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Journey through unforgiving dungeons in this 90's inspired action-adventure, where a young hero rises to prevent a war of the elements.
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Epic Minds

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Beginnings: Artezian Haven, Rune Crafting and Particles.



If I told you we've been working hard this week, all of us... would you believe me? You need proof, don't you? Alright, but first you need one bit of information that was never made public... and it's not a spoiler. From time to time, I get asked "does the story take place in the world of Midora?". No it doesn't. Midora is not the name of the world! Midora is more complex than that, and there will be several islands for the entire story. So what's the main island? Where does Snow begin her journey? Here's the answer you've been waiting for...


Home to 80% of the world's population, this island has 3 cities: Cloudview, Miracle (King City) and Port Blue. It also has two small towns: Seawind and Ancestra. The island was named after the Great Dragon Everest who died during the ancient war, sacrificing himself to maintain the earth's balance using his colossal body.

If you want to know more, you'll have to play the game... or you could just wait patiently for another kickstarter update. Up to you!

The Artezian Haven

Our master pixel artist Zhi is back and started to work on the place that will serve as a hub in the Early Access version: the Artezian Haven. The haven is a very relaxing refuge where Snow will be able to focus and learn new skills, craft a few items, cook and even create runes!

Here's a sneak peek of a recent sketch, soon to be 100% pixel art:

The Artezian Haven (upper left corner)
The Artezian Haven (upper left corner)

Speaking of rune crafting... do any of you know how this works? I can tell you a few things about the process. It involves a table, a rock, a hammer and a spell scroll. Then magic happens.. oh my, another preview!

Rune Crafting
Rune Crafting

Sooo we promised to show the new particle system and wanted to post a gif... turns out, we're making a little video instead! You can expect that video to be up on our YouTube channel soon, perhaps before the next kickstarter update.

We'll leave you with one last screenshot though! Have a look at some rain created entirely with code!

Rain particles
Rain particles

See you in the next update, coming this weekend!

Details on Early Access + Vote - The Inferno is back!


Hello again!

I promised you an update this weekend, so here it is! First, let me say how thankful I am for all your support after what happened and my apology. It really means a lot to see how strong the community still is and I am even more excited to work now!

The team and I are going to meet tomorrow to figure out long we will work on the new Early Access. It seems that two weeks of development and one week of debugging is the way to go, but that all depends on what gets set in stone. Does that mean Early Access in May? That's a strong possibility! (approx. 99.87654321%)

I would like to remind you that everyone that picked a PC version of the game will get a 100% DRM-Free copy. As soon as we're done with Early Access, you will receive instructions on how to claim your copy via mail and download the game immediately on Humble Store. The same instructions will be detailed here as well, in a kickstarter update. Once Early Access hits Steam, you will be able to claim a Steam key on Humble Store too!

Edit: The Mac and Linux versions of Early Access will be worked on as soon as the PC version is out and shouldn't take long at all. After that, updates will be simultaneous on all three!

Now let's talk about a vote! We would like to know what you are most excited about in Early Access. All the options listed in the vote will be available in the first build, though some will have more content than others. Vote now!

I promised you the new portrait of the Inferno. Be warned, he is 100% more badass! This new version will be fixed into the poster print as well. Here it is!

The Inferno, by G.Chris
The Inferno, by G.Chris

See you next week in another content update, this time with screenshots!

I have made mistakes.

Hello! Mhyre again,

Right after the kickstarter update announcing Midora's development was paused, I knew there would be angry backers, but I did not expect hate or even insults. I am now glad to have read every single comment, and there is a reason why I simply stopped replying after some time: I realized my mistakes, and I am here to apologize.

The first one was to post the last update on our new website. I know, I really do, that it is not a good thing to do. Why did I do it? I was perhaps excited to make use of our new company website, even though it is not done yet. That will not happen again and this new update is living proof of it!

The second mistake, and that one is hard to accept but I do accept it, was to believe that it would take an entire dungeon, from start to finish, to release Midora in Early Access. I wanted to introduce every single player to the story and I wanted it to be good, too good. My ambitions were way too high, and I know why we failed or, more accurately, didn't succeed. In order to complete that dungeon, the entire game has to be done. I am not talking about all the graphics or all the music, but actual programming of the game. And that is exactly why we failed, because not being able to complete such task makes more than enough sense when you know that one man is in charge of all of it, as I've explained in a previous update.

Nobody in the team failed to do anything, and everything that was supposed to be done has been done. I was just the one thinking it needed more work. Early Access was not delayed because I am changing the game all the time. The game's story has been done for years now and, even though I added a huge character to the game a few months back, I still know exactly where I'm going with it, and what the entire game (story, world, dungeons, gameplay) is going to be like.

One thing you should know about me is that I like to study games. I like to pause when I'm playing and simply look around, wondering what it took to make it all come to life. Studying Early Access games is something I should have done a long time ago. If only I had seen sooner that we had what it takes to release an alpha (more like alpha-beta), I wouldn't be writing this new update, you wouldn't be pissed at us and everything would probably be fine.

So how much time did we waste? Surprisingly enough, not a lot! When we started our work on Treasure Addicts, our goal was to create something quick and clean with the tools we've made. We only had to work on AI Logic and a lighting system, among other things. Those two things weren't in Midora yet and were added to our engine.

I am taking full responsability in what happened and will make sure that never happens again. We are back working on Midora and creating a proper Early Access version using what we have and using the bank loan I talked about in the previous update, and it should be finished soon. We also have new publishers interested in the game and I will take a closer look at their offers. But before I agree on anything, we will still try to make a decent profit out of Early Access and hopefully continue our progress with decent content updates and game fixes. I will start updating kickstarter as often as possible with perhaps weekly updates, even if they are small. And finally we, myself included, are going to be professional in every way we can.

See you in the next update, coming this weekend!

Midora's development is back on track.


After much debate and thinking, Midora's development will resume soon. A Kickstarter update explaining why and Early Access news are coming soon.

We are pausing development on Midora.


Here's why: