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Time to take BBP to the next level: a custom-built mobile party delivery system! Make sure Bike Party continues to kick out the jams!
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shirts and jerseys are in!

hey everyone!  just wanted to let you know that the shirts and jerseys are all in!  for those of you attending may's bike party, they will be available to pick up at the after party!  for those out of town, expect things to go in the mail in the first part of june!  thanks for your patience and for all your support!

Bike Trailer Update!

hey everyone!  so i just realized i can post updates here.  i'm not sure how it works with reaching all of you, but here we go.

we have purchased all the supplies for the trailer and the last step is manufacturing some mounts for the speakers to attach to and a platform for the amp and battery.  thanks to your generosity we were able to go with a much sturdier Surly trailer (with a 300lb limit) as opposed to the YAK trailer, which was still nice, but only has an 85lb limit... this is good because in order to ensure the tunes keep blasting we ended up going with a battery that is almost 60lbs itself!

here is the trailer loaded with all sorts of goodies from Poptronics!

here is the old amp on top of the new amp :D

and here is the stereo all wired up on the floor of my house, everything works!

our hope is to have the trailer ready for the march bike party, but it will definitely be ready to roll out in april!

speaking of april, that should be when the rewards roll in (shirts/jerseys/stickers)  this is a reminder that IF YOU HAVE NOT FILLED OUT YOUR SURVEY, PLEASE DO SO.  otherwise we don't know what size to order you!

thanks again to everyone!  BIKE PARTAAAAAY!