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Time to take BBP to the next level: a custom-built mobile party delivery system! Make sure Bike Party continues to kick out the jams!


Baltimore Bike Party is spending the winter raising funds and constructing a new, purpose-built music trailer to ensure we are able to continue blasting tunes for many years to come.  (Don't worry, we're still hosting Bike Party through the winter!)


In 2008, Baltimore Critical Mass was a shell of a ride.  Having been diffused by a combination of aggression, apathy, and police confrontation, it had been reduced to a one-a-year halloween ride of ~100 riders.  That summer, I had the opportunity to participate in San Francisco's Critical Mass.  What I witnessed was a sea of 2000 riders coursing through the streets of San Fran, many in outrageous costumes, despite being months away from Halloween.  Music blasted from multiple trailers, a man with a tandem bike had a karaoke kit strapped to the stoker's cockpit, horns and whistles and cheers emerged from every corner around me.  Despite all the joy in my heart from that ride, I was left with the lingering question "Why can't Baltimore have this?"

This question refused to leave my brain, and after the 2010 Halloween Critical Mass, my friend Brian and I decided it was time to try and bring the large group ride back to Baltimore on a monthly basis.  My first attempt at a music trailer came soon after.  I bought a small battery-powered amplifier and rigged it up to 2 of my home stereo speakers on a small cargo trailer.  While this system technically worked, it projected about 12 ft.  We needed more.  If this ride was going to succeed, it needed to be something more EPIC.  My second attempt was a much larger trailer I attempted to fabricate myself, to house a much larger speaker.  It was a miserable failure that didn't complete 1 ride.  Back to the dinky cargo trailer.  I eventually found a set of suitable home-audio speakers, the pair you currently hear at Bike Party, that I was able to shoe-horn into the cargo trailer.  This lasted for a while until the trailer broke mid-ride in the fall of 2011.


What you currently hear on Bike Party is a combined effort of my friend Marc and myself.  This trailer works okay, and was suitable for Bike Party's first ride in April when we were hoping to break the 100 rider mark.  But as you know, we have greatly surpassed that and become something I used to only dream about happening in Baltimore.

This is where YOU come in.  Bike Party is and always will be, a FREE event.  Our current trailer was paid for out of the pockets of Marc and myself.  Bike Party is asking for your support to build a new, better music trailer.  We want to keep Bike Party rocking month after month, year after year.  Everyone has already been a fundamental part of something amazing happening in Baltimore.  Let's keep that momentum going!  THANK YOU ALL!!!

(Thank you to Hill Killer Apparel for their wonderful jersey design)

(sticker and t-shirt designs pending)

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There are risks involved in every undertaking, but we have worked to minimize any risk by already sourcing out all our components. We have RacePace ready to purchase the trailer, and local audio store PopTronics ready to supply all the audio equipment. Once we have found a welder all we need is your support to have this trailer ready to go by April's Bike Party!


  • There are a number of monthly expenses that Bike Party incurs. Any money donated beyond the needs of the music trailer will be used for future Bike Party events. These expenses include, but are not limited to, permits, posters/fliers, security, port-a-potties, food, DJs, and other entertainment. Please continue to give and ensure that Bike Party remains a FREE event!

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