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Explore, play and celebrate the origins of one of gaming's most iconic characters.
Explore, play and celebrate the origins of one of gaming's most iconic characters.
2,935 backers pledged £154,778 to help bring this project to life.

Bookmark Winner, Stretch Goals, and Art Card Vote

Posted by Harman and Robertson (Creator)

Hello wonderful people,

Lots to share in this update, so let's get started!

Art Card Vote

We're holding a Twitter vote to decide which image will form the fourth of the art cards included in the Oddworld: Abe's Origins Game Collection!

We've selected the following three images from Oddworld Inhabitants' asset vault to form the first three confirmed art cards. 


While those three images are confirmed for the art cards, we're handing the choice of the fourth and final image over to the community. 

By using a Twitter poll for voting, we can simultaneously track the results and help spread the word about the project by piquing the interest of the Twitterverse at the same time! 

The three images to choose from and vote on can be found below. 

Once you've made your selection, head over to Oddworld Inhabitants' Twitter to cast your vote. The vote will be open until Friday evening UK time.

Option One - Scrab
Option One - Scrab
Option Two - Glukkon
Option Two - Glukkon
Option Three - Elum
Option Three - Elum

Bookmark Winner

From one vote to another, now. As a thank you for helping us reach 100% funded so quickly we unlocked the first of our stretch goals after just two days of this campaign: a free Abe-themed bookmark for every backer at each reward tier.

We then handed the decision of which one of five designs the bookmark would feature and after hundreds of votes the winner has been revealed.

#Abe5 won through with 40% of the vote!

#Abe5 proved most popular with voters and will form the basis of the Kickstarter-exclusive bookmark!
#Abe5 proved most popular with voters and will form the basis of the Kickstarter-exclusive bookmark!

Every copy of the book pledged for during this Kickstarter will come with a bookmark inspired by this design (backers pledging for multiple copies of the book will receive a bookmark for each book). 

As a Kickstarter exclusive reward, the bookmark will only be included in copies of the book that are sent out to the backers of this project.

Stretch Goals

Thanks to the ongoing support of the many Abe fans joining this project on a daily basis we have so far unlocked a whole host of stretch goals for both the book and game collection.

These include physical upgrades such as a book fold-out, 20% more book pages, and art cards, as well as digital extras that we've been able to add along the way, like the wallpaper pack, Abe's Oddysee OST, Lost Archives art pack and more! 

Check out the Stretch Goal section on the project page for a full list, and there's still more to come! 

By front-loading the stretch goals, we've been able to unlock the physical upgrades to the book early on, ensuring that every single backer benefits from a bigger book, with the map fold-out.

This adds to the premium choices that we've already made for the book, including heavy-stock art paper, litho press printing, and additional finishing effects on the cover. By including these premium components as standard, we can produce a high-quality book that is not dependent on unlocking stretch goals to make it awesome. 

Thanks to everyone who has so far supported us, backed us, and contributed to the discussion on social media and in the comments thread. Your words of encouragement and the energy many of you are bringing to this project is helping to make it both a great success and a wonderfully positive thing to be a part of. 

Thank you! 

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    1. Aanand on

      How many game pledgers do we have? Anyone know...? It'd be good to see that information clearly somewhere.

    2. Melissa Hare on

      I don't use Twitter, but my vote would be for option #1 Scrab.

    3. Missing avatar

      Abigail on

      Vote option 1

    4. Leonardo Silva Carvalho on

      ;O VOTED.
      All are great though...

    5. Missing avatar


      Voting here since this is where the campaign is. You shouldn't force people to use an external site for that imho.

      Option 1 gets my vote.

    6. Missing avatar

      Amanda Gaudet on

      Sadly, I don't use Twitter so can't really vote for the art card. I would vote for the Scrab art though if I could.

    7. Elmo Lahti on

      Abe5’s the bookmark I voted! I didn’t expect it to win, but something about it simply expresses the games so well.

      Definitely will have to go for the Scrab on this one - this species is an icon, and the only from the three not already included.

    8. Isighter on

      That's so hard to choose the last art card ... All three images are super cool !!

    9. Haruka on

      Just voted. Really happy that the campaign is getting even better than in the start! Best of luck for the last stretch goal!

    10. Missing avatar

      Renat Gazizov on

      Thanks for summary! Proceed to main thread now))