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Journey through unforgiving dungeons in this 90's inspired action-adventure, where a young hero rises to prevent a war of the elements.
Journey through unforgiving dungeons in this 90's inspired action-adventure, where a young hero rises to prevent a war of the elements.
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2015 Post-mortem - Refunds & The Future of Midora


Before I begin with the news, I would like to wish anyone reading this a Happy New Year. I believe 2016 to be the year of hope, the year of change. I believe optimism and hard work to be the keys to success. I come to you with late news but news nonetheless.

For the whole month of December, seeing as getting any sort of deal with investors or publishers failed, I took the time to reflect on everything that happened and prepare myself. I can't say I didn't see this coming. In fact, I've been preparing myself to the idea of failure ever since the kickstarter got funded. The one thing I knew I would do, should everything else fail, is offer refunds. This is what this update is mostly about, so here are the key points:

1) Why refunds?

We took your money to create a game and simply failed to deliver. This shouldn't need explaining but, at the end of the day, we are not thieves. The project failed for many reasons, including unexpected events and different outcomes regarding what we had accomplished. Not everything went according to plan and this is the situation that we're in. The best way to one day create Midora is to simply stop trying now and come back to it once everything has healed. I want to come back to this project once we have enough to see this project through, from wherever we left off to finish.

2) Why now?

Because it's time. I wanted to finish 2015 by making sure we did everything that we could to fix this, and I am now glad it's over. This new step is the first step on the path to a clean sheet. Offering refunds might delay our plans to one day come back to this quite significantly but that's a truth I am willing to accept, a reality I have to accept.

3) How?

That's the tricky part. I take full responsability for this project and the failures and will be the only one offering refunds. Everyone in the team but me currently has a job, and I am actively looking for work at time of writing. I am also working on a few side projects, all of which don't require a budget, some of which will hopefully allow me to come back to Midora one day. I first have to pay back close relatives and other parties that helped me way before the kickstarter. Then, I will have to stabilize my own situation. I can't offer refunds as soon as I earn money from a new job. I will need to save up money to create my own insurance, to be able to cover unexpected situations, emergencies.

However, once that's done, I don't have many options and I won't be able to offer refunds to certain people. Some people have pledged quite a bit of money on this kickstarter and I can't exactly repay them in full. Not at first. There is also the problem of how money will be transfered, and for this only one option is available to me: PayPal. This will certainly make some of you upset but, as someone who currently lives in Europe, I don't have many other options.

Once I am ready to comfortably offer refunds, I will open a new webpage where all backers will be able to make a claim and be put on a waiting list. There is no real way to make it fair for everyone, so refunds will be issued in order. At the end/beginning of every month, I will figure out how much of what I have can be spent on refunds (that is all the money that won't be spent on wages), transfer all of it using PayPal, then clear your name from the database.

Looking at my current timeline, it looks like I will be able to start offering refunds sometime next Summer. I will keep everyone updated on how things are going, and everyone will be given fair warnings, reminders.

4) So what will happen of Midora?

With the decision of offering refunds, Midora certainly becomes a distant dream. However, I am not giving up on it at all. My goal is to get back on this project as soon as possible, using money I will hopefully make on other projects. This kickstarter is not dead, and everyone who has pledged money, without claiming a refund, will remain in the database. Your pledge data isn't going anywhere, which means you will still receive your reward if I can finish the game one day.

With that said, I am hoping some or most of you will not ask for a refund, at least not yet, in order to help me find some sort of balance. The less refunds, the sooner you can expect me to go back to Midora and bring you the game we all believed in from the start.

Finally, I would like to talk about the comment section of this kickstarter, as well as a few other places online where some people like to trash the game. I am not reading/replying to kickstarter comments anymore, I gave up on that after the previous kickstarter update. I cannot and will not spend my time replying to the nonsense some backers like to spread. Some backers simply assume the wrong things, and I have to stop caring about that. You should too.

I am still thankful that the majority (well over 3000) of you still support the game and wish to see it happen. I am certainly not going to forget what you all have done in 2014 anytime soon. I will fight to make this dream come true again. I will not reply to any comment or even private message about this update just yet. I will host a dedicated forum once things have truly changed, where I will answer any question you have about the game, refunds and everything else.

I wish you all luck in whatever dream you are pursuing. Stay safe, stand proud, be happy.

-Mhyre, Game Director

Livestream starts in 5min.


It's all in the title! Join us soon and ask us questions over at

A link to download a playable build of the game (March, 2015) is available on the stream as well. The stream will go on for roughly an hour, perhaps more if we get a lot of questions. Insults, trolls and inappropriate questions that aren't about the project will be removed/banned from the channel.

Postponed Livestream


As you may have guessed, the livestream had to be postponed to a later date. This week has been a very busy and heavy week, mainly due to the recent events of last week, and we could not prepare everything for it in time. Please note that the last update said "We are still unsure if we will stream this coming Friday or Saturday", which means, unless we do post a real time and date, you should not wait around on our Twitch channel.

Again, unexpected and tragic issues ruined our plans for a friday or saturday stream. We will update you once again here and everywhere else once we know for sure when exactly we will stream. The current plan is to stream on Monday, however we have a few calls with interested companies in the morning so a stream may or may not happen depending on how long it takes / how it goes. We hope you can understand.

Upcoming Livestream + Q&A


Dear supporters,

The Epic Minds team and I will be hosting a livestream and a live Q&A on our Twitch channel soon to explain and show everything we've been working on as well as announce our plans moving forward. The stream will be recorded and available on our Twitch channel, possibly YouTube, so that everyone can view it and perhaps get his/her question answered.

Please note that we will only answer questions that we deem appropriate. If you want us to reply, simply ask your question anywhere (comments, twitch chat, facebook, twitter, private message, email) and remain polite. Please do not spam. We will try to answer as many questions as possible for about two hours, possibly three.

We are still unsure if we will stream this coming Friday or Saturday. We will update you on the real date and time here and on facebook/twitter when we know. We look forward to chatting with you.

EDIT: The livestream will be here to provide everyone with a build of the game.


Calling all publishers and investors - let's talk numbers.



I really wish that I could've posted an update a week after the previous one, just like I promised. Except things did not go according to plan. I was perhaps too hopeful, but is it wrong to be hopeful? Our search for publishers and investors is, unfortunately, still not over. We've had opportunities with big names in the industry and, while they were all truly interested, their own schedule and projects was often the number one reason a partnership/agreement could not be made.

I would now like to address concerns that, while they are understandable, do not help our situation and give us a bad image. I feel it is time to be as transparent as possible and even give you actual numbers. Some people still believe that Midora is just "vaporware". I really have no way of showing everyone the work that has been put into finding a true partnership in the last few months, but I will say it again and again: I am never giving up on this game, and this has never been my intention. I will do whatever it takes to get the game I want to make into your hands. The game is complete on paper and the team has nothing but talent. Money is all that we need. Nothing can happen without money. Money is our final boss.

On the subject of money, there are certain things that I will admit. I will admit that the amount needed to create this game was largely underestimated for the campaign. I knew that the game would need more than $60,000 to be made. However, like many others, I didn't think for one second we could reach a goal higher than $60,000, especially after two failed campaigns and no prior advertising. With $60,000 in our hands, it would have been rather easy to create an Early Access and go from there. That part you probably knew already, and we aren't the first to have made poor decisions. Now what most of you don't know is how much was actually used in the development so far, and the answer is very simple: all of it. But how much exactly? Between $45,000 and $50,000. You wanted numbers, you got numbers. Not a single cent of that money was used to pay anything other than bills, food and development costs.

"But wait, kickstarter only takes 5% of the total! How can that be?". One word: taxes. We were heavily taxed from all places imaginable and everybody wanted a piece. We of course knew that would happen, but we never expected to be left with so little. After hiring another artist and paying existing debts, there was not much to work with... and yet we tried. We tried as hard as we could to bring you Early Access and we nearly succeeded. What we have done in 3 months last year was the most we had ever done on any project, and it was amazing. And yet we could not release anything due to lack of money, often doubts and poor timing. Running out of money quick has a way of pressuring you and transforming your life into a mess, simply because you need to secure more before it happens.

Somehow, after all of this, we are still here. We may not update you guys much on what is going on, but you can trust that we're doing everything we can to get back to work. If you want to know exactly how much money we need to finish this game, I will tell you: between $120,000 and $150,000. The programming of the game can be done in a matter of 3 to 4 months if we get a second programmer on the team, while the art would take 6 months with the current artists, perhaps 5 if we hire a third talent. That is if everyone works fulltime and is paid fulltime.

I would like to call all publishers and investors that could potentially be interested in the game. We have all that you need to make a decision and we're ready to be generous, provided that you help us in the first place. We want things to move on, to progress. If you are yourself interested or know anyone that could be interested, please leave us a message on kickstarter, facebook, twitter... anywhere really, as long as it's private. Feel free to suggest companies or suggest us to other companies if you think that could help as well. We are ready to talk.

Game Director