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$35.00 pledged of $1,500 goal
By RithMic
$35.00 pledged of $1,500 goal


So Ive recently put everything into trying to chase my music as my sole profession, pulled every favor, and money I could spare to make a project that meant the world to me, and actually got it done and got it done good.  Unfortunately me being naive and simply making something I thought was the greatest thing ever, wasnt even slightly enough to get me any where I wanted to be.  I did my best to reach out to blogs, different people of interest to get as much exposure as I could, and although im proud of some of the things I was able to land, (a few Blog features including an interview on, doing open mics, It hasnt turned out how I had hoped (im sure we can all relate). But Ive decided I just cant give up on this project yet, before I just try to come up with something else and maybe end up in the same spot anyways. So I really want to make a DOPE music video for the only track that Im not on a lease for on the beat.  And thats Saturday Cereal ( )

link there to hear it.  Ive unfortuantely exhausted funds and dont know exactly what it would cost, but ive come across a few people that do dope stuff, and hoped with enough funding I could make something really awesome and hopefully go Viral.

Give me the chance, Cause really I know the right chance is all I need.

Thank you.


Risks and challenges

Once I have something really worth seeing, I will tirelessly reach out to as many tastemakers and I can and attempt to get them to host the video and really get some intial buzz. I havnt fully come up with an Idea for the video but I got quite a few Ideas to make it really POP. Im just mad determined to get what im going, and really even if this all falls through, Ima figure it out any way I possibly can.

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