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$13,371 pledged of $675,000 goal

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Hello Conquesters!

Eric "Wingman" Peterson is doing another Kickstarter and while it is not an RTS, it is bringing back the classic game DESCENT.

Come on over and take a look:

Hope to see you all there.

What are we up to?


Thinking about doing another Kickstarter, that is what, come check out our Website at

Where we Desend into tunnel fighting madness.

Sign up and get your pioneer medal BEFORE we go to crowd fund - and get involved in the decisions behind the tiers.

See you in the Verse.

Eric Wingman Peterson

Conquest Frontier Wars released on GOG !

The original Conquest Frontier Wars is out on GOG. For those that missed out on the original, or for those that want to experience it for the first time, get out there and give it a go.

We have added normal maps to the ships, new backgrounds for combat, and added in all the features from patch 1.07.

In addition we are going to be releasing the Source code for it, and see if our mod community would like to have some fun.

Who knows, maybe they can finish Conquest 2 for us !


Team PZ

Chris Roberts STAR CITIZEN

My friend and mentor Chris Roberts has put his project up on Kickstarter !

Check out his video explaining why he is doing this:

And here is the link to back this INCREDIBLE project.

I will be a Star Citizen, will you !

Back another cool Space RTS !!

Hey gang, we are busy getting Conquest ready for Good old games, or and while we were doing that we ran across some other RTS developers doing something cool here on Kickstarter.

Check it out, and give them your support, we need all the good RTS action we can get.

Team PZ !