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My son has always called my folk-based music "Hokey-Dokey Music," and I always though it'd make a good alternate CD title.
My son has always called my folk-based music "Hokey-Dokey Music," and I always though it'd make a good alternate CD title.
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Recent updates

A status report of sorts

Sorry to be so slow to report on the project. I've recorded seven or eight songs, then ran into some problems that have kept me from getting further. A couple of health concerns took me out of the "ready to record some more" mode, and now my recording engineer is moving out of the area. I have till April to record the last maybe five or six songs (it doesn't help that I wrote a new one that I'd like to include), and plan to set up some recording sessions in the next couple of weeks. It doesn't help that I had to spend more than I collected on Kickstarter just to replace the rear brakes on my car.... I didn't plan on those expenses. In any case, I'm planning on recording the last five or six songs in the next month or so, and only have one of the ones already done that I'd like to re-record.

One day to go, and many thanks!

Well, this is down to 25 hours or so to go, and I've made my original target (which I set low enough to actually reach). I'm sure unexpected costs will eat up a lot of this, lots more than I'd like (such is life), but in all honesty, I'd be lost without folks like you.

I thank you, one and all, and will do my best to give you a product you'll like. We are the music-makers; we are dreamers of dreams. Farewell until I have something to send you.

Bob Clayton

Angelina Baker (Stephen Foster)

Here's a setting of "Angelina Baker," a Stephen Foster minstrel-show number that moved into the string-band tradition, where it gained a separate part that wasn't part of Foster's song at all. I have always liked the song, so I do an amalgam of the string-band tune and the minstrel melody. I leave out the most embarrassing verse from Foster's, since the other three are a compelling love song, but the left-out one is an attempt at minstrel-show humor which doesn't work at all.

I play minstrel banjo, basic fiddle, tambourine and bones on this, emulating the original minstrel bands of the 1840s-50s.

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The Songs in the Project

Here are the songs I'm considering putting on the CD. I figured folks might like to know what's being considered.

Angelina Baker (Minstrel band)

Ol' Dan Tucker (Minstrel band)

Uncle Joe's Hail Columbia (Henry Clay Work, 1876)

Paul McNeeley's Ukulele Song (my uncle Buddy's ukulele-tuning song)

Jose from Tijuana (a novelty song by my Uncle Buddy)

Summer Man (Bob Clayton original)

'Bo (Bob Clayton original)

Cowboy's Life (Bob Clayton original, featuring "Sidekicks")

Old Bill Pickett (featuring "Sidekicks")

Curtains of Night (traditional)

Corliss Engine (Bob Clayton original)

Sea Wing (Bob Clayton original)Harbors of Home

World of Time (Bob Clayton original)

Ode (We Are the Music Makers) (Bob Clayton original tune)

But Not My Heart (Bob Clayton original)

This list is NOT set in stone. Some changes are likely, though some are already recorded.