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Explore, play and celebrate the origins of one of gaming's most iconic characters.
Explore, play and celebrate the origins of one of gaming's most iconic characters.
2,935 backers pledged £154,778 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you! What Happens Next, Late Backers, and Checking Payment Info

Posted by Harman and Robertson (Creator)
Thanks to you, this will be a reality!
Thanks to you, this will be a reality!

Hello once more, friends of Abe!

Thank you all for your support and backing during the Kickstarter campaign.

It was a great success, not only in terms of funding but also in the response we saw to the project, the passion shown by the Oddworld community and the desire to make everything the very best it could be.

So thank you all for your enthusiasm, stories, support and backing!

What happens next?

Kickstarter spends a couple of weeks collecting pledges and contacting people whose pledges could not be collected (due to bounced payments, expired cards and the like). 

A great many pledges have already been collected. However, there were also a number of these failed payments, and so we would like to ask anyone whose card has not already been charged to check that the card information held by Kickstarter is up to date.

This will ensure your card is charged, your pledge collected, your backer number preserved and, most importantly, that your rewards can be delivered next April!

CrowdOx Pledge Manager


We are very pleased to be partnering with CrowdOx for pledge management services for this campaign.

In a couple of weeks, all backers will receive an email inviting them to access their pledge details via CrowdOx. It's here that you'll be able to select your rewards, manage your add-ons, submit benefactor names and manage your shipping details.

Shipping will be charged closer to completion of the book, and you'll also have the opportunity to confirm or change your shipping details at that point if you've moved, for example. Again, this will all be dealt with through CrowdOx.

Late Backers

Pre-order by 11:59pm BST / 6:59pm EDT to receive the Kickstarter-exclusive rewards
Pre-order by 11:59pm BST / 6:59pm EDT to receive the Kickstarter-exclusive rewards

Throughout the campaign we had a great many people ask if they could pay via PayPal. As many of you know, Kickstarter does not support this payment method. 

As such, we've taken steps to offer those that missed out on the campaign the option to back the project and receive the same rewards for a very limited time only.

Our Kickstarter page has been updated with a "Pre-Order Now" button, which will take you to our website where you can register as a Kickstarter late backer.

This offer will expire at 11:59pm BST /  6:59pm EDT on Friday 4th May.

Click through to to find out more.

After this offer expires, all further pre-orders will switch to the standard pre-order process and will not include the Kickstarter-exclusive rewards. In both cases, pledges will be handled via CrowdOx.

Thank you, everyone, for your support. 

We look forward to updating you again in May to let you know how work is progressing!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Martin priest on

      @ksenia sirotyuk You don't need to pre order anything. You've allready payed. Crowdox will simply be asking were to send your copy (address), what name in the book you want and if you want to buy any add on 😊. Hope that helps 👍.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ksenia Sirotyuk on

      I still did not understand. Do I need to pre-order a book on the CrowdOx site? Or there to register the order?

    3. Missing avatar

      Kévin Genin on

      Was everything fine with my pledge too ? Backer 430

    4. Harman and Robertson 2-time creator on

      @Leonardo Silva Carvalho
      All good. And yes, you will receive the email from CrowdOx with details of what to do next. That will be sent in a couple of week's time.
      @CrashOkami Excellent! Glad you were able to sort things out.
      @Rob Page
      Indeed it has, Rob. Thanks!
      @Anna Gore
      Affirmative, definitely, most certainly and...yes. Cheers, Anna!
      @Ksenia Sirotyuk
      All good. Payment has been collected. No worrying required! You will receive an email from CrowdOx as that's how you'll tell us where to send your stuff, what name you'd like in the book, purchase any add-ons you want etc. The email will contain all the information you need :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Ksenia Sirotyuk on

      Hi !! my baker is 840.
      I have a language barrier. I want to make sure that I understood everything correctly. I have written off the money from the card for the book. And I received a letter "Yes! Oddworld: Abe's Origins - Book & Game Collection has been successfully funded.". Does this mean I can not worry and just wait? And I do not need to use this CrowdOx Pledge Manager system?

    6. Anna Gore on

      Hey congrats! My bank seems to be mid-transaction, the money isn't available to me any more but it is still in my account, so I'm not sure whether it has been "collected" or not, could you please tell me if my payment has been collected? :)

    7. Rob Page on

      Hi there! Congratulations on the huge success on the funding! As a side note, I just wanted to double check that my payment has gone through? Can't wait to get my hands on the finished product!

    8. CrashOkami on

      There was a problem with my pledge, but now I got a "success" message after changing the info, and the e-mail confirms it as "collected". Excited!

    9. Leonardo Silva Carvalho on

      It seems my Card already charged this!
      ;D yay, now i wait? :O oh will i still receive E-mail with information?

    10. Harman and Robertson 2-time creator on

      Yep - can confirm that all is fine with your backer #24 pledge.

      @Martin priest
      Yep - your backer #231 pledge is all good, too.

      We can't wait to move into full production and create this for you. We'll keep you and everyone else updated on progress via Kickstarter updates and through the likes of Twitter etc (@indiebydesign). Don't be afraid to say 'hello'!

      We're fans of Gametee, too.

    11. Maria on

      I can't wait to watch this project come alive 💕 I'm so excited! Since there's a lot of Abe's fans here I just thought it might be good to mention that you can get some pretty awesome and completely legit merchandise from Gametee 👍🏼

    12. Missing avatar

      Martin priest on

      Hi guys, baker 231 😊. On my pledge it says collected! I'm good to go, 👍right 👍. Thx Harman and Robertson.

    13. Missing avatar

      Darkreno on

      Was everything fine with my pledge? iam backer Nr.24 :)