by Zach Braff

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    1. Maria Cangemi on

      Thank you thank you!!!! Grazie!!!!!

    2. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      The German translation is a bit wonky and has a couple of typos, but it's a good effort to convince my fellow Germans to pledge. :)

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      Fernando Nuno Villar on

      Wat about Spain? Go for it!

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      Tom Ehrlich on

      Hy Zach!
      I'm very positive you finish this project, so i'd like to know, if it's possible to change the Tickets for London, into Tickets for BERLIN??

    5. Joe Abell on

      @Tom Ehrlich

      If you want to change where you will view the movie, go to manage pledge at the top right, and change which pledge you want. :)

    6. ELISEI Nicolas on

      thanks for france... Paris is not near to me , but I will come to you at paris !!!

    7. Theresa Bunker on

      Zach-you crack me up-love the spinning in the chair...
      As a child - did you spin on anything and everything : for example -Play ground spinning wheel-Sit-N-Spin-Your parents desk chairs-Or- did you just spin around alone in one place?

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      Steven Lee on

      Hmm. I don't think he's gonna add anywhere else guys, He will have seen the film about 50 billion times by this point. What we need is the movie on Blu-ray and a soundtrack reward.

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      Claire Didelet on

      Thank you, thank you, thank you Zach and the team working with you on that great project !
      A très bientôt à Paris, j'ai hâte !
      *See you soon in Paris, can't wait !

      *French Kisses

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      Cornelie Scholten on

      Hi Zach, on behalf of my son: could you pleaeaeaeaeaease arrange an advanced screening in Amsterdam / The Netherlands?

    11. Elegantly Eclectic, LLC on

      Can we talk about how adorable he is in glasses?!!?!?!?

    12. Alexander Lackner on

      Now add vienna and i am happy! :)

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      Falko Koehnke on

      Thanks for adding Berlin and also the meet&greet...cya there! :)
      I agree with people saying that it would be awesome if the screening would be done in english instead of german. Maybe thats possible. Cya :)

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      Benjamin Muller on

      Bienvenu à Paris!

    15. Stefan Ludwig on

      Oh yes please, definately original language in Berlin. If not I would have stayed with my London spot. So: pretty please with lots of sugar on it, make it in original language!!!

    16. Maria Bissinger on

      aaaaa ahhahahahahah. Omg, I couldn't stop laughing. That was so freaking goofy, I loved it. The chair spining imitates a whirlwind tour or something? I don't know but I haven't laughed that hard since I was three and my Uncle threw me up in the air like ten times. (I'm not sure why either - WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!)

    17. Maritza Flores Barbieri on

      South America????? :(

    18. Missing avatar

      PinPal on

      Once more ... Please add Vienna !!

    19. Julien Ailh on

      Merci !
      Welcome to Paris Zach :-)

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      David Batterson on

      Here's a free idea on the title, using 2 wishbones for the W in Wish.

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      Michael Pierce on


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      Lemoine Mathieu on

      Hey Zach my credit card hates you because you're so cool and I can't miss you in Paris advance screening ! See you soon in 2014 ! Thank you thank you thank you, it's a really nice project !
      PS: always TEAM EAAAAGLE ;)

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      Michael Ziller on

      So, would have never believed to ever say "I got a date with Zach Braff"... so relieved you mentioned earlier to still be not gay, 'cause I'm bringing my better half along with me... oh wait... ;)

      So excited about everything happening around this project... see you in Berlin & greeting from Frankfurt (not Kentucky)

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      Andrew Patterson on

      Please can I request an Irish screening in either Belfast or Dublin? It would make me so happy!

    25. Jason Lavigne on

      Zach and team.

      I would like to help out beyond my pledge. I own an event ticketing company up here in lovely Toronto Canada. As a huge fan of indie artists I am working hard to build a system that anyone can use to handle their online ticketing for free. Think Craigslist of ticketing. What I would like to offer you is to take care of all of your ticketing needs, at no cost, for all of the screening and events you are looking at doing in 2014, or maybe just the Toronto events, but in either case I would love to be a small part of your project so feel free to reach back. Thanks and great work, looking forward to the film.

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      Jessica on

      Would love to see a NY meet and greet!

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      Manu Manceda on

      Awesome, thanks!

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      Alyssa Albertone on

      Please add a Chicago meet and greet! :)

    29. Andres Fernandez on

      When are you going to announce Philadelphia? It is as certain as when you and Donald are together and the Eagle is performed.

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      Jeffrey M. Poole on

      How about a screening in Arizona? Would love one for Lake Havasu City, but would settle for Phoenix! Or maybe Las Vegas. That's actually closer to me. Either one, I'm not picky!

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      Guy Alon on

      Can you calculate what it would take (cost) to bring you to Kansas City then post it as a pledge option? If we locals can work together to meet the pledge amount then we earn a spot. Add 50% to the cost as funds designated for the project itself.

    32. Johan Palmcrantz on

      I don't know about you guys, but I think this move should have a screening in the Capital of Scandinavia, STOCKHOLM!!! It's awsome! It's a deal then? I'll buy myself a beer if you come!

    33. Skye on


    34. Missing avatar

      Tina Sundelin on

      Johan, I'm with you, Stockholm is the place to be!

    35. Maria Cangemi on

      As you are coming in Rome, of course I upgraded my pledge! I really would like to do more, but in this moment of crisis, you know, this is the best I can do! I really hope you can read all our comments one day (I know, they are a lot, with more than 30.000 backers would be a full time job!). I wish for you all the artistic success possible, as I really think you deserve it all!

    36. Maria Bissinger on

      I am giving up my recording for 15 seconds if anyone wants to trade. I'm just leaving it at no rewards. I have my own documentary to do this summer and I need to focus on that for a while. Oddly enough it's about a group of indie screenwriters that formed a community, almost just like this one, but we called ourselves PGL'ers. Kind of a we had a whole life in black and white text online together - we had a community, work, play, wars, fights, love, births, dI was eaths. Like how facebook is now, we were doing that then, "All of Us Together" if you see it on free funder - please throw me some money. :) Anyhoo.. It's up for grabs tomorrow. Thought I'd let people know it was going to be releases (not changing my amt, just letting go of the reward - I can't think of what I want Zach to say - I was gonna use it to beg a friend who won't speak to me - my disabled veteran friend (It was my fault, totally) to forgive me and talk to me again, and he's not ever going to talk to me again, no matter what. :) I wanted to put his name on the Wall, though. If someone wants to trade, let me know. We can coordinate it.

    37. Maria Bissinger on

      oops, that's supposed to say we had love, births, deaths... it was a really interesting time. All done completely in our imaginations.

    38. Maria Bissinger on

      omg, i'm so lame! and that's supposed to be a :( not a :) that he won't talk to me again. OMG, so sorry.

    39. Miss Aurélie DERVEAUX on

      Thanks for Paris!!!! On t'aime en France!!! <3

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      victoria thomas on

      I post my voice with the others for a Chicago meet and greet - we'll buy our own drinks :)

    41. Matteo Rosellini on

      Hi there!
      I have a question!
      For you, can we take a picture with Zach during the meet & greet?? :)

    42. Heather Haynes on


    43. Marie Polly Silenzi on

      ZACH, READ PLEASE: Now I can't get the money for screening in Rome.. I'm a student without a job yet and I finished my savings.. If only it would be possible to "book" the ticket - or smth like that - also later (in 2014) in other ways (no kickstarter) ... I'll surely be there cause I feel part of this project!
      Video answer?

    44. Anna Bckrt on

      Hahaha, the subtitles are sometimes very funny ;) Buuuut I really appreciate it!! I'm thinking of joining the Berlin screening. But nevertheless, it's kinda pricey. I hope I'll make a decision before they're all gone ;)
      Thank you guys so much for everything! I love this whole funding thing. I'm so excited for the movie.
      Much love from Germany

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      Laura LaPrad on

      Won't you venture down South for a screening? I vote for Nashville a) because I live there and b) because I live there. Plus, it's where all the cool kids hang out.

    46. Erick Saks on

      We're looking forward to seeing you and the film in Rome!

    47. Ayşe Yavuz on

      Please add Istanbul Turkey to your screening list

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      Ally Pericles on

      Australia!!!!! :)

    49. André Pereira on

      Portugal here! I seriously hope this movie premieres here! Keep up the good job, Zach!