created a very cool digital wallpaper based on his design. You can find his wallpaper and all kinds of cool art that you created on our facebook page:

Just to reiterate... if you're getting a t-shirt, you will eventually have a choice between this design and the one I'll be designing with Colin Fix. 

Some of you have asked, if you can get both/more T-Shirts. Yes, if you choose to, just add another $40 to your pledge amount for each additional tee ($50 if you're international). If you are going to a screening for two you will get two shirts as part of that reward :)

Also, yes, there will be a "ladies' cut" option. I never knew there was such a thing, but we're all learning here...

I hope you have a splendid Sunday. Hoping to announce my leading lady very soon. :)))))))


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    1. Miareeva on

      How will I ever choose between the two designs?!?

    2. TangentialThinker on

      I totally forgot about backing this at the t-shirt receiving level, but my college kid (who actually suggested we back the project) just reminded me about it. He never got the shirt. Have they been sent out already?

    3. Lisa S. McKee on

      Agree with other comments on here about there being some mention of being a backer of this film on the "official" t-shirt. Did not vote for this design, but congrats to the creator. As a female, I am curious as to the ratio of how many men and women voted for each design. Zach, hopefully when you designed your t-shirt version, you tapped into your feminine side. :) Also, wouldn't mind if you guys filmed in Atlanta...I live here. Best.

    4. Wai Chan on

      I just backed.
      I didn't know there was a t shirt competition.
      I agree with another commentor (Anna clayton) who said that it's kind of a manly shirt. Being female, I don't think I'd wear it... I'd rather have something that signifies the contribution that we did so we can wear it with pride. This is a bit vague. Please design something that has something to that effect? :) Also black is slimming and is a girls best friend so the color choice in this is good. (btw I'm glad you learned about girls cut for a T. I know it's already been said, but yeah, it's a big deal for some of us *laugh*)

    5. Zach Braff Creator on

      Hi guys,

      Just checked the comments here. Yes, you have to pledge at least $40 to get the t shirt.

      It's hard to check the comments everywhere because we have so many updates, but we read all of your messages. So if you have a question or want to draw our attention to something in the comments, please message us.


    6. Raymond Eric Spiess Jr. on

      Great to be involved as a backer as an independent filmmaker too I know the drill and how tough it can be to raise funds for a project. Had a short film at Sundance back in 2000. Even though I've been unemployed from my regular work as a supervising sound editor I dug deep to chip in. So when it comes to your post sound and you need help I would love to be involved.....rock on indie filmmakers.

    7. Claudia Ruth Frewin on

      Well I can't believe the kitten taint tee by Shawna was poo-poo'd - I still want it, Shawna, get a Kickstarter project going!!! Claudia

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    9. Mega Lamb on

      In answer to Elliot Bell, I believe this is a Backer-Exclusive only, which means yes, you have to donate $40 or more ($50 or more outside the US). That's definitely the pledge I've made!

    10. Leah on

      sorry, but there were much better designs to choose from.

    11. Christian Dietzel on

      Makes me think of the song "Dandelion" by The Black Atlantic…

    12. Elliot Bell on

      so is the only way to get a shirt is to donate 40 bucks or more? or are you selling the individually??

    13. Oli Firth on

      that guy is standing in bizarrely light place, light sources everywhere...:p

    14. Missing avatar

      Christine McGowan on

      I'm hoping it's gonna be one of the actresses from 'Oz the great and the powerful'

    15. Romain Failliot on

      @Pip Kolmar: Actually Zooey Deschanel might fit the role as she is 32 in the real life... She would have her first child at 20 which is a bit early nowadays but its possible. Depends on the kind of character the mother should be...

    16. Romain Failliot on

      @Pip Kolmar: I'm afraid Alison Brie and Zooey Deschanel won't fit in the role of a mother of a 12 and a 5 year old.

    17. Laura Marie on

      Clearly we LOVE participating in these contests and sharing our artwork with our little community here. Do you plan on having any more contests similiar to this one? Maybe for a movie poster? DVD jacket? Etc?
      This gets better everyday, thanks for this oppurtunity. So excited for the leading lady announcement! Hurry up already, you're killing us!

    18. Pip Kolmar on

      Or Alison Brie, the world would collectively poop its pants if it were Alison Brie.

    19. Pip Kolmar on

      oh also, Zooey Deschanel. boom.

    20. Christa Wisneski on

      LOVE the shirt design!!!

    21. Pip Kolmar on

      This is really great but I'm wondering if the final T-shirt design could reflect the wallpaper he made that includes the title. If the wallpaper were the shirt this would be my favorite by far.

    22. Joscha Viertauer on

      @Anna Clayton: the guy is Zach ;) its from the scrubs intro

    23. Anna Clayton on

      Some of the designs on the Facebook page are so great, too bad they didn't make it into the contest... it would be awesome if they could all be produced, I'm sure people would buy them...

    24. Anna Clayton on

      I didn't vote for this one because although I wouldn't mind wearing a picture of Zach, wearing a picture of a random guy seems strange to me as a girl. Also I echo what others have said about how it would be nice to have a shirt saying something about being a backer on Kickstarter on the shirt - so I hope you take this into account Zach when designing yours. :) It's moot for me anyway since I could only afford to pledge $30.

    25. H. on

      Take my opinion on this with a grain of salt though...since i'm 5' tall I hem non-petite clothes I that means some/all of the spaceman head would be hemmed off. Not a great look for me to get unfortunately.

      cool looking design though!

    26. H. on

      for the lady's cut...try to get it in the normal cut style, not those super tight ones

    27. elisabetta on

      Yeeee!! That's the one I voted for!! Love it

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Ziller on

      So just to be clear on that topic before I get my girlfriend all excited about it... going to an advanced screening for two now automatically includes two shirts or did I misunderstand something there? And cool design of the selected shirt, although I completely forgot to vote...

      Posted from a too rainy frankfurt...

    29. Abdul J on

      Not the one I voted for but it was in my top 3 choices that I couldnt pick between. I randomly voted for one instead lol. Awesome to get more big casting news soon!

    30. Adam Bertoni on

      Is it just me or does the dandelion seem poorly placed?? lol

    31. Missing avatar


      Yup, it's confirmed. Good Taste is global. Congrats J!! That was my top pick,.. there where other smart designs as well. I dig that he's blowing a dandelion from under a closed helmet, that's a huge part of the art would be my guess not an oversight either way it's cool, speaking of cool, what happens to " what are you listing to Sundays "Zachary?? Haha I really dug the KV and the violators.. At the moment I'm listing to Jeff Tweety sunken treasure live... What's in your ear today Braff?

    32. Romain Failliot on

      If we already added 10$ for international shipment (WRITING ON THE WALL), do we have to added another 10$? Thanks!

    33. Jenn Jenkins Marsh on

      Okay, I don't even remember seeing this design, which I guess goes to say how much I liked it. Certainly great work, but not something I would wear. It's really a "guy" kind of shirt. Oh well. Official shirt for me, I guess.

      Congrats Joscha! What a great honor. You have great design skills. Congrats again.

    34. Jana Posyniak on

      Can we purchase the Zach designed t-shirt after the design has been revealed?

    35. Jana Posyniak on

      Anna Kendrick is the love interest of Zack's brothers character. Love the shirt design. I echo having something written on the back a bout the movie.1

    36. Jean Taylor on

      He's blowing the dandelion with his thoughts! Great T. Forgot to vote, but I like it. Glad you're learning about ladies cut on T-shirts Zach! I decided about a dozen years ago that I was done wearing a man's T-shirt. Luckily, a lot of people seemed to have caught on. Really glad to be part if this wonderful adventure.

    37. Theresa Bunker on

      Love it... Congrats!
      XO Bunker

    38. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    39. Grant Stolk on

      Congrats! Well deserved! Although everyone's art was great too.

    40. Leigh Blackman on

      I think Stana Katic would be a great choice in the mother role :)

    41. Sherin on

      Nice shirt! Was my second option, but i still think is pretty awesome. Since ppl are suggesting leading ladies, i'll suggest a couple funny, gorgeous ladies, Kristen Bell, Tea Leoni, Leslie Mann, Julie Bowen, Anna Faris, Jamie Pressly, Sarah Silverman, Elizabeth Banks, Emily Blunt, Kate Beckinsale or Rashida Jones. Sorry there were more than a couple :-P

    42. Missing avatar

      Kristin Ochal on

      Do you think you might be able to make a couple different designs available? Since such a large contingent of backers are getting tees, it might be nice to add another backer-drawn option or two. I really want this to be a shirt that I can wear and show my support of the project. I eagerly await your design proof!

    43. Zach Braff Creator on

      Espen, we need someone who's believable as the mother of a 5 and a 12 year old. Very close to announcing my first choice....

    44. Missing avatar

      Katie Holmes on

      Absolutely love it!

      Just thinking.. How can he blow the dandelion if he's wearing a helmet haha

    45. Espen Anneling on

      After her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer Lawrence would be a great fit.. But her schedule is probably pretty full these days. :)

    46. Ben Bellia on

      do you think you could put like 'Wish I Was Here Backer' or 'Team Braff' :P on it somwhere so everyone who see's the shirt will know what its for...i wanna fram my shirt :P Thanks

    47. Nikki Brodel on

      Congratulations Joscha! Nice choice peoples!

    48. Missing avatar

      henry bunt on

      Does anyone know how I set a profile picture?

    49. Missing avatar

      henry bunt on

      Congratulations buddy, fantastic t shirt design. I shall be wearing mine to the preview :)