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"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas A. Edison
"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas A. Edison
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    1. Missing avatar

      Marie on

      I love the song, it's amazing ! Thank you so much !

    2. TaRaysha Smith on

      Great song! Thank you

    3. Michelle Manesh on

      I can't wait for the soundtrack!!! I wonder if we can expect a song from Wax Wings :) Just in case it matters- i vote for #6

    4. Simon O'Connor on

      Sensational song, beautifully flowing.

      After backing this a couple of weeks back, my wife and I grabbed our copy of Garden State off the shelf that we hadn't watched in _years_.

      There was so much of it we didn't remember, and I was reminded again of what an awesome film it is. It also reminded me how many songs that are really locked in my head come from that soundtrack.

      Now, listening to this song I'm damn psyched about the soundtrack for this movie, and the movie itself.

      In a happy little place right now. :)

    5. Johnny Utah on

      You know, this project is the 2nd thing I ever supported on kickstarter. Crowd-funding a film, what a great idea. What a great way to combat piracy. I will admit I'm no stranger to pirating movies but something like this is truly interesting - near-direct access to the star/creator himself, getting all these extra bonuses for supporting the film (in my case at the level I supported I get to watch the movie on my PC before it comes out, all these nice posts from ZB himself, and a tshirt) there's more value to backing the film than pirating it. This truly can change everything about what is wrong about how things are done. I'm so glad to be a part if it.

    6. Lindsay Malinowski on

      Great Great Song! Keep listening to it over and over.

    7. Simone Riccio on

      Hi Zach, can you explain me why my draw wans't selected for the contest? You put many of the same author...… You don't like?

    8. Stephanie Salerno on

      Awesome tune... this is such an amazing experience... just all of it!

    9. Matthew Ford on

      I'm looking forward to the soundtrack just as much as the movie :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Comis on

      Nice track...that's straight onto the iPod Best Of :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Sue on

      Looooove it.

    12. Theresa Bunker on

      Just finished listening to the Carey Brothers song :and I really enjoyed it.
      I will pass along .
      XO Bunker

    13. Flavie Bayrou on

      "Belong" by Cary Brothers is the last song of Season finale's "The Vampire Diaries" (4x23). A funny coincidence. ^^

    14. Flavie Bayrou on

      Thks Zach. Beautiful song!

    15. Helen Cotton on

      I bet Cary Brothers likes Dan Croll

      Thanks for the tunes President Zach

    16. A Foster on

      Even though I backed this project, I was still fairly middle of the road on Mr Braff himself and mildly concerned that this was worth the effort. Yes, I was a big fan of Scrubs for the first several seasons, but he never really clicked with me on anything else I saw him in -but here's the reason for this comment: |This guy right here, this guy is SO freakin into this movie, that he is winning me over. All these updates, all the progress... Zach Braff is so insanely excited to be making this movie, and that all of you are so excited that you helped make it possible, that I'm not ashamed at all. Even if by some ridiculous happenstance the movie tanked and was terrible (I don't believe if for one second) I would still fund this man's next one. Anyone that much in love with what they do wins my respect.
      I look forward to seeing this thing in, I estimate, another thirty-five hundred updates, or so... ; )

    17. Joanna Carmen on

      Just perfect ! Hope the sun will shine tomorrow in Paris... still waiting for Spring to come here ! Thanks a lot Zach & Cary Brothers :)

    18. Nikki Brodel on

      Lovin' it!! Made my Sunday morning and that's a hard thing to do.
      This one will be coming cruising in the car with me.. not sure where I'm going yet. :)

    19. Kristy Ryan on

      Thankyou! Also, my two year old just ran over to me and announced that this is "my music". :)

    20. Johannes Bertsch on

      Just returned from a Colin Hay concert (incredible man) including "overkill" and "I just don`t think I`ll ever get over you" which made me think of scrubs and garden state a lot... And now this! :) Thanks...

    21. Missing avatar

      canan erten on

      Amazing song! thank you!

    22. Andrew Mah on

      Thanks Zach. You should also post a Google music link to "Let Me Be" on the site instead of just iTunes, Heres the link for you.…

    23. Jeff Messer on

      There was a Cary Brothers directory in my MP3s folder, but it was empty. It was like it KNEW it was needed. It was just waiting for a song to drop in.

    24. Maria Bissinger on

      lovely, pretty songs make the world go round. Thank you, it's the only song on my laptop now! (I have everything on my old phone, all my mp3s)

    25. Pavanne Veltman on

      Already own this song - LOVE IT!!!! :-)

    26. Missing avatar


      Wha?! Thanks Zach and Cary! I didn't recognize the voice on the ks vid but like everyone else said " damn, who/ what's that??" Good stuff.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jennie Ketchem on

      Thanks! Love it!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      jessica hyde on

      Even before knowing much about the movie, this song feels like a perfect choice. :)

    29. Abdul J on

      Weekly playlists during the production phase of this project was the biggest draw for me to back this movie, outside of the desire to see something in the tone of Garden State of course! I'm so glad that even though we're only in pre-production we've already been given a cool freebie song today, plus a nice album recommendation (Kurt Vile) as well as that community list of music recommendations!

      Really enjoying this journey and the Kickstarter pledge time hasnt even ended yet! Good stuff guys.

    30. Barbara Vlahot on

      Thanks zach, have a Nice week-end !! :D i spend my week-end at work.... Oh yes !!

    31. Linda McClellan on

      Perfect song guys! Love it.

    32. Emily Jarvis on

      loved the song, so much. looking forward to all the music for this movie!

    33. Fiona Kilroy on

      Yay! Love this song. Thank you Cary, and thank you Zach! *Mwuah*

    34. Missing avatar

      Christina on

      Thank you Zach and Cary! I'm looking forward to receiving your playlists :)

    35. Siglia Diniz on

      Such a nice song, thank you.

    36. Blair Mueller

      Great song thanks Zach.

    37. Kathy Patterson Ingram on

      Love the song. Looking forward to soundtrack. Thank you!

    38. Sarah Webb on

      Fuck yes. You made my day. Thank you for everything you do

    39. Missing avatar

      Brandon Smith on

      In her eyes by Joshua Radin AMAZING song everyone should here it.

    40. Anna Clayton on

      Great song, thanks Zach and Cary! So psyched for the soundtrack. :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Sam Birkett on

      Just rewatched Garden State and was feeling the serious need for more Braff... Lo and behold a new email from the project! Not entirely sure yet whether my interest is of the healthy or obsessed kind. Anyway, great track, and yay for free stuff!

    42. Missing avatar

      Abhijit Kiran Valluri on

      Wishing for you to hit the 3 million mark! Let's hope we do it and cross it for MOAR!

    43. Peter G. on

      Great tune, man! ...High hopes for this soundtrack! ...I off to hear more Cary Brothers.

    44. Missing avatar

      Lara Brodzinsky on

      Can't wait for vinyl.

    45. Toto Rialto on

      Nice ! Thank you !

    46. Missing avatar

      Abhijit Kiran Valluri on

      Thanks Zach! :D Enjoying the music!

    47. Missing avatar

      Paul Friedrich on

      sooo looking forward to the playlists! thanks!