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Journey through unforgiving dungeons in this 90's inspired action-adventure, where a young hero rises to prevent a war of the elements.
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Epic Minds

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We are on Twitch!


We are live on Twitch right now, streaming some gamedev. Come join us and have a look at what we're doing!

You can also ask us anything using #midoraqa on Twitter, or you can post on our facebook page.

This is 2015


Quick update about Early Access

Due to game breaking bugs we haven't been able to fix yet, we cannot release Midora on Early Access. Valve also has to approve the game for release before we can do anything on Steam, which means the game first needs to be fixed, then approved.  

There is currently no ETA on when everything will be resolved but we will do our best to keep you informed on the situation and tell you when Early Access should pop up. If you would like to play on PC as soon as possible, we will be emailing links to download the DRM-Free version on the Humble Store as soon as the game is fixed. Each account will then receive a steam key once the game has been approved by Valve.    

We hope you understand the situation and trust we are doing our best to bring you something to play as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT READ: About rewards, our plans and Early Access.


Merry christmas!

..what? Is it too early? Our hero's name is Snow, so it's never too early! We have a bunch of important news and infos to share, so please read very carefully.

1) Have you confirmed your rewards through our special page? If yes, you can skip this part.

If you have yet to confirm your primary game copy, we unfortunately cannot leave the page up forever. We cannot guess what copy of the game you want (platform or console), so we are adding a deadline for that. Anyone that fails to take 30 seconds to complete the rewards form on our page before December 10 will be marked as receiving a Steam copy of the game.

The good news? We have recreated the entire backers page, making it 100% easier for you to select your reward and tell us about your add-ons. Everything is in a single page with no loading time or reloading required. Click here to check it out. (Javascript must be enabled).

2) When do you get your rewards?

If you have confirmed your game copy and add-ons, then you are in our database! This means that every single time a reward is available for you, you will be emailed to know how exactly to receive that reward. It's that simple.

We cannot tell you exactly when you will get X or Y reward, but we can tell you our current plan:

Posters should be sent sometime around January, perhaps February. We are still working with printing companies and running some tests to see what's best for the poster. Once that's done, and just like for every other reward, you will be emailed to give us your shipping address. Why not tell us now? Because we're busy with a lot of things, because it would be a mess to keep the information and because you might move shortly after! By completing our form inside the email you will receive, you will be able to tell us exactly where we should ship the poster and/or if we should wait before we do so.

Books? Same as above, only the Book of Knowledge will come out around the same time as the game. We don't want to spoil you!

Custom NPCs? Shortly after Early Access! We will do them all at once, and you will be emailed with, once again, a special form to submit your picture(s).

Monsters, quests, items, dungeon and all other special perks? We honestly don't know, but most certainly in 2015. All of these are to be implemented while we are working on the game. Fear not, you will be emailed to give us your input in time!

3) What is Early Access?

Yes, we are answering that question again right here. Even if you didn't ask, make sure you read carefully, because some of you are still confused as to what we're doing! There is also a slight issue with the team announcing a short delay on the release and more confusion around that. We'll explain once and for all:

The kickstarter campaign was funded. That means the game was funded. What does that mean? That means the game will happen. When? Still around Summer 2015 (which is anywhere between June 21 and September 23. We can continue working on this game full time thanks to all of you. But full time should never mean non-stop, which is what some of us have been doing for 20 months and more. Are we exhausted? Absolutely. Do we deserve a break? We believe we do.

Following the game getting greenlit on Steam, we have decided to try and release Midora on Early Access so that you can all play it while we're working on it and give us your feedback. We've been working on that shortly after the campaign and we aren't even done. There is a certain level of expectation and a few rules/guidelines to follow before attempting to release anything in Early Access. We know you really want to play the game, but you can trust us when we tell you it's not worth it just yet.

Who gets Early Access? All backers who picked a Steam or DRM-Free copy of the game. Remember that you get both a Steam key and a direct download, if you picked Steam or DRM-Free when confirming your rewards (you're welcome). The Early Access version is the full game but without all the content. That means the game will update itself, even the Steam-less version.

The Early Access version of the game is also a way for us to start selling the actual game, just like you bought it during the kickstarter campaign. We don't need the money to make the game happen but we do need more money to make it happen faster. More money means another artist, perhaps another developer as well. More money also means more polish, making everything better. More money could even mean making ports happen faster as well. This is exactly what we meant by "it needs to do well, though" in Devlog #3. We meant zero harm but probably failed to deliver the right message. We're sorry. Don't worry.

So when do we take that break? Just like we've announced in Devlog #3, our exhaustion is the reason why we're late, but us being dedicated to give you a taste of the game before Christmas is why we are delaying Early Access just a little bit. We'll take our break after Early Access. We want to be able to relax for Christmas with our families and enjoy what has to be enjoyed. We'll get back to work on the first day of 2015.

Do you still have questions? Ask away!

Devlog #3: Early Access delayed to December 10.