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A wool shirt worn for 100 days straight. No washing. No dry cleaning.

No wrinkles. No odor.
A wool shirt worn for 100 days straight. No washing. No dry cleaning.

No wrinkles. No odor.
A wool shirt worn for 100 days straight. No washing. No dry cleaning. No wrinkles. No odor.
2,352 backers pledged $314,241 to help bring this project to life.

Additional Shirt Orders, Exchanges, and Fit


Hi Kickstarter Backers,

We’re sending a “Wool&Prince is Live” email to our waitlist tomorrow, but since you guys were in on W&P from the beginning, we’re letting you know that our site is currently OPEN for additional orders. We have a limited number of shirts for sale this holiday so get after it! Head over to, add your shirts to the cart, and checkout. 

If you have any questions, please email us at 

Taking a moment for some reflection: 

Delivering shirts to your doorstep and hearing your feedback has been the highlight of the Kickstarter experience for our team. Eight months ago we came to you with an idea—a video, some research, the 100 day challenge—and you gave us the support that we needed to make The Better Button-Down a reality. We hope to have earned your loyalty with this shirt so that we can continue making better, longer-lasting apparel for you in years to come. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. 

Sappy reflection aside, here’s what you guys are saying:

I left my house at 9pm and got back at 3am, and the shirt still looks and smells fresh and ready for action. Mind you this was after a night of intense dancing to salsa and hip hop. As soon as the store opens I'm buying another. Thanks and I am looking forward to switching out more of my gear for W&P. -Andre

Just got my shirt and it met every one of my expectations! Great craftsmanship, thanks Wool&Prince! When can I order more? -Matt

Received my shirts yesterday! One Blue Oxford and one Blue Gingham. They look great, feel great, and fit great. -Joseph

It arrived! The packaging was impressive and the shirt is more than I could have asked for. Thank you all for putting together such a quality shirt, your efforts will be appreciated by many! -Scott


We've backed other apparel projects on Kickstarter before, and then we didn't wear the product because the fit wasn't right. Don't let that happen with your W&P shirt, please! If you have issues with the fit, we'll send you the correct size or hook you up with credit for future W&P apparel (tees and polos anybody?). To start the exchange process click here.

Here's a couple pictures we thought you'd like:

Kickstarter backer, @aaronnelson looking sharp in his W&P

Our fulfillment team doing their thing.


Your Wool People (a.k.a. Mac, Katie, & Mike)

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    1. Wool&Prince 2-time creator on

      @Logan and Lee - Thanks for your fit comments, we've been getting lots of feedback regarding the length and will make some adjustments for the next round!

      @Alexander - Yes, sometimes the fold lines from the packaging will take a day to fall out, we've been hanging ours up overnight in the office and they look great in the morning! If you decide to lightly iron certain areas, this will not alter any of wools natural anti-wrinkle properties.

      @Evan - Place your order and we will refund the $45 shipping!

    2. Evan Hendra on

      Hi there. I might just left behind and just ordered mine through your website. I've got the discount on the shirts, but then international shipping is still 45$. I sent you an email to to get help immediately.
      Hope to get imminent response. Thanks

    3. Missing avatar

      Alexander Jason on

      Good things and bad things:

      Got the shirt. Impressive presentation, beautifully packaged. Shirt fits well -- except the collar is much shorter than any other shirt I own (I'm describing the height of the collar on the neck). Seems unusually low. Shirt fabric is surprisingly soft and supple. I was excited to wear the shirt and it felt great.

      After wearing the shirt for six hours, then hanging it on a hanger for six hours or so, and then wearing six hours the next day, I am very disappointed about the wrinkles. There are wrinkles. They have not gone away, after two days of resting on a hanger. I must say that I get better wrinkle resistance from my Brooks Brothers "No Iron" shirts.

      I must tell you that I used an iron very lightly on the shirt to get the fold wrinkles out before I wore it. Would that affect the wrinkle resistance?

    4. Missing avatar

      Lee Anderson

      The packaging alone demonstrates sophistication and understatement. The shirt is fantastic, as stated, but I have to agree with Logan about the length front and back. Hopefully that can be corrected. I like it so much I have ordered one for myself, a woman (xs). Best wishes for a successful journey.

    5. Missing avatar

      Logan on

      You could be on to something quite significant here. Mine arrived Monday, and the collar, sleeve, fabric, and shoulder fit was to spec, and as represented.

      I'm concerned, though, that the total front and back lengths showed typical "Made in China" tailoring: it was three inches shorter than my other (Brooks Bros., Hickey-Freeman, Polo, and custom) shirts. With continuous movement, it becomes "untucked", which my others do not.

      Make sure your supplier corrects this; if necessary supply them with "US cut" patterns.pp