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From stock options to saving for retirement; from asking for a raise to robo investments, we go deep into personal finance.
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Moneysplained is a podcast for you

Hi! I’m Ally-Jane. I’m making one season (13 Episodes) of a podcast about money. It's called Moneysplained. I'm going to tackle the stuff no one talks about, the stuff you're just magically supposed to know. Maybe your parents were supposed to explain personal finance to you, maybe you were supposed to learn this stuff in school? My guess is that, like me, this crucial information was somehow lost on you.

This is my financial education as much as it is yours. I want to tackle everything from stock options to saving for retirement.

 Do you ever feel… 

  • Like a plastic bag (kidding) 
  • Like there’s a secret language of money you don’t understand? 
  • Like you know people who have thousands of dollars saved and invested and you are still terrified of overdrafting your checking account to pay for groceries? 
  • Like you’re finally a bit financially secure and now are ready to invest but you have no idea where to start? 
  • Like you want to start a small business but are terrified that you won't be able to figure out the finances?
  • Like it might be time to talk to an accountant? 
  • Like you are totally lost when it comes to choosing the right health insurance plan? 
  • Like you wish you had negotiated for a higher salary and want the tools to try before your annual review? 
  • Like money is an issue in friendships and romantic relationships? 
  • Like your credit score is this thing you’re supposed to care about but not really sure? 
  • Like you’ve been paying rent for too many years and might be ready to buy a home?

Then Moneysplained is for you.

First step: follow Moneysplained on Twitter, Facebook and sign up for the Moneysplained newsletter.

Why me?

I'm a writer and editor. I've worked at music websites, edited academic monographs, published book series, and written about food. I've had steady salaries and banged on the doors of publications for freelance checks. It's been an uphill salary battle in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I've got a 401(k) somewhere and a few thousand dollars that I'm ready to invest. Maybe you're in a similar situation? Moneysplained is about not just taking control of your finances but actually understanding every aspect of making, spending, and investing money. If most personal finance advice is like an IKEA instruction manual then Moneysplained is the perfect distillation of a hundred different YouTube videos.

Moneysplained is different from other personal finance podcasts because…

  • This is not an ADVICE podcast. There's no get-rich-quick here. Moneysplained is more like an encyclopedia.
  • I am a journalist, not a financial expert and will do my best to tackle financial concepts to help you better understand how to navigate the world of finance. 
  • I won’t spend 45 boring minutes interviewing financial gurus or 30-year-old millionaires about lucky stock tips, but I will definitely talk to experts about things that I can define but can't actually grasp, like 401(k)s. 
  • I promise to interrupt my guests when they use a term I don’t fully understand. 
  • Let's say you want to start investing. I'm going find out the EASIEST way to do that and actually tell you which company or website to go to, how to sign up, how much it will cost, etc. 
  • I find it so hard to connect with financial advice like "start investing early with low-fee index funds," so I'm actually going to unpack what that means and how to do it. And I'm actually going to do it (I already have and I can't wait to share the results with you). 

Talking about money is hard and potentially boring

We’re going to break things down into tiny little pieces and define very simple terms and institutions that you probably learned about in 8th grade but have entirely forgotten the meaning of. Also, listening to people talk about money for a long time might be boring to you (it was to me until I started this project). But don't worry, I'll keep you interested with a NMM (that's a Non-Money Minute) in the middle of each show where I share something interesting and not money related. It could be a song from a new band I like, a cocktail recipe, a book I read, a fact I learned. It's gonna be GREAT!

Everyone's situation is different and in my experience, seeking help from a professional is a great way to go. But six months ago I didn't even know the right questions to ask an accountant! Moneysplained will ensure you don't get screwed when going to an accountant or financial planner. 

How you can help

Becoming a supporter of Moneysplained MIGHT change your life. Help me grow this podcast and bring clarity in personal finance to a wider audience. Your contribution covers expenses but it also ensures that you stay up-to-date with Moneysplained news.

Your contribution (whether it's $10 or $100) is an investment in your financial education (we're going to spend a lot of time defining "investment"). Make sure you sign up for my newsletter and follow Moneysplained on social media.




You're my partner in this! Help me reach those beyond my network by sharing with friends who are educators, parents, or just people like me, who wished I had taken a financial planning 101 class at that liberal arts school I went to for four years. It's happening NOW. 

Production has already started! The first season of Moneysplained drops this Fall. Moneyspained will be available for free just like all your favorite podcasts in the iTunes store and on Bandcamp.

Here's what's coming in Season 1:

Freelance? More like Expensivelance… (self-employment tax, Freelance Isn’t Free Act, deductions) 

So You Got a Job, Now What? (stock options, employment forms, salary negotiation) 

Taxes (tax brackets, deductions, write-offs, and accountants) 

Your Credit Score and Credit Cards (repairing your credit score, choosing a credit card) 

Saving for Retirement and Financial Independence (a survey of the FI community, 401(k)’s, IRAs, Roth IRAs, and all the fun(d)s!) 

What is Money? (inflation, banks, compound interest, gift cards, credit unions) 

What is Investing? (the basics of risk and how investing in businesses works) 

How to Invest a Thousand Dollars (index funds, mutual funds, and getting started) 

Money and Relationships (spending and saving together, joint accounts, and the infamous prenup) 

Health Insurance (deductibles, how to pick the right plan, FSAs) 

Fin Tech! (comprehensive reviews of online banks, savings apps, and "robo investors”) 

Death and Inheritance (trust funds, asking relatives the hard questions, tax-free gifts, do I need a will?) 

How to Buy a House (renting vs. buying, shopping for a mortgage) 

Super huge thank you to my creative partners: Nicole Ginelli made the logos, Casey Jarman did the illustration, and Weserbergland made the music.

What the money will be used for:

1. Audio equipment and software. I’m doing everything myself which will be better in the long run but that means some pretty serious start up costs. This way, I’ll be able to make MORE episodes quickly that sound great for you, the listener. 

2. Occasional travel to interviews. In my attempt to make this podcast for EVERYONE, I'm going to have to get outside of my neighborhood. This will occasionally mean train travel to nearby cities 

3. Digital Presence. Moneysplained lives on Domain names and website hosting aren't terribly expensive but monthly podcast hosting fees add up. I'm planning to do at least three seasons of Moneysplained over the next two years. 

4. Creators. This adventure would not have been possible without brilliant people who make music and art. To make Moneysplained vibrant, I’m working with artists and musicians to help bring it to life.


Risks and challenges

But wait! There are so many podcasts about money already, why do we need another one?

Because Moneysplained is different. Moneysplained gets down in the weeds and goes through things like how putting in $100 in line 6 of your W-4 form can save your butt as a freelancer. I'm going to talk to real people and real practitioners who are not only good at their jobs, but excel at explaining complicated or opaque concepts to others.

The types of media I consume RARELY touch on money and finance. You can't learn about an aggressive vs conservative 401(k) in the New Yorker but the cartoons are great and occasionally, so is the fiction.

Who is this podcast for?

Everyone. From 7th graders to septuagenarians. This is basic stuff that has somehow missed a huge portion of the population.

But if you’re an accountant or financial professional, you probably already know this stuff. But hey, if you get your clients to listen, they’ll be better customers and will stop emailing you with questions about how to fill out employment paperwork.

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