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"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas A. Edison
"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas A. Edison
"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas A. Edison
46,520 backers pledged $3,105,473 to help bring this project to life.

Correcting "The Hollywood Reporter"

Dear All,

The movie trade publication "The Hollywood Reporter" released an article today with a lot of wrong information about our project and I need to clear up some of what they said. I seem to get called a "douchebag" quite often these days. And that's fine; not everyone's gonna root for my success... but I can't sit by while my fans get wrong facts.

This is a whole new way of making a movie. There is lots of discourse on Earth about it. Some of it is very misinformed. Let's clear it up so you have it from my mouth. I will tell you the truth. As David Mamet's writes in his masterpiece, "Glengarry Glen Ross": The truth is the easiest thing to remember:

The Truth:

— The story out there about the movie being fully funded by some financier is wrong. 

I have said on here and in every interview I've done on this project that the film would be fully financed from 3 sources:

  • My Kickstarter Backers
  • My own money
  • Pre-Selling foreign theatrical distribution.

Those three amounts will bring us to a budget of around 5 to 6 million dollars. 

— Nothing about the making of this movie has changed. This movie is happening because backers funded it. 

This film would not be happening without my backers. The traditional way is to have a financier put up the money and then sell the foreign rights. What I did, was to say to my fans, "If you and I provide the capital, we don't need some rich dude dictating how we make the movie; we can then go sell foreign distibution and we'll be all the way to our goal. Are you interested in that? So far 38,455 people have said yes.

— What happened today is that a financial company agreed to fill in the gap between what Kickstarter backers have funded and what I have put in, and what the movie will actually cost. Shooting could not happen without this. 

When you pre-sell foreign distribution, you don't get that money for some time. So you need to go to a company to provide something called "Gap Financing". They are essentially a bank. Loaning us the "gap" between what we've raised together and what we need to actually make the movie. I have no idea where a 10 million dollar number came from but it is wrong and a lie.

— This loan is secured against proceeds generated by selling the foreign rights to the movie. That's been the plan all along. 

This loan, helps us start! We're opening an office and casting and we're fully under way. We couldn't be doing that without "Gap Financing" to cover our... (wait for it) gap. As these foreign sales are occurring as we speak at the Cannes Film Festival, you will likely be hearing more and more about them. It is good for us! More eyes on our movie.

— The film business is weird and complicated, and this is a great example of how that's the case. Consider this our first lesson in The Biz. 

Let's be frank. There are people out there who don't want this to work. There are people out there rooting for me and you (if you're a backer) to fail. There are bloggers writing hateful things about me. I can take it. I'm kind of used to it. I hope you can. But if you feel misinformed or you no longer like this, you can cancel your support anytime in the next 8 days. 

— This whole process has been amazing and is happening because of you. We repeat: because of YOU! 

No matter what the haters write, this would not be happening without your support. If I failed at the end of the time allotment, this film would be put on a shelf, like others I've tried to make since "Garden State". But it didn't fail. It's making the whole Earth talk about the future of financing movies no studios want to make.

— Sorry for the momentary distraction. Let's get back to making a great fucking movie.

I'm sorry for the hoopla. I'm sorry if your friends think you've been duped. But you haven't been. This is real. Crowd-sourcing films is here to stay. Love me, hate me. We're gonna make a killer fucking movie. And I love you for it.

To my detractors, I shall continue to seek your approval in the most mentally unhealthy ways possible, much to my loved ones' chagrin. 

To my BACKERS, A giant casting announcement is coming in a few hours.

I love each and everyone of you. And that... is the truth.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Yoldaş Ataseven on

      Zach, thank you for your considerate explanations. What some people don't understand is, we are not investors, we are supporters. Shirts and posters are just for having some souvenirs. I don't know what other backers think, but for my account, I will have no regrets for supporting you or this movie, because you gave us the opportunity of being a part of history in making motion pictures. Believe it or not, I am already over-served and over-satisfied for what I gained by backing this movie. Above all, I think that this is our movie and I cannot imagine a better person to trust (ok, maybe nuri bilge ceylan would be better :) ). We are not stupid, we all know the risks and difficulties of making a movie. I support you because I can tell when I see something unique. You are very kind to praise our contribution, but as a short film maker, I know the burden,responsibility and pressure that you may feel on your shoulders. Well, don't worry, so many people cannot be wrong :) . I understand your need to clarify and/but you need not worry/explain further. We are all used to the biased comments on all kinds of media. Your tone is perfect. Just keep in touch with us. I'll support you even if you fail, because I understand and support your motives.. Well, you'll not fail anyway :D

      Love from Turkey...

    2. TigrisSky on

      We love you and everyone behind this too! Nearly 40k people are on your side. Remember that WHENEVER someone hates on you or this project ... you got friends baby!

    3. Adam Packard on

      Haha! The indegogo "project" to "Stop Zach Braff" has only raised $500!!! Hahahahaha!

      17 backers in five days... Shows how much people support that cause. WOW!

    4. Jason Prater on

      Sharing my response left on Jeff's site:
      Jason Prater
      just now
      Had to pledge a $1 after reading the rant you posted on the WIWH project site to criticize, among other things, the backers not being treated like "investors". As the support for this and many other film projects on KS, it simply comes from Hollywood producing too much crap and repackaging old movies with new actors. Loved the risks and stories that "Garden State", "Punch Drunk Love", "Searching for Sugarman" and " Food Inc."...if this brings more of that to the screen, why not celebrate that instead of going all negative and not wishing an actor trying to bring a less impaired creative vision to the screen? In the end, it opens the possibilities up for you and others as well. So get on with making something that inspires me to up my ante here...

    5. Amy Miller on

      Fuck all those jealous bloggers and haters! Those big studios are afraid of you now, that is why there is backlash, imo. I'm a huge fan and so proud to be part of this film! I think you are amazing for taking on this monumental project - not just the film part, but making sure your backers are part of the project. I can't imagine how much of your time this is taking to update us all the time! I love it though, please continue as long as you get plenty of play time with your doggies :0) I'm just a girl living in the country with my 4 fukids & very sick with Lupus SLE, but now I feel part of something great. I'm a little less lonely now thanks to you ZB! Love you back times infinity!

    6. Theresa Bunker on


      We understand and thank you all for addressing us all. We get it (our family), and so do most backers.
      My family is very proud and humbled to be included in making your movie.
      We love you all -right back at ya'
      XO. Bunker.

    7. Eric Terlop on

      I donated money because you are a good person in my eyes and you are a good actor. What you do with my money is up to you. I just don't understand why so many people are so negative about this. I will be a supporter for this project and any others you have in the future! By the way love the new addition to the cast!

    8. Aaron Bowden on

      Wouldn't miss this for anything!
      Glad to be on board and in it for the long haul.

      I know this is crazy time to ask but any chance of an Australian early showing?

      We love Zach down here and as Australians we really get behind an underdog story as well I bet I could fill a cinema or two with some screaming Zach fans plus whoever else is cast :)
      Keep up the great work, really excited to be a part of something special !

    9. Missing avatar

      Sławek on

      Sorry to interrupt the storm of love and appreciation, but I'm a rather factual and rational guy. Can't change it. I'm really here only because I'm more interested in the movie making rather than in the end result itself. Even though I hope it will be like "Garden State" or even better.

      So, in the end, is this project crowd-funded or do some money-people get a share of the profit? Or is the money just being borrowed at some interest rate? What rate? Is it usury? Is such rate normal in movie projects? To me it all makes a lot of difference. If gap financing is part of standard procedure in movie making I wished we (backers) were informed about such step, long before the Hollywood Reporter printed the story. I get it, it's usual for companies to get a loan for employees' salaries before they even make a profit. But I wished more transparency with this project. After all it counts as part of the movie making process you wanted to show us. :(

    10. Missing avatar

      Richard Begley on

      Looks like a few people in Hollywood are feeling verrrry threatened by this.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kiersten B on

      We love you too Zach!

    12. Laura J. Clinton on

      Please take time to watch this Amanda Palmer speech...I love the line, "What resonates, resonates; the format doesn't matter." You inspire us all, Zach!…

    13. Missing avatar

      Bruce Rogers on

      No clarification needed in this camp. No doubts whatsoever. I for one support this project because I think of Zach as one of those quirky artist who deserves a shot at making this movie. Here's to Quirkyness (sipping green tea with the little finger out) :)

    14. TaRaysha Smith on

      With you all the way! I try to debunk the critics when I come across them. One guy commented on my beaming post about the project. "But you still have to pay to see the movie... so he's just screwing you twice"which in fact we don't b/c you being the awesome person that you are offered a Backer's screening. I'll still go see it at the theater...wearing my backer's tee-shirt! You rock like sparkly socks. f*@k the haters.

    15. Sean Parsel on

      Thanks for the clarifications, Zach. I never doubted the project—not even once. You're doing something great and it's exciting; and I think it truly will change the face of the entertainment industry. I know this will be a wonderful success.

    16. Claudia Ruth Frewin on

      Right, done and done.

    17. Claudia Frewin on

      And just because I feel like sticking it to those envious little sods, I will open a second Kickstarter account and back this thing all over again - BTW why is it that Boston's meet and greet is taking so long to fill??? Something wrong with the place??? Since I can't have London now, I'm going for Boston. There.

    18. Claudia Frewin on

      The people who really don't like that this is working are those who stand to lose their position of power. They are the ones causing the stir in the press and motivating others who don't know any different to hate this whole set up. They aren't jealous Chris Geiger, they are frightened. Frightened that this is going to change the way the movie industry in general operates. This is a bit of a revolution - and someone (yes I know who, but it's a bit corny for here right now) once said: A decent revolution once in a while is a healthy thing. Well how good would it be if indeed the power was diluted somewhat and not some geezer committee totally out of touch in some office decided what we want and should see, but we, the movie going public did and by contributing we achieved that very thing. On a regular basis. No surprise they have a fucking rocket up their bottoms in Californee and elsewhere.
      You go right ahead ZB and leave it to us - we want this and so we have shown. The Power Boys can watch movies where the sun don't shine.
      And if we don't get the kitten teint T-Shirt I'll be miffed. I love it for the WIWH backing in-crowd. If it doesn't get chosen tell the excellent Shawna Beecroft to put it on the Kickstarter site as a new project. I'll back it. It's brilliant.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris Geiger on

      They're just jealous.
      We, the consumers want and enjoy artists work as they envision it.
      I am so proud of you guys standing up for your vision.

    20. Lori on

      The haters are gonna hate...and that's coming straight... from the Garden State! :) the home of

    21. Missing avatar

      Kate Spratt on

      I don't listen to what the negative people say. Garden State is one of my favorite movies of all time, so I knew I had to back this movie. I can't wait to see Wish I Was Here!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Brad Clayton on

      Sending the 'Wish I was here' cast and crew some love! I'm all in.

    23. Metten Lanslots on

      Heh, shit talkers, don't listen to them. I like that you put it on kickstarter, I've done a film school but never ended up doing anything with it. So it is real nice to see your updates and see how it all works out.
      I'd rather pay money like this than for most other movies in the theaters, so keep up the good work and have fun while doing it!

    24. Missing avatar

      Sara (Gilliland) Zimmerman on

      Love you and your vision Zach... Thanks for thinking outside of the box... Looking forward to the finished movie!!...Sara Zimmerman Puyallup,Wa.

    25. Anitra Van Prooyen on

      Apparently funding of the arts is the purview of the rich only. We regular joes need not apply. Museums charge admission. Those ballet companies charge admission. And yet those artistic institutions receive donations from sponsors who are passionate about those kinds of artistic expressions. Why is the fact that we're not getting some kind of monetary return so blasted horrible to them? I thought Garden State was a beautiful film. I want to see more from the talented artist who made it. There is more to life than money. Just... Gar! Pfft! Uoh! Doh! ACK! ... GAH!

    26. Maria Bissinger on

      ps, they're doing it because THEY Wish THEY were here :).

    27. Maria Bissinger on

      Oh Zach, Why people would be calling you a douchebag when there's a perfectly real douchebag they could be calling out in the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch, I've no idea. Or how about the douchebags in Washington, DC who just made it so that millions of the most poor in this country now have $90 less in food stamps (guess what population is going to be affected by this too... our veterans and their families, including our disabled veterans who may be dependant upon it for food and are already committing suicide at the rate of 22/day, now more have killed themselves than have died in the war - who's idea was it to stress those people out even more????) as of two days ago. There are so many perfectly acceptable real douchebags out there, who deserve scorn that I don't understand why they're calling a talented actor/producer/director who's fans are so loyal that they'd pay HIM to make a film and then pay again to see it - that name. That's not you. What they are really saying is 'OMG, I'M SO JEALOUS I CAN'T GET THAT KIND OF ADMIRATION I HATE HIM BECAUSE HE HAS IT!!!". They're projecting and like you said, they're misinformed on purpose. Because that's what people do , they misinform you on the internet - because they think it's cool. Yellow journalism is the rule now. That's WHY your film is so popular, because your films are truthful and real. They are real and we lack real in our lives filled with artifice. :) Thank you, Zach for caring what we think (I don't even know who those people are - never heard of them and I wouldn't have cared what they said and it wouldnt' have afffected you. hatahs gonna hate, envious people gonna envy, stupid people gonna call cool people douchebags and vice versa. I love you too, Zach Braff.

    28. Alex J Gilbert on

      It's so annoying that people make up stuff to misinform. What your doing Zach is amazing. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

      I just watched a dreadful video on youtube by the user Screenjukies titled "Don't back Zach Braff campaign"
      I'm not sure if it was meant for comical purposes but it was not funny at all. Haters are going to hate.
      In the end their jealous because deep down they know what your doing is going to work and they cant do that for them selves or are just to selfish to admit it.

      I digress.

      I totally agree, this film is going to be, as you put it "fucking amazing!".

      I believe in you Zach!!

      This is one Backer who will stay to the very end, through thick and thin. =D

    29. Lisa Cora on

      I think it's an amazing cast coming both actors! This has been great so far a little pinhole into the filmmaking experience along with the BS and negativity in the end we all want to be "part" of a great doesn't matter if ZB was a billionaire in my book the fact that he's willing to take like minded people on this journey with him is quite refreshing! PROUD TO BE A BACKER OF THIS FILM !!! and I saw film with love not the usual phony crap hollywood puts out aka MOVIES!!
      Cheer from Chicago :)

    30. Christa Chalene Hartness on

      Haters gonna hate. I especially like that this thing makes "the machine" mad...
      Gardenstate put my insides on the outside. That's what art is about :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Teja Hudson on

      I'm here because I believe in you, the film you're making, the community you're creating and how you're changing the industry. I want to help you do all that and I'm happy to part with a little money to be part of you achieving your dream. And I hope you DO make a lot of money back as a result of all your boundless enthusiasm, huge ideas, crazy long hours and ridiculously hard work...I'd definitely rather you profited from your own labours than it going to execs who are only interested in filmmaking as profitmaking and will happily compromise the integrity of anything for a few extra bums on seats. So make your film, make it your way, and make it awesome! We're with you :)

    32. Jason Reynolds on

      What I don't get about all the hate is this: if you don't like the idea of people funding a large movie, don't donate money. In what way does it affect you if someone else spends their money on something they want to invest in? If you don't like gay marriages, don't marry a gay person. If you don't like Kickstarter-funded-movies, don't fund them. It seems so simple and yet time and time again, people choose hate and vitriol.

    33. Sophiee J on

      Enough said really!
      Lets get on and start OUR fucking amazing journey into Wish I Was Here!
      We need the haters to show how bloody brilliant we are!

      Sophs x


    34. Missing avatar

      Jovita on

      And to the troll below: we are not investing, we are DONATING. Donating to the arts is something you do to support a project you love. It's not an investment and I'm not expecting any "returns" I could care less about.

      Zach and his team are collectively creating a work of art (which will also be entertaining, I imagine) and deserve any financial reward they get, but I'm willing to bet their biggest reward is going to be the work itself, and bringing it to the public, that is us and all the other people who will be interested in seeing the film. We are a growing community.

      The minute you stop thinking about film as a business and realise this is a creative and artistic endeavour, and a form of expression then maybe we can have a conversation. Until then, we are simply not talking about the same thing.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jovita on

      Hey I don't want to turn my back on this! This is great! I had no idea there were so many haters... What idiots. It's obvious this is the way to go. Not only do you have your funding, you have an AUDIENCE (much more important, who wants to make a movie for it not to be seen?)

      Crowdsourcing is not only a great way to finance creative projects, it's an outstanding way to promote as well! And that's equally, if not more, important.

    36. Nikita Shenanigan Gadhia on

      I love you. Just you know...wanted you to know that. ;)

    37. Missing avatar

      Gene Taylor on

      Well. In light of the wonderful job of reporting (that's sarcasm, ya'll)... I'm thinking I might cancel my preview for two. And as a one-fingered salute (guess which finger) in honor of reporters who are too lazy to get the facts, I'll be looking for a meet & greet in order to triple my contribution!

    38. Les Fous Divertissants on

      Lots of people here have already said what I thought, I agree with what they said: your project is awsome, you're a very cool guy , your acting is excellent and we believe in your movie. Can't wait to hear more about the next members of the cast!

    39. Missing avatar

      Eugene D on

      Don't listen to them and just keep doing what you're doing Zach. Scrubs turned to one of my favourite shows and I loved your acting a lot. Leaving in Ukraine and now in Germany, I could never imagine getting involved in a project with you though, reading your e-mails, getting updated on what you're up to etc. You always were like an imaginary guy from the Hollywood. But now it is all real. I enjoy this a lot and it's a cool experience. And now I'm even gonna meet you in person in Berlin. So seriously, how cool is that?

      And if you look at where all these comments are coming from, you can see that your idea is bringing people from all over the world together. There is nothing more powerful than a shared goal. So good luck, buddy, and I am looking forward to see you in Berlin. Auf Wiedersehen ;-) (German such a beautiful language :-)

    40. C Scott McDaniel on

      Jeff Martell go lick a kitten taint. What an obnoxious tool for thinking your saving us simpletons from making the 'mistake' of funding an artist's project. What's that? He's wealthy? Good for him. I hope his net worth goes up $50million thanks to this film.
      Directly funding film makers I appreciate is the coolest thing since Billy Idol circa 1983.
      Directly incentivizing artists I appreciate by cutting out talentless hack naysayer middlemen is EXACTLY what I'm interested in doing. So I think I and ~40,000 other people do in fact know exactly what we're getting ourselves into and we're quite proud of who's pocket our money is lining, the artist.
      I sincerely hope that we contribute so much money that the truck loads of $100 bills being dumped in Braff's yard convinces other artists to ditch the hack/talentless/naysayer system in favor of this one (Joss Whedon, I've got my eye on you).

    41. michael macpherson on

      Zack your justification is appreciated by all on here , well mostly all. It seems that your detractors seem to be of the , Apres moi le deluge , frame of mind , as in the film industry is plain just gona go to hell because of what you've done here .
      The fact is you've given kickstarters , i.e the general public the oppertunity to be come a financial backer in a hollywood movie ( no matter the size of the project ) . Its mutually benifical from the point of view we get to back you , we get a pat on the back and depending on how much you can afford we all get a reward to which i will say thank you very much Mr Braff.
      for the benefit of the resident Hypocritic troll
      ""You, on the other hand, know not what you do by supporting this campaign.""
      regardez the right hand side of the page , its pretty self explanatory

    42. Pablo M. Bravo on

      Don't worry about this people! we are here and we want this movie! lets go guys!!! ;D

    43. Elaine Helms on

      OK, Jeff; you've paid your $1 and said your piece. This is not the first Kickstarter campaign for me and it won't be the last. I'm enjoying the experience. I'm learning about a process I didn't understand before. And, I'm getting a cool t-shirt. If you contribute another $39, you too can get a cool t-shirt.

    44. Mal Weatherly on

      Jeff, Get over yourself! That whole "you know not what you do" line is arrogant bullshit! I know exactly what I'm doing, and I'm happy to use my money to support projects of MY choosing. If I get a t-shirt to remember this by, great, but if not, I don't really care. WE, the people, are changing the way some things are done. WE are choosing to go outside the established system to create new things. And we are doing it for reasons that go beyond "getting a share." DON'T EVEN ask me to feel sorry for Hollywood financiers! They have plenty of projects of their own. But if they can't stand a little competition from the public, that's their issue, not ours. Zach may be cutting out one of the middle-men, but this project will still create plenty of jobs and spread money all over the economy. So, yes... I AM HAPPY! And I hope Zach and his brother make a small fortune on this. It is, after all, their project!

    45. Missing avatar


      HAHA Jeff Martell , what a tool. even trolls are kicking in dough! your slick Braff!

    46. Gemma Moore on

      I think we are all big enough to decide where we want to put our money and don't need idiots telling us we are being duped...Lets face it the big Hollywood machine don't want normal people deciding what films they want to see, we are not allowed to have any ideas or thoughts or our own. Not only do i think what i pledged was very reasonable but I love the idea of being able to have a Q and A session after the premier with the one and only ZACH BRAFF... And as for the money going to the ARTIST who made the film it sounds extremely normal to me, instead of the corporate monkeys who churn out rubbish films.... Kickstarter is the best website i have found. I have funded a couple of projects now... i must obviously be really stupid.!!!! So up yours to all the Haters, we are people with imagination and passion, we want to experience and fund things that are not the norm (or what you tell us should be the norm..!!!)

    47. Anastasia McGee on

      Supporting this project, and other Kickstarter projects, is not about ROI. It's about helping someone who is doing something that you personally think is worthwhile. People who don't get that are pretty sad.

    48. Jeff Martell on

      I just pledged $1 so that I could come here and tell all of you this: I hope you are happy. You pledged a collective 2.6 million dollars to a man who is worth approx $22 million dollars. Consider this: Garden state cost $2.5 million to make and earned $36 million at the box office. For the sake of argument, let's say Wish I Was Here does that well at the box office. Now instead of sharing that (potential) box office profit with investors, that profit goes directly into Zach Braff's pocket. You get no return on that. You get your reward and Zach Braff makes $33.5 million with no profit share with investors. Yeah, sure, there's residuals and percentage points, but nothing like the Hollywood money he could go seek out. He wants to make a good movie, sure. I'll watch it, too. But you guys just invested money for simple rewards so that he doesn't have to share profits with you, or anybody. I wish him and his film luck. You, on the other hand, know not what you do by supporting this campaign.

    49. Missing avatar

      Marjorie Chodorov on

      Swing for the fences Zach!!

    50. Melanie Schmitt on

      Don't worry - no one who is involved in and excited about your project will believe that crap anyway. We're having FUN : ) And - Anna Kendrick? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? That's amazing! : )))