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The Palouse Prairie is one of the most critically endangered ecoregions in the country. This book tells that story.

Help me distribute this book to the landowners of this endangered ecoregion!

The Palouse Prairie of southeastern Washington and a portion of western Idaho is one of the most critically endangered ecosystems in the country (Noss et al., 1995).  It has been estimated that less than 1% of the native prairie remains on the Palouse (Black et al., 2000). 

Unfortunately, these areas still lack protection from urbanization, weed invasion, agro-chemical drift, nutrient enrichment from adjacent agricultural practices, and negative impacts from introduced species.

Conservation efforts on the Palouse have recently begun to develop; however, no regional or local policies currently exist that protect the remaining Palouse Prairie.  

The protection of these habitats---and the inhabiting species---is critical to the preservation of the natural history, as well as the ecological stability of the region.  

These areas help clean our air, water, pollinate our crops, prevent the erosion of our soils, and help contribute to the genetic library of the planet.  

To raise awareness of this issue, I have created a conservation photography book entitled Finding the Palouse Prairie Images of A Vanishing Grassland.  The book is 120 pages in length and produced in a large format (8x10inches).  It tells the story of the Palouse Prairie by exploring its past, present, and future conditions.

The target audience for this book is private landowners on the Palouse as the Palouse Prairie is almost entirely privately owned.  Conservation of the prairie, therefore, is entirely dependent upon landowner participation in conservation.  

I will use the money raised from "kickstarter" to print and distribute these books to local landowners.  The iconic images within the book, and its compelling arguments for conservation, will inspire landowners to protect what little is left of this endangered ecoregion.

With your help we can help save this fragile piece of the American West!

Thanks for your support,

Matt Dolkas


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