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A wool shirt worn for 100 days straight. No washing. No dry cleaning.

No wrinkles. No odor.
A wool shirt worn for 100 days straight. No washing. No dry cleaning.

No wrinkles. No odor.
A wool shirt worn for 100 days straight. No washing. No dry cleaning. No wrinkles. No odor.
2,352 backers pledged $314,241 to help bring this project to life.

12 Days of Giving, Field Testers, and Free Exchanges

Hello Kickstarter backers,

There are still a few of you out there who haven't redeemed your Kickstarter award—which, just as a reminder, is a Wool&Prince button-down, made from 100% superfine Australian wool. To get your shirt, go to and use the discount code that we emailed you on November 19th. (If you didn't see that email, or if you need us to send your code again, email 

In other news, here are a few other things happening in the Wool&Prince world: 

 W&P's 1st Annual 12 Days of Giving 

Team W&P is feeling the holiday spirit this year, and to celebrate, we're giving out an assortment of sheep-related items to our loyal customers and Facebook friends (oh, and we're also giving away one real, live, hard-working sheep to a community in need, in collaboration with Heifer International). Want to get in on the action? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Meet our heroes: The W&P Field Testers 

Every guy out there has a few heroes in his life. You know, the people you look up to and are just generally in awe of. The people who inspire us to book the adventure, take the leap of faith, and drive further and learn more. In a new blog series, called "The Field Testers," we introduce you to some of our heroes—guys who make a life out of blurring the lines between work and play, and look pretty good doing it. First up is Aaron Flack, a 24 year old who quit his corporate day job and embarked on a life-changing 20,000-mile road trip around the U.S. 

 A quick word about domestic exchanges: They're free.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: We really want you to love—and wear—your Wool & Prince shirt. So, if it's too big or too small, just let us know. We'll email you a pre-paid shipping label and get you set up with the proper size, at no cost to you. For more information on exchanges and returns, click here

That's all for now. Have a happy holiday season! 


Your Wool People (a.k.a Mac, Katie & Mike)

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    1. Wool&Prince 2-time creator on December 13, 2013

      @Joseph - Glad that badass mamajamma is kickin' butt for ya! And thanks for the compliments my friend, take care and have an even more awesome weekend.

    2. Missing avatar

      joseph rodriguez on December 11, 2013

      I have rocked my shirt out for 2 weeks and this badass mamajamma is still going strong. I LOVE this shirt. If I could marry it...well I would have issues. BUT, you guys did one heck of a freaking job!

    3. Wool&Prince 2-time creator on December 10, 2013

      @Robert- Thanks so much! Looking forward to making more great gear for you.

    4. Robert Ritchason on December 10, 2013

      I received my Wool&Prince shirt, wore it everyday for seven days. It didn't always smell pure when I hung it up at night. By morning, it had no odor at all, fresh as a daisy! When I received an offer to buy another shirt, I jumped on it. I ordered it on a Monday and received it the following Wednesday. I travel frequently overseas. I plan to wear one Wool&Prince shirt and take another with me. I believe I could get away with only one shirt, but this gives me a different look every day. These shirts are awesome! I spilled a bit of soup on a sleeve. When I discovered it, I cleaned the spot with a wet cloth. When it dried it was totally clean. I also have found that a travel steamer makes the shirt look freshly pressed (there are only a few hardly noticeable creases in the shirt by morning anyhow, without the steamer) . We like to go on cruises, and I wii take only the two shirts with me regardless of the length of the cruise. These shirts are a life changer in carry on luggage!