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Journey through unforgiving dungeons in this 90's inspired action-adventure, where a young hero rises to prevent a war of the elements.
Journey through unforgiving dungeons in this 90's inspired action-adventure, where a young hero rises to prevent a war of the elements.
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Short update



I know you have all been waiting for news for quite some time and while it is true that I should have updated everyone on the matter, the fact remains that I had to concentrate on my own job. Nothing's done yet, but I am now willing to update you on what is going on with our lives and the game itself.

1) No, we did not cancel the game or pause development again...

.. but the game's development has gotten very slow, that I can't deny. And there's a very good reason for this: we are working with several developers / publishers that would possibly fund / produce the game as well. A little over three weeks ago, we've tweeted about our search for publisher / partner opportunities, and some folks have been incredibly helpful. It is now our job to , so we can finally work on this game without worrying ever again. We hope you can understand that.

2) We cannot tell you who we are working with...

... but we can tell you that the opportunities that we have right now are very, very exciting. I wish I could give you hints, but there is absolutely zero point in getting anyone hyped while there is still the possibility that this will fail. We are very hopeful, but there is still work to do. We have signed several NDA's so far and I am in the process of polishing the GDD (Game Design Document) for Midora. All of this takes a lot of time, time that we don't really have because we ran out of money. And that brings me to my third point..

3) Early Access is still in the works but will not be released on Steam.

There is still a whole lot of work to do on our tools and the engine, but the future still looks bright. Early Access on Steam on the other hand... not so much. Reality check: we've been trying for way too long, it's time to work on being able to complete the game some other way. Releasing EA on Steam would be detrimental to the game right now, but we were desperate enough to press the button... only we never thought we'd get such an amazing response on Twitter from folks willing to help and publishers alike.

We see the opportunities, they're here, which is why we decided to give up on Early Access for Steam. However, and mark my words: we did not forget about you guys, the kickstarter backers. Some of you have been here from the very beginning, and that makes us really proud of what we're doing. There will be a backers demo at some point, something that we can feel free to release without worrying too much about the reviews because nothing will be official. If we can get the help that we need, then you will be given much more than you expected.

Yes we are late on many things but better late than never, right? I would to apologize for the lack of communication, I have been a little carried away thinking all of this would take a little less time. I really thought we were close, but we need to be patient and work on what we have. I cannot wait to (hopefully) bring you the most exciting news ever.


Midora needs you!


Hello again!

Over the past few days, we've been looking to release Early Access on Steam. We were thinking of releasing it on thursday or friday, but doing that would be taking too many risks for the game. As you're probably aware, the Steam Summer Sale is here, and runs for 11 days. It would be insane to consider releasing Early Access when everyone else is looking to buy other games at very low prices, probably after saving up for a while. We cannot avoid the Steam Summer Sale entirely or even afford to release next month, but it seems like a good idea to wait at least a week before doing anything. Delaying just a little bit more also gives us time to prepare you for what's to come.

We did not send any press emails yet, mostly because we were too busy with completing Early Access itself. And because of the Steam Summer Sale (and E3!), getting a review or just a word about Midora on a major website is very unlikely.

So what exactly is the plan? Many thanks to Primož Vovk from Emberheart Games for pointing it out... YOU are the plan. There are about 2400 of you waiting to get a PC copy of the game (hopefully most of you are looking to run it on Windows, the Mac / Linux versions are not ready just yet), and that's a really nice number. How does that help us? It's actually quite simple.

By leaving a simple review on Steam about Early Access, you will be giving Midora a chance to jump into the "Popular Releases" section of Steam (hopefully!), giving us that much needed exposure and saving us from falling into the pit of forgotten games. Once we're there, sales should pick up and bring us some much needed cash, allowing us to hire more developers and artists, continue our progress and eventually release the gem everyone's looking to play.

We'd like to warn you about what to expect from Early Access. The first week will be a SLOW week. We did not implement everything we set out to implement, so it's mostly a bunch of levels. The gameplay will be slow and the controls won't be as responsive as you might expect. We did what we could, but our engine is in need of some serious upgrades. We are mostly looking to get that first impression from everyone, but also need a lot of information about the performances of the game on various machines. Once we have that, and assuming sales are picking up, we'll start working on v2 of the epicEngine and our tools, which thankfully shouldn't take long (about two weeks). This also gives more time to the artists to complete some more work on the game until we push a big content update, where everyone should be satisfied with where the game is going.

Whatever the case: leave us a review, just a word. Each review is like one more point that will overall help the game. Good or bad, be honest about what you think of the game, whatever state it is in and what you expected. We did warn you, but you have the right to be disappointed! If you have any issue with the game, please contact us any way you can, we're here to help! We need to know about everything you're experiencing with the game, if it's working or not and what is happening when you do X or Y.

Don't expect other players to send us the information, do it yourself! It doesn't matter if we hear the same thing over and over from everyone, that will only make it more critical for us, and that's what Early Access is for! Tell us what's wrong so we can fix it, and we'll thank you for your involvement.

There's another update on Monday, with screenshots. Yup!

Logo, Art Direction, Streams



Nevermind the "Next update: wednesday" from last update. I should have known we would have much more exicting things to talk about on Sunday. How about a new logo preview for the game?

After many, many, many attempts (close to a hundred?) to create a new logo for Midora, Giorgos has managed to create a pretty interesting concept, inspired by logos from Final Fantasy and Legend of Mana / Sword of Mana, where something is illustrated behind the title. We have been stuck on the Inferno's symbol for quite a while and didn't know exactly how to place it, how it would fit, what texture...

Well, why not add the Inferno himself to the logo then? After all, the title of the first game comes from him!

Work in progress
Work in progress

 However, we are not going to add a gradient to texture the Inferno! Right now, the inspiration will come from Zelda's Phantom Hourglass logo, which looks really colorful and simple. Have a look!

Art Direction

Over the past few days, I've been thinking about how long and complex Midora really needs to be. After testing the game some more in a couple of new levels for Early Access, I felt the controls and animations didn't feel that responsive, so I proceeded to compare them to the games that inspired Midora. I noticed the difference almost immediately. We are making a modern but retro-inspired game for PC and consoles.. but are we trying too hard? After all, the entire game is done in pixel art, and that in itself already takes a lot of time and effort. We have experienced artists in the team, but does that mean we should push everyone and everything to the limit? Probably not.

After a much needed discussion, the whole team agreed. We are now looking to create shorter, simpler animations that will make the gameplay more responsive, more enjoyable. It's not an easy thing to explain, but we are definitely thinking about improve all that for Early Access and the game in general. If done right, and after setting new standards and goals, the production time for the first game could be reduced by a few months!


I don't have much to say about that, but they are definitely coming! If you've read the previous update, then you know all about me and my anxiety issues. Those issues are now, for the most part, solved. Web stream, coding stream, level design, music, pixel art streams, you name it... they're coming, starting next week! More on that in the next update.

You may now raise the hype meter.

Backers Page, Webdev stream, Cloudview


Hello again,

As I've mentioned in the previous update, I am working on a completely new page for you, kickstarter backers, where you will get exclusive news on the game (before we post it here), check the info we have on you, upload a file if you need to work with us, leave us notes and even chat with us!

So what's it look like? It's not completely done yet but, after two days of work, here's a preview of what I have so far:

Work in progress
Work in progress

 This is obviously a work in progress, but progress has been smooth so far. I have a question for you now! If you've joined the team during the twitch livestream last week, you've probably noticed that I had an anxiety attack, which is something that has never happened to me before. I can usually talk just fine but had no idea what was going on in my mind this time. This is something I really want to work on because I want you guys to know me a little more, I want to be as friendly and open as possible.

As a result, I've decided to do a stream on my own... but only if that's something enough people would be interested in. I am currently focusing on the kickstarter backer page, but this isn't something that should take too long to do. If you would like to see me work and talk about web development, well.. vote here!

Once the backer page is up, you'll have plenty more to read. The world map (Everest Island) will be there for you to see. Some location names will be added each week. All locations will get a full description to stimulate your imagination!

I'll leave you with an excerpt from Cloudview's description:

Cloudview is a rare place who used to be permanently graced by the sunlight and known for selling the best pieces of cloud in the world. The city was built on top of the Diamond Peak, making it the perfect place to farm clouds. But the winds have changed since the Inferno began to roar again, poisoning the sky with its smoke. Pure pieces of cloud now get more expensive by the day, and no one knows if the sun will ever pierce the skies again. Cloudview's inhabitants are also getting sick, and it is only a matter of time before the..

Next update: Wednesday. See you then!


Ignis Aeternus


Hey there!

Yes, I promised to post an update every week and failed last week's update. Blame me all you want for it, but you're going to have to read this update anyway, and then you'll understand...

We have been rethinking the way we're going to present Early Access. Since creating an entire dungeon actually requires more work than expected, the only way we're going to make a decent Early Access version is if we have enough to show. All levels together might not make a lot of sense, but it's the only way we have to show you as many things as possible. Here's a list of levels you can expect to see:

  • The Solar Temple: there will be one closed level with several doors, acting as a hub to reach the other testing levels. There's also a puzzle.
  • The Morning Grove: a simple forest map with an abandoned house (unlocked!) and the burial mound. Spiders? Mayyyyybe!
  • The abandoned house: it's abandoned.
  • The burial mound: Rumor has it that some dragon bones from the ancient war are still in the dirt, somewhere far into the cave. Also golems.
  • Unnamed level to showcase some new particle effects!

What will Snow do?

  • Attack
  • Roll
  • Jump
  • Throw water bombs
  • Craft runes and use them
  • Bomb the hell out of enemies
  • Push blocks

We are currently implementing the rune crafting user interface. In case you've missed our little preview from the twitch stream about a week ago (which wasn't that great, but we'll do much better next time with the artists and the composer!), here it is again:

So, about that title for the update... what's "Ignis Aeternus", and what does it mean? Well here's an announcement: it's the title of the first game! Ignis Aeternus is latin for "Eternal Flame", which is another name for our dear Lord Inferno, Knight of the Volcano and badass villain in the game. The words "Ignis Aeternus" have always been part of the game, the story and pretty much written everywhere in my notes for the longest time, but I only recently realized that it would be a perfect title for the game itself. Make sure to let me know what you think about it!

Do you want another announcement? Oh I've got plenty! We are working on a completely new page for all kickstarter backers where you will be able to communicate with the team, follow our progress closely, receive notes and have access to tools in case one of your perks allows you to create something for the game, and more! Midora's website is still a work in progress, but progress has been made to make it pretty! We are also working on a new logo for the game, one that should stand out and make the game look like a real title. It involves the Inferno's symbol, which you can see on his portrait (on the chest).

Oh my, so many news! I am actually very excited to finally have announced all this. At this rate, what's the next update going to be? Well there are still two main characters from the game I have never talked about, and there's also the world map if you're patient enough..

Early Access is so incredibly close from being done and we really wanted to release it this month, but there is no point in rushing anything. First half of June then? Yes.

See you in the next update on Friday!