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A smart technology that allows your instrument to transform movement, orientation and momentum into audio & visual effects.
70 backers pledged $11,231 to help bring this project to life.

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eMotionSoft Download Link

Posted by Chester Udell, PhD Music Comp + EE (Creator)

Hi eMersion Users!

You're the first in the world to procure this cutting edge wireless sensor hardware. With this comes great perks (being the first on the block with a new toy), great patience, and great responsibility. 

First thing: please re-download the eMotionSoft apps to get started. Delete the old version as I believe the emotionstorage.txt file was buggy in the one I sent in email.


Password: eMotion4life!

After downloading the driver, Start with eMotion Basic. Every application and most windows within the apps have an "Open Help Browser" button. Click this and a video will walk you through.

DDW app is still highly experimental and almost academic in nature, but it's powerful if you can work around some of its oddities. When you first start it up, hit the red "restore default settings' button. You only need to do this whenever you begin a new DDW project, which makes sure your eMotionsotrage.txt file is properly formatted.

As with all fresh-out-of-Beta hardware and software, there will be bugs and issues not seen before. Thanks in advance for your patience. In the mean time, I hope to work out a discussion board where all eMersion users can woodshed topics and find solutions together. Please find it here:

Or on our website at under the COMMUNITY heading.

eMotion Tech :: We're Live! ::

Posted by Chester Udell, PhD Music Comp + EE (Creator)

Hi eMersion Supporters

eMersion Gold
eMersion Gold

 It's with great pleasure to announce that the world's first eMersion™ sets have been successfully produced and delivered. We could not have achieved this without your generous support. Producing this hardware and delivering it was a complex and expensive challenge, so we placed this as the highest priority. In the end, we had to spend all the money we raised on Kickstarter directly toward getting these devices delivered. We do intend to eventually produce those shirts and other swag as well to recognize everyone's contribution should we get funds again. Hang tight!

In the mean time, we have two exciting developments

1) eMersion systems are now available for pre-order.

Our hardware is produced in small batches right here in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Getting just 50 eMersion-Gold pre-orders on the books will enable us to produce our next batch of eMersion hardware. The first 15 pre-orders will also get a custom wood box to keep your new hardware gig-ready and travel-safe. All pre-order participants can take advantage of promotional pricing [listed on site] and be included on our online list of supporters.

Please visit and reserve yours today.

2) eMotion-Enables Initiative

For every 25 sets we produce, we donate one to secondary-school STE[A]M (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Math) initiatives. Fostering heightened awareness and interest in how music interfaces with core STEM disciplines is a passion of ours, but we can do so much more with your help. Please consider donating to our eMotion-Enables initiative, where your gift will go toward placing this this new technology in the hands and minds of young students. [Donations to for-profit entities are not tax-deductible]

Learn More Here

Finally, We Need You!

Think this is cool, but aren't interested right now? Please consider supporting us in a way that's free by sharing this news, our site, and plans on your social media accounts. Without a media budget, we're very much word-of-mouth and any Facebook post, Pintrest pin, or re-Tweet helps!

Thank you!

eMersion Almost Finished!

Posted by Chester Udell, PhD Music Comp + EE (Creator)

It's with great pleasure that I get to announce that eMersion sets are nearly complete and ready for distribution. We've overcome quite a few challenges and worked tirelessly with every detail on the road to producing this bleeding-edge sensor hardware. Our enclosure team has given the final design last week and I've been able to give the green light on fabricating the plastics. Attached is a sneak peak at the new design.

A sincere thanks for your continued patience as this new hardware is fitted with enclosures and final details for packaging and shipping are ironed out. All things considered, I anticipate eMersion sets will begin to ship in the next two weeks. 

A survey will be sent requesting your current shipping address. Please keep an eye out.

Warm Regards,

Chet Udell

Production update :: Full Steam ahead!

Posted by Chester Udell, PhD Music Comp + EE (Creator)

The latest in eMotion Tech News:
:: Chet Udell Presents eMersion Immersion Workshop @ the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2014

A fantastic crowd of all backgrounds and experience levels gathered in NYC to participate in the eMersion workshop hosted at NYCEMF 2014, an international electronic music festival. Participants learned about the basics of sensing and translating movement into wireless controller data using eMersion prototypes and software.

:: PCB Stage Finished, Moving Forward with Assembly

Our folks at Advanced Circuits completed fabrication of our eMersion circuit boards (PCBs) and sent them to Screaming Circuits for the assembly process. Here, the boards will be populated with all the tiny electrical components, de-panelized, and tested.

From there, they will be delivered to Z-Systems for power-up testing and population of a few final components before heading to my office for programming.

In total, we're look on pace to deliver eMersion systems (and all other KickStarter swag) in August. 

:: eMotion Progress Report #1 ::

Posted by Chester Udell, PhD Music Comp + EE (Creator)

Progress Update!

To our eMersion Adopters:

I'd like to once again thank you all for your support in helping a new technology come to life and potentially transforming the way we make music in the 21st century. We're diligently working to produce our eMersion Gesture Control Systems and wanted to bring you up to speed on our progress.

Making hardware is an intricate craft with lots of moving variables. We've been working hard, our manufacturers have been paid and set to task; things are rolling forward as planned! In efforts to ensure you get a high-quality product, we have faced some delays in our manufacturing process that has caused us to push up our time-table by several weeks. I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in this exciting time ahead.

Here are the details of our new projected timeline so you can track our progress.

  • :: Over the next several weeks. PCBs are currently being manufactured @ Advanced Circuits.
  • :: 4 - 7 weeks from now. PCBs will be shipped from Advanced Circuits to our Assembly house and boards will be populated with components @ Screaming Circuits.
  • :: 8 - 10 weeks from now. Final components will be populated, power-up, testing, battery charging @ Z-systems.
  • :: 11-12 weeks from now. Programming all hardware, fitting enclosures, Testing with software, packaging, We Deliver to you!

Once again, a sincere thank you for your support and patience!

Warm Regards, Chet Udell, CEO/CTO eMotion Technologies LLC