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In Flux's video poster

A river of steel that appears, whirls around three columns at the heart of an industrial mill on a Maine waterway, and then disappears. Read more

Brunswick, ME Sculpture
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This project was successfully funded on June 15, 2012.

A river of steel that appears, whirls around three columns at the heart of an industrial mill on a Maine waterway, and then disappears.

Brunswick, ME Sculpture
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About this project

What would the towns of Brunswick and Topsham, Maine be without the Androscoggin River?

Here is a chance for you to help me realize a work of art dedicated to the river: "In Flux." 

The Project

I have developed and am building a site-specific steel sculpture to be installed inside a succesfully rehabilitated old textile Mill on the banks of the Androscoggin: a sculpture that honors the current that makes the water run, the machines work, the looms shuttle, and the light shine inside. I will use its strength for my power tools and create a “live” image of it. Wavy, thick strands of steel will run through the gallery, weaving around the columns aligned in the middle. The metal fibers will "float" above ground. 

I have been working in steel for over a decade, with an abiding interest in its "feminine" aspect--a surprising flexibility under apparent stiffness, which emerges when one assembles long stretches of it. (Such flexibility is exploited less obviously in the construction of bridges.) The suppleness of steel is the memory of the medium's transformation through fire, from its mineral to its refined state; it also evokes water, as another aspect of the same energy. To bend steel is to rediscover its organic qualities. 

The Gallery

Coleman Burke Gallery Brunswick, affiliated with Coleman Burke Gallery New York, and Coleman Burke Portland, Maine, is a 4,200 square foot space located in the vibrant, heart-of-the-town Fort Andross mill on the Androscoggin River in Brunswick, Maine. The mission of the gallery is to serve as a venue for artists to create large-scale, site-specific works of art. 

The Artist

Educated in France, I learned metal work in Santa Fe, NM, opened my first metal studio in 2000 in Buffalo, NY, and moved to Maine in 2007. My work has been shown internationally, and figures in numerous private and public collections. You can learn more about my work on my website

Your Help

Using mostly recycled steel, I am nearly done with the sculpture.  However, to cover the cost of supplementary materials and incidental expenses (extra steel and hardware to finish the installation, funds for publicity, and for electricity), I must raise another $1,800. The sculpture will be installed and exhibited during the summer of 2012. 

In exchange for your support, I will happily part with some collages, preparatory sketches and small sculptural studies -- artifacts of the evolution of this project over the past several months. 

With your support, I can complete a sculpture installation that promises, in the summer of 2012, to bring together people of all horizons to reflect in a contemplative and playful way on the connections between the mill, the community, and the vibrant energy emanating at their confluence. 

Even a $10 donation helps, and will earn you a 4 x 5 in. original collage. More importantly, you will join in the flux. Thanks in advance for your support! 

-- Isabelle 


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