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"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas A. Edison
"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas A. Edison
46,520 backers pledged $3,105,473 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Zach Braff (Creator)

Dear Amazing Backers: We’re off and running! 

Our crew is about to start getting larger every week. There are now 5 of us:

  • Stacey – Producer
  • Michael – Producer
  • Coco- Co-producer and Queen of all Kickstarter Backer relations 
  • Mark – my friend and right hand man  

Here’s what we’re up to this week:

• Hiring a line producer. A line producer is the person who directly manages our budget. They deal with all the spreadsheets and accountant-type stuff and all the many intricacies of budgeting a movie. A great line producer knows how to milk every cent out of every dollar you have.

• Meeting actors. Our amazing casting director, Avy Kaufman, and I have begun making lists of our ideal actors for each role. This week I’ll begin to meet some of the people I’m excited about. Tomorrow I'm having breakfast with one of my favorite actors and I'm hoping he'll want to play Saul (my character Aidan's father). Also we have two children to cast and that can often take a lot of time. 

• I’m meeting with some of my favorite actors out there; the response to the script has been overwhelmingly good. The role of Sarah, my wife, will hopefully be played by a well-known leading lady. She needs to be pretty and funny and believable as the mother of a 5 year old and a 12 year old. I have someone in mind (who’s also a friend of mine, but I can’t tell you who just yet…)

• Searching for a foreign distributor. The Cannes Film Festival starts this week. Cannes is one of the biggest film festivals in the world. It’s not only a place where films are shown, but also a place where we hope to find a partner to sell the foreign distribution of our film. This is crucial to us being able to: 

  • A) Make sure the film gets seen by countries outside the USA, and  
  • B) It gives us additional upfront capital to make our movie. As I mentioned in a previous update. This film will be made for between 4 and 6 million dollars. 

The 3 elements that will make up our final budget will be comprised of :

  • A) Kickstarter Money, (That’s you. Virtual Hug.)
  • B) My own money,  
  • C) This Foreign distribution pre-Sales money.

I’ll keep you posted with any and all developments as they come in. It’s a very exciting time and none of it would be happening without you.

I’m so thrilled and honored that you have put your faith in me. This is gonna be fun.

Xoxoxoxoxo (and sometimes y) 


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    1. BC on

      Elizabeth Banks. Calling it.

    2. Vanessa Tertrin on

      Have a great time in Cannes, Gilles Jacob is so sweet !

    3. sofi2311 on

      I can't wait to see the actor you had choose :D ! (I hope they all want to participate)
      ps : what an ugly little dog xD

    4. Jérémy Waitforit Frech on

      Please, just hire Sarah Chalke in your movie, so talented !

    5. Karen Korsgren on

      I just recently signed up for Kickstarter just to back your project. I was very disappointed when my pledge did not go through. By the time I figured out what went wrong the pledge I wanted to make was no longer available. Then I went on today and lo and behold - there was another opportunity! Thanks for upping the rewards!

    6. Anna Clayton on

      Zach, just saw a great old (1969) film you have to see, Le Grand Amour, very funny and has lots of great fantasy sequences, totally up your alley:…

    7. Amaia Fernández de Mendia on

      hey Zach. It is tremendously cool that you share these details. a super great idea that makes it worth every penny.
      million thanks.

    8. Alison Oxman on

      Casting children is the most difficult I've found ( I did an extensive kid search for the lead boy in "Little Buddha"), especially if you want someone who's never been onscreen before. I've never met Avy personally, but I know that she's an exceptional casting director. (Avy, I worked for Deb Aquila a HUNDRED years ago!).

    9. Missing avatar


      Found the spotfly way cool.

    10. Beth Robbins on

      Best money I've spent in a while - so inspiring! Thanks for letting us be a part of this journey. Tons of respect for you. Hope to steal a quick handshake at NY screening!

    11. Ryan Wasielewski on

      Keep it up Zach! I can't wait to see this film!

    12. Missing avatar


      Hey guys, i missed/ can't find the spotfly thing... What's that all about? How did the breakfast go? And. When do we get to hear about this Adam dude ? What he has to do with the script and so on...and please go to Australia , I don't live there or anything but the comments just keep boomeranging...

    13. João Paulo Tannus de Souza on

      (virtual hug back to you)
      Zach keep up the good work, we would like to see some photos of the new people too! Something that would be awesome is in the launch you give us a version of the film to download, just the backers. If people will pirate your movie they will do it anyways, your money invested you will get by selling the tickets, and by doing this you will show the world that you don't want this for the money.

      And did someone got the bands into another platform than Spotify? In Brazil we don't have support for it =\

    14. João Paulo Tannus de Souza on

      (virtual hug back to you)

      Zach keep up the good work, we would like to see some photos of the new people too! Something that would be awesome is in the launch you give us a version of the film to download, just the backers. If people will pirate your movie they will do it anyways, your money invested you will get by selling the tickets, and by doing this you will show the world that you don'

      And did someone got the bands into another platform than Spotify? In Brazil we don't have support for it =\

    15. Ricardo Oliveira on

      Loved your response on kickstarted! You were right on point!
      I am what you call a "web-savy" guy. And I've heard about kickstarter before. The problem is that it all seemed a little sketchy. And since I'm from Portugal, no one I know used it or even knew what it was.
      This project was all it took for me to jump right in! I opened my facebook wall, I saw your post, came here, checked the video and saw my opportunity!
      Since then I've backed 6 other projects! 6!! It wasn't a lot of money, but it was money those artists would never get from me if it weren't for you and your project. And like me there must be tons of people doing the same. Like you said, this thing is addicted like hell! It makes me so happy to know that I'm helping someone across the globe achieving their dreams. Its just the best feeling in the world!
      You mentioned that the project brought a record traffic to the site. I would love for someone to make the math and see how much more money is being spent on kickstarter since Veronica Mars and this. Maybe the guys at kickstarted could do it.
      I would also love if everyone could say which projecta they're backing so we could get to know about more cool projects ;)

    16. Joseph Huckleberry on

      Hey Zach! First day as a backer! Don't let any of the haters bother you; your work has helped me through emotional and depressing times in my life and my forty dollar contribution represents only a fraction of the happiness you've brought to my life. I know you're going to pour your heart into this film and I feel privileged to be along for the ride.

    17. Missing avatar

      Joshua Riehl on

      That kid from iron man 3 was pretty good Ty Simpkins

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    19. Missing avatar

      Steve Parolini on

      Here's a thought for a new reward level...follow the backer on Twitter for a pledge of, oh, I don't know, maybe $1000? I'd gladly add an additional $400 to my current pledge for that perk. I mean, the personal video clip is swell and all, but to be followed on Twitter would be swell-er. And who knows, you might enjoy the backers' Twitter streams. (Mine is at least moderately entertaining.)

    20. Missing avatar

      Thomas Weinrich on

      This sound very exciting and I'm looking forward to read about or hear of or see some members of the future cast. Wish you good luck for the foreign distribution. And as person living outside the USA I hope you find one! ;)

    21. Elizabeth Bannon on

      I'm so glad that someone created the Spotify lists!! It would be great to have a concert around the soundtrack as well: a music festival to celebrate the music of your films.

    22. Missing avatar

      Paolo on

      It seems you're squeezing out her/his eyes off the face... :D

      Back in topic, thanks for this update and looking forward to the next one.

    23. Stephanie Cervantes on

      Julie Bowen as the wife/mother! I am pretty sure I just thought of her because she plays such a good mother on Modern Family, but she is very believable! And as an actual mother, I am sure she doesn't have to do much acting in some parts :D Good luck on your casting!

    24. Petr Hrubý on

      I just really wanna see Josh Hartnett in your film! Have a great day, Zach! ;)

    25. Steven Broll on

      Donald and Jim need to be in this some how. That's my biggest request! :)

      Also, I watched the kickstarted video that was posted on reddit, thanks for taking the time to make that. It just made me that much more proud to contribute to a film like this. Spend my $60 wisely! Haha, if I was anywhere near a screening, i'd be doing that for sure.

    26. Jenna Worthington on

      Sarah Chalke or Natalie Portman as wife! I would love to see you work again with either one of those talented women!!

    27. Lisa Marie Norton on

      I truly hope Jim Parsons will be the sexy pool boy....

    28. Missing avatar

      Robert Reuther on

      It's truly amazing to follow ur project and being part of it as a backer. What would be really cool, if u put on the limited edition Vinyl of the Soundtrack one or two extra-songs, which r not on the CD oder iTunes-soundtrack. That would make the Vinyl even more special and groovy. Stay tuned :-)

    29. Réda Berrehili on

      Hey Zach!
      It's the first time I pledge for a project on Kickstarter and it happens to be yours! Really happy about this :)
      So you'll be in Cannes during the film festival? I may be mounting the stairs for Gatsby, will you be there for the premiere? If yes hope to see you there. If not, hope to take a cup of coffee with you there!

    30. Adam "WeirdArms" Wiggins on

      You know you want to come to Sydney :)

    31. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    32. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    33. Missing avatar

      Alia Marrakchi on

      Elizabeth Banks would be perfect for the role :)

    34. Nathalie Sevestre on

      I learn so much! Thank you :)

    35. Antoine Briand on

      Hi Zach, first day as a backer (finally! i took to be a backer but not to promote the project by blogging stuff ;) ), so first comment for me. Can't wait to know more about your casting choices. Good to know that you're going to Cannes, we all know you're going to find a great foreign distribution deal ! finger crossed !

      I've always been following your carrier since Scrubs began in france (i'm 21), so it's been a long time, i kinda grown up with you. I've never been attached (or fan) to an actor/director, so it's a weird feeling. I think it was because you made me laugh as a kid. When i saw Garden State for the first time, i really understood your metaphor for this story. It became my favorite movie, not because it was you, or indie or wathever, it's because it was the first movie wich was going into my brain and heart for real for the first time.

      It's a long message and i'm french so it's maybe complicated to understand, but anyway all i wanted to say is that to be little part of a project with you, that's amazing.

      PS : yup i'll be posting a shorter comment the next time

    36. Kristi Porter on

      Screw the naysayers. I backed you because you are Zach Fucking Braff and you show that you care for and love your fans. Thanks for the fun updates. Best part of my day.

    37. Karin Ross on

      Maybe Scott Adsit for one of the roles (high school friend and awesome actor)

    38. Ekaterina Erokhina on

      Dear Zach, please find a distributor in Russia. I so want to watch this movie in my native language... You have a lot of fans here, and we know you mostly from "The Scrubs"and adore you and your work so much that we'll be very glad to meet with your new movie.

    39. Missing avatar

      Gero on

      Let Sarah be Sarah! Or Natalie. :-)

    40. Sagart on

      Stop! I've bought two tickets! Now, please! Stop strangling that hamster!!!

    41. Metten Lanslots on

      This is so cool! Can't wait for your updates when the shooting starts!!
      Have fun in Cannes!

    42. Helen Cotton on

      Kickstarted video was ACE good idea!
      Dubai screening?
      Love you long time.


    43. Amy Miller on

      You watch The Soup, right? Joel McHale should totally have a bit in your movie!!

    44. Elaine Dudzinski on

      First of all, I didn't even think of the aspect of you engaging the fans when I donated my measly $40. Kudos to you for having that as part of your vision. I gave you money because I could relate to you wanting to do the film in your own way, your vision; something that the business heads at all of the movie companies don't quite allow the artists to do. It totally made sense to me to donate money to your project, because I like your work, and wanted to see what you could do with other artists without these rich business people mucking it up with their invasive dream crushing ideas.. As for the rest of the stuff, the emails to let me know what's going on, well that's icing on the cake. So, my reason for donating was ARTISTIC CONTROL by you and not the investors. And yeah, I don't care if you're famous and on Kickstarter. The naysayer whiners can go start their own Kickstarter project and name it "Zack Basher" for all I care. Oh, and don't kid yourself, you're scaring the shit out of the investors and movie businesses. You took money out of their mouthes and that's their way of bashing your vision. Don't listen to them. You opened up a can of creativity, and many other artists will do the same, thereby taking back control of their vision and not allowing the moguls to ruin a project!

    45. Missing avatar

      Ken Mask, MD on

      Great going...proud and cool-groovy with this progress....well done, very well done but still with a little pink in the middle. Excellent...Ken Mask

    46. Darren T. Dodge on

      First day as a backer. This is all very cool. Love this.

    47. David Munoz on

      As long as Donald and Jim are in it, I'm good. I don't think Natalie Portman is old enough to believably have a 12 year old, but I'm sure you'll make whoever you cast work. :)

    48. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    49. Missing avatar

      Korina Blake on

      I'm just so excited to be a part of this! Thanks for the opportunity and the updates!! You are AWESOME!!!