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After a human Population Control Virus is released, everyone must decide for themselves whether to harvest the antidote or die.

What happens when a Population Control Virus wipes out over half of humanity and the only antidote is a fresh human cerebellum? Who unleashed this horrendous virus? How will people survive? Is anyone immune? What would you do?

The story centers on Kelly who has had her whole family harvested in a grisly home invasion by trusted neighbors. Not having anything to live for she doesn't care if the whole world burns. The problem? She's the only known person with a natural immunity to the virus. Therefore she is incredibly important and everyone wants her either to help find a cure, not find a cure or exploit a cure.

HARVEST is a pulse pounding and thought provoking series that gives us a glimpse of the not so distant future.

We are here on Kickstarter to generate funds for completing the pilot episode. If you pledge to be a backer you'll also receive some of the great incentives shown on the right side bar. Aside from pulling a lot of favors from industry pros there are still the costs for camera equipment rentals, crew, makeup fx supplies and post production. Your pledges can help us complete the pilot episode.

In addition to the pilot episode script, we have 20 episodes outlined and character breakdowns for the entire first season. Once the pilot episode is finished we will pitch the series to several contacts at both television and online networks until we get HARVEST picked up as a series. Its going to be a tough journey but content providers are constantly looking for something fresh.
We can supply that.

The pilot episode will feature appearances by Carlos Alazraqui (Reno 911), Jenny Spain (DEADGIRL), David Mattey (Hancock) and Aina O'Kane (Norweigian Pop Sensation). Not only will Jim Ojala direct the pilot episode but he will be overseeing all the makeup fx in the film as well. Jim's background in professional special makeup/creature fx (DEADGIRL, 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, Hellboy 2, etc.) will also help bring high production value to HARVEST.

If you've been craving a little more substance, and don't like what you've been watching lately then help us change it! All pledges remain confidential. When you make a pledge, your card will not be charged until the project is successfully funded. If the goal is not reached, then all pledges will be canceled. On the otherhand, if the pledges surpass the goal they will continue until July 11th.

If you know others that would be interested in this project, please pass it on.

We appreciate your support!

Jim, Monty & Team HARVEST


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