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Industry first micro driver, true-wireless, waterproof earphones w/ patents pending and design that's received the 2015 Red Dot Award.
Industry first micro driver, true-wireless, waterproof earphones w/ patents pending and design that's received the 2015 Red Dot Award.
Industry first micro driver, true-wireless, waterproof earphones w/ patents pending and design that's received the 2015 Red Dot Award.
1,602 backers pledged $500,846 to help bring this project to life.

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      Amjad Abu Salem on August 15

      Never mind. Sorted

    2. Missing avatar

      Amjad Abu Salem on August 15

      Just got mine. Unfortunately cant pair them!

    3. Mary Jo Sminkey
      on August 14

      Juxt starting using these and sound quality and fit fairly good, but was very frustrated at how hard it is to get the ear buds into the charging case with the stabilizers on, as a result already lost one of the pair that best fits my ears since I had to take it off to put them in there. Unlike the Bragi, the design is such that I really need to use the stabilizers to keep them from falling out of my ears so it's a bit of a problem that the case doesn't have any place to put the stabilizers such that they aren't easily lost.

    4. Missing avatar

      Leon Ngan on August 14

      Hello....i want to ask some questions....
      1. when the battery exhausted, how to replace?
      2. will you provide the apps can show the battery status in the future?

    5. Denton Li on August 13

      Received mine and got a wonderful experience on the convenience of use and pairing. Amazing sound quality that is beyond my expectation. However, when I pair them with my Onkyo DP-X1 by using the APTX, the sound keeps disconnecting side by side.

    6. Gerardo on August 12

      Received mine in Australia, lighting fast shipping! Very happily surprised with the sound quality, was expecting less to be honest. Super fast and easy to pair. My estimate is that battery lasts 2hrs (haven't been able to use them long enough). The usage of buttons is a bit unintuitive and unfriendly in my opinion but guess once you learn them is ok. Materials looks and feel a bit cheap but not too bad. The case is already full of scratches after a week going in and out of my suitcase, pockets and charger. Overall nice work and happy with them. So convenient.

    7. Missing avatar

      Anthony Cruz on August 12

      Got mine this morning -- looking forward to trying them out.

    8. Ryan Odell on August 12

      I do have to say kudos on the shipping. Once it was finally sent out it was lightning fast.

    9. Missing avatar

      Steven Wong on August 12

      I've got your tracking number but it stays as "shipment on hold" in Taipei airport. What does that mean ?

    10. L. HAIS on August 11

      Hello ERATO Team,
      I received mine 2 days ago and I have already adopted after just 1 day of use !
      No problem for pairing with 2 different smarphones (Sony & Samsung), Audio quality is amazing and I have compared with earphones from Denon & support the comparison !
      I like also the battery pack and the idea that my earbuds are still ready to use during the day and that they are stored safely
      Congratulations ! you have done a great job !

    11. Daniel Vicente on August 11

      I´ve already received mines here in Brazil.

      I´m so happy as they are beyond my expectations. The sound quality is amazing with almost no distortion even in louder volume. Bass sounds are quite profound, and this is cool. Conectivity and button responsiviness are efetive. I´m amazed. Thankyou and congratulations.

    12. Thim
      on August 11

      #Update 2
      The music played on the earphones are amazing. The calling function of the earphones work perfectly. The pause and play function of the earphone works. But I couldn't adjust the volume of the music by pressing the right button twice as instructed, that is the only problem I had (not a big deal as I can adjust the volume manually pn my phone). Am using samsung note edge 1. Other than that the earphones are amazing. Thank you for the amazing work Erato team.

    13. Missing avatar

      Minh Vu on August 10

      @Masa you sound like a techie, so I'm sure you figure it out soon. Have you try pair it with another S6 edge to make sure it's not your device. I have S6 and it's working fine.

    14. Ryan Odell on August 10

      Also just got my tracking info for my black Kickstarter editions.

    15. JPI on August 10

      @creator...I just got my tracking info. Thank you. These bad boys better be worth it!!!

    16. JPI on August 10

      They don't answer as frequently as they should. It's very upsetting.

    17. Luis Rojas
      on August 10

      No tracking info nor have I received the reward. Pledged for the black edition. Are there any problems? Please advise.

    18. JPI on August 10 update , end of your day 4 since 8/5 update? please advise on NEW update of remaining orders???

    19. Missing avatar

      LEE LIANG on August 10

      @Joey,Vinh The audio-video lag problem the creator had somewhat answer in update #24

    20. Filipa Calado on August 10

      Hi guys! Just got mine yesterday, wow! what na amazing job you did! Congratulations :) Tried diferente genres and the sound is just amazing! Plus the packaging, design and all. I'm just a very happy fan of yours, this earphones is just what I was looking for, no wires to mess with my hair or hands and the sound is just really awesome for such a small thing. Keep doing a great work guys! :))

    21. Missing avatar

      Steven Wong on August 10

      Haven't got anything until now even if I send email to the helpdesk email address mentioned in the latest update. What's going on here ? Would u pls update me if some orders are still not yet shipped or I should have got it now (that means mine is lost !) ??

    22. desmond wong on August 10

      Am I the lucky one or what"" been using my Apollo for last 3 days for my music n video>> no lagging at all. Did direct streaming n playback for movie n watch direct telecast for Rio games...smooth as silk...well done Erato!,, you have truly create an amazing product here...nice design, superb sound quality...NO WIRELESS..what can I ask for more...thumbs up!!!!

    23. Vinh Nguyen on August 10

      hey team. Great product i am enjoying wire free life on the move, in the gym and more. Loving the little battery pack too where i haven't had a moment yet where the battery is low.

      Just wondering when i use the earbuds to watch streaming videos, movies and clips there is a slight between the audio and visual. Any solutions here?

      I am using a Apple Iphone 6 128gb with the latest OS update.

    24. JPI on August 9

      Still waiting for tracking info, day 4??? Please send update???

    25. Missing avatar

      Masato Yokosuka on August 9

      @Minh ... thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, wasn't a success. Did more research on net but failed on safe mode, clearing cache/data on BT share app; wipe cache partition. The audio did work on an old Galaxy J1, Xperia Z2 Tablet, so could be an OS issue for S6 edge. Will see if other solutions exist. The iPhone 5S works fine so will continue to enjoy the quality sound from it :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Joey on August 9

      Is anyone having audio lag problem when watching movie like me? Is there any fix?

    27. Missing avatar

      Joshua Colp on August 9

      Received mine today. Extremely surprised by how good they are and how well they work. Sound quality is great for the size they are. Perfect for what I wanted!

    28. Mark Christiansen on August 9

      I received mine yesterday. Trying them out today and so far these are fantastic. They audio quality is much higher than I expected. I have been using some referencing wav files and was impressed by the frequency response. Very crisp and clean. Great job on the first edition!

    29. Danny Grant on August 9

      Still awaiting tracking number for the Limited Edition Black. . . was promised yesterday, but has not been received.

    30. Missing avatar

      Anthony Cruz on August 9

      In the same boat as JPI - filled out backerkit on time, had selected kickstarter green and still waiting on a tracking number.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jordy Bosma on August 9

      Today was the first day I used my Apollo 7 and I love it.
      Every thing works perfectly but I also like to know how to put the volume up when calling and also want use both sides when calling
      With my iPhone I also can see how full the battery is and I think it gives a good view of the battery.
      Also the sound is perfect and when you get the perfect earpieces it is better than perfect.

      Erato you guys did a great job and can be proud of the product you produced

    32. JPI on August 9

      @creator....DAY 3 & still no email, no tracking number, no product. Please advise on new update. I've filled my backerkit a while edition black, I assume I am part of the batch that was manufactured wrong with white paint....LET'S GET IT TOGEHTER.

    33. Celia on August 9

      Btw - would love somehow to find them if lost nearby. I have this scenario in my mind where I drop them on a flight and never see them again as they roll further back on the plane!

    34. Celia on August 9

      Just got my headphones and they are AWESOME! The bass is SO MUCH better than I would have anticipated, wow! I'm currently listening to David Guetta & Sara Larsson - This one's for you (you know the UEFA EURO 2016 football song) and it rocks. Impossible to sit still while listening. I had no custom's problem either, which surprised me as my country is pretty good at collecting any taxes and closing loopholes. Thanks Erato :-) :-)

    35. JPI on August 9

      @creator....still no email, no tracking number, no product. Please advise on new update. I've filled my backerkit a while edition black, I assume I am part of the batch that was manufactured wrong with white paint....

    36. Korakot Justin Thadathamrongvech on August 8

      mine arrived since Saturday but have a problem with customs and got fine plus other costs from it due to unrealistic price. :(

    37. Christine Chew on August 8

      @Lee Liang

      Thanks bro. I tried a few more times away from some interference and it worked.

    38. JPI on August 8

      @creator....still no email, no tracking number, no product. Please advise on new update. I've filled my backerkit a while edition black, I assume I am part of the batch that was manufactured wrong with white paint....

    39. Tillmann
      on August 8

      Mine arrived today in Germany... No customs. The sound is surprisingly good. The fit into the ear is perfect. Well done designed. Apollo 8 could a wireless headset to do phone calls ;-)

    40. Amy Beth Sheahan on August 8

      Mine arrived today and I am very happy with them so far. Good sound & fit. Stay put nicely and I can walk all the way across my office with them in with no signal drop.

    41. DG on August 8

      Received the earphones today. What a fantastic product! Well done on the whole project.

    42. Missing avatar

      Thomas S. on August 8

      I have received mine today, only 3 days after the shipment left from Taiwan they arrived in northern Europe which is very fast. To my surprise also no problems with customs because I was really afraid of that.
      To the earphones, both the space grey and the rose gold I have ordered look great, they are very light which is also nice because I expected them to be a little heavier. Also the fit is very good, I am generally a fan of silicone tips and they hold them really well in my ears. I also like the sound quality. I know how other cheap bluetooth earbuds can sound and these are clearly a different quality level. The sound is very clear with good bass performance when they have a good fit in the ear. I am also using a pair of big bose around-ear headphones and there is of course a difference in sound quality if you compare to something like that but I am very happy with the performance of the Apollo´s, also technically when it comes to pairing and operation everything works very well.
      So in my opinion a really great product, very well thought through and developed.....thanks a lot Erato.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jordy Bosma on August 8

      Received my silver order today in the Netherlands and I already had my wallet in my hands to pay the import taxes but didn't need to pay anything.

      I still think that you guys are one of the fastest Kickstarter projects and they look beautiful and now I stop typing to go test them.

    44. Ryan Odell on August 8

      Kind of upset the special editions are last to ship. Hope they ship soon.

    45. Missing avatar

      Minh Vu on August 8

      @Masato try to unpair your earbuds with your iPhone 5S completely first before re-pair it with your Samsung... good luck!

    46. Missing avatar

      alexandra velali on August 8

      Received mine today!! So far I have tested it with my saved music on my iPhone 6. Working good, sound quality I have to say is great! Didn't have any problems getting them paired with my phone. Next test will be try streaming on line music or radio.

    47. Missing avatar

      Masato Yokosuka on August 8

      Hi...mine paired up fine with iPhone 5S, the sound quality is incredible like what everyone else is saying. I also have Galaxy S6 edge, which I could pair. The phone worked fine, however, having trouble hearing music. I checked media volume, tested with various apps such as Google Play Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, tried various Bluetooth configs (Audio only, Audio+Phone), but no luck. Am I missing a step?

    48. Missing avatar

      LEE LIANG on August 8

      @Christine,when you first time paired with your phone , you must press the button long enough , you can see the blue light and red light flashing alternately,that is really enter pairing status.

    49. JPI on August 8

      & still waiting for mine, torture.!!!!!!

    50. Christine Chew on August 8

      Received my Apollo 7 yesterday. Gave it a charge and wanted to put it into use today, but both my iPhones can't detect it. I have tried resetting my phone and toggling the bluetooth numerous times. Still no go. Has anyone encountered the same issue?

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