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A wool shirt worn for 100 days straight. No washing. No dry cleaning.

No wrinkles. No odor.
A wool shirt worn for 100 days straight. No washing. No dry cleaning.

No wrinkles. No odor.
A wool shirt worn for 100 days straight. No washing. No dry cleaning. No wrinkles. No odor.
2,352 backers pledged $314,241 to help bring this project to life.

Instructions on how to get your shirts


Hello Kickstarter Backers, 

Finally, the moment has arrived. That’s right, your Wool&Prince shirts are in the warehouse and ready to be shipped to you. To ensure the correct size gets delivered to the correct address, please take a moment to carefully read through the following. 

Tomorrow (Nov 19th) at 3pm est you will receive an email from that contains your discount code and the password to our website. Once you receive that email, all you need to do is go to, enter the website password, add your shirt/s to the cart, and checkout using your discount code. (For all you tech dinosaurs out there, see more detailed checkout instructions at the end of this update.)

Well, that's easy. Is there anything else I need to know? Yes, glad you asked.


If you backed us for 1, 2, or 3 shirts, we kindly request-slash-beg that you redeem for the same number of shirts. You might be thinking “you’re crazy”…but no, seriously: We manufactured a limited supply of shirts. So please, when placing your order, stick with the number you backed us for. Save your dough, because in December, we’ll notify you as soon as we're ready for additional orders.


The retail price of our shirts is $128 each. If you “backed” W&P for 1 shirt, your discount code is valued at $128. If you backed us for 2 shirts, it’s worth $256. And so on...


We’re only fulfilling kickstarter orders right now, but we have a waitlist of customers anxious to get their hands on W&P. We’re opening our website to non-kickstarter backers (the public) starting in December. If you need to exchange your shirt for a new size, we recommend that you process exchanges as soon as possible to ensure your desired size is available. 


Domestic customers: If the shirt doesn't fit, start the exchange process here and we’ll get you the right size. You pay shipping to us. We pay shipping back to you. Sounds fair, right? 

International customers: Start the international exchange process here. It costs an extra $45 for international exchanges. 

Returns for credit: Start the return process here. If we can’t get you a shirt that fits or for some reason you aren't satisfied, we’ll credit your Wool&Prince online account for the value of the shirt. You’ll be able to purchase another W&P product in the future. (That’s right we’re launching new items, including polos and T-shirts). 


Your Wool People (a.k.a. Mac, Katie & Mike) 

Further checkout instructions: 

Tomorrow (Nov 19th) at 3pm est  check your email for a message from If you can't find the email, check your other email accounts and check the spam folders (do us a favor and mark us as NOT SPAM and add us to your email contacts).

Find the website password in that email from and enter the password when prompted at


Select your size and then click "GET IN MY CART". (repeat if you ordered more than one shirt) 

Once you have selected all your shirts, hit CHECKOUT.

Fill in your email and billing/shipping info. (We aren't charging you anything, it's just the way our system works.) 

Hit the “Continue to Next Step” button.

Enter your discount code and hit apply.

Your total order will adjust to $0.00

Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the “Complete my purchase” button 

You’ll receive a confirmation email once your order is processed and then you’ll receive an email with tracking information once it has been shipped (Shipping information could take a few days based on volume of orders). 


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    1. Wool&Prince 2-time creator on December 1, 2013

      @James - More shirts are available for you to order now!
      Check out Update #10, and head over to

    2. James Almeida on December 1, 2013

      I love my shirt! When will we be able to purchase more shirts?

    3. Wool&Prince 2-time creator on November 28, 2013

      @Monica - Thank you! We're excited to hear you can't take it off! And hang tight, we'll let you know very soon when you can order more.

      @William - Sorry about that William, I just sent you an email.

    4. William Leacock on November 28, 2013

      Please contact me, I received no email code. Thank you.

    5. Missing avatar

      monica jolley on November 27, 2013

      Shirt is beautiful! Received today at 3 p.m. and have not taken it off since! It is now 6 p.m.

      Seriously though, looking forward to when I can order more!

    6. Wool&Prince 2-time creator on November 26, 2013

      @Suresh - Thank you very much. We'll let you know as soon as it is received.

    7. Suresh K. Volam on November 26, 2013


      Thank you for sending me the link. I have already sent the shirt to you and provided the tracking number in the online form from the site you provided.

      Will wait for the shirt.



    8. Wool&Prince 2-time creator on November 25, 2013

      @James - Email sent!

    9. James on November 25, 2013

      Please contact me. I did not receive my code email.

    10. Wool&Prince 2-time creator on November 25, 2013

      @ Suresh - Hey Suresh, please fill out the exchange form to get the process started:

    11. Suresh K. Volam on November 24, 2013

      I received my shirt. I did not realize that I had put on so much weight that I cannot wear Large size any more. Will return it to you tomorrow; appreciate if you can send me XXL. Thanks.

    12. Wool&Prince 2-time creator on November 24, 2013

      @Ellie - Message has been sent!

    13. Missing avatar

      Ellie on November 24, 2013

      Please contact me. I did not receive my code email.

    14. Wool&Prince 2-time creator on November 20, 2013

      @Billy Prewitt - I sent you an email response to your question

    15. Missing avatar

      Billy Prewitt on November 20, 2013

      I received the instructions e-mail above but not the Nov 19 @ 3:00 e-mail. Can you try and resend mine?

    16. Wool&Prince 2-time creator on November 20, 2013

      @Heidi-based on your emails to our help team, looks like you are all set!

      @David-You are correct. You can enter whatever email you please


    17. Heidi Better Hong on November 19, 2013

      I did not receive the email/code today
      can you please resend to me? I am a backer and want to claim my 2 shirts. thanks

    18. David C Lawrence
      on November 19, 2013

      Does the email address we use at the site have to be the same one we backed the project with? I'm guessing no since the discount code should be our unique identifier, but just wanted to confirm before submitting.

    19. Wool&Prince 2-time creator on November 19, 2013

      @will <3 right back at you.
      @Suresh Yes, you can order a different shirt size. When the time comes and we open our site to additional orders in early December, shirts will be retail price for everyone.

    20. Suresh K. Volam on November 18, 2013

      Can I order a shirt size that is different than the one that we opted earlier?

      If I want to order additional shirt, can I get the same backer price (or) do I need to pay the retail price?

    21. Wool&Prince 2-time creator on November 18, 2013

      @will-Good question. We will be opening up the website to KS backers and waitlisters for additional orders on December 2nd. If you are speedy with reading your emails, you have a good chance. That being said, we do appreciate that our kickstarter backers took the leap early and will continue giving you guys perks and early access for other releases and products.

    22. Will Cocks on November 18, 2013

      Any chance of giving backers the chance to order additional shirts before the wait list customers?