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eMersion Gesture Control System for Music Performance & More's video poster

A smart technology that allows your instrument to transform movement, orientation and momentum into audio & visual effects. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 19, 2014.

A smart technology that allows your instrument to transform movement, orientation and momentum into audio & visual effects.

About this project

Don’t just let music move you, move to make music.

When performing, either live or in a recording environment, you are limited by the technology around you. Your performance is less about feeling the music and connecting with your audience and more about the narrow parameters of your technology. Whether you are limited by a traditional instrument, tired of being tied down to tons of wired equipment or just looking for a new fluid and intuitive way to play, eMotion has a solution.

We’ve created a simple unique device to let you and your performance not be limited by anything but your imagination and artistic vigor. The eMersion™ is a gesture control technology that unobtrusively attaches to your instrument and lets you control the desired audio effect instantly with a quick flick of the wrist or other sensor driven gestures.

For example, while performing rotate your trumpet 45 degrees and you can control distortion. Add panning to your guitar in real time by sweeping it. Add reverb to your saxophone by leaning back or forward. The combinations are endless, direct and easy to configure. eMotion not only imbues your instrument with the ability to sense, it gives the performer the opportunity to make the instrument a more integral part of the performance.

Straight from the box to your performance.

From out of the box, we have online tutorials and support to help you get setup. The process is intuitive, and just requires a little bit of setup before you create your next masterpiece.

  • First, just attach the small and powerful sensor to the device you want to control. 
  • Once assigned, you just pair the sensor with the receiver and check the connection.
  • Next, you use the software to configure what variables you want to control like reverb, panning or pitch.
  • Now perform and adjust accordingly.

Get to know the tech.

The eMersion comes with a patent-pending combination of hardware and software that wirelessly allow musicians to augment their live performance through gesture control technology.

Included in the base system is the software, a charging receiver hub that connects to your computer through USB, and the eMote Twist. The notable tech here is the Twist, which is compact combination of a 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer to control inertia, acceleration and position.

With the upgraded systems you get the eMote Accelerate. The accelerate also lets you control acceleration and tilt, but more importantly comes with the option to plug in all sorts of other sensors. Many more are to come, but at the moment we provide:

  • Exert - a pressure sensor. Example: Place on keys or valves to measure how hard they are pressed. You could assign it to distortion for example, with a larger amount the harder you squeeze.
  • Wave - a sonar distance sensor. Example: Change the tempo of your music by pumping your fist.
  • Flash - a light sensor. Example: Sync an effect like pitch to your lighting environment.
  • Flex - a tension sensor. Example: Bend your finger while playing a flute to adjust spatialization.

The eMersion system is expandable. It has been tested to accommodate up to 8 Twist and 8 Accelerate eMotes on one Fuse hub.  This will allow you to expand a single eMersion system to accommodate everyone in your group. You can further expand eMersion by using multiple Fuses, and each eMote can be set to its own unique identity, so you always know which one is yours.

Although it comes with software, you actually have the option (and are encouraged) to create your own additions to the package. Although we give you some of the building blocks, some developmental knowledge and tinkerer mentality is recommended. We are 100% open source, and the software contains stand-alone applications compatible with both MAC & PC.  It is also easily customizable using Cycling'74 MaxMSP.

The standalone software sends controller data via MIDI and OpenSoundControl and UDP (over network). The eMersion works with virtually any software or hardware that receives MIDI input. Basically, anywhere you use a pedal, mouse, keypad or controller in your setup, it can be replaced using eMersion.

The software is currently tested and compatible with Ableton, Max-for-Live, Logic, Protools, Processing, Propellerhead REASON, Csound, Supercollider and PureData. Garageband is not supported.

The hardware is currently tested and compatible with DMXUSBPRO (Control DMX lights) and MIDI-to-CV hardware (use eMotion to control Analog Synthesizers with control voltage), however virtually any MIDI hardware should work.

An additional software suite also included, called eMotion SwitchBlade, transforms eMote gestures into keypad and mouse commands, so you can control any application on a computer including: video games, PowerPoint, Prezi, DVD, QuickTime, and other media players, and Web browsers. Record sensor data into tables and databases for use in MatLab and Excel (real useful for scientists, field researchers or engineers).

Make instruments out of everyday objects.

Our eMotion technology is not limited to traditional instruments. Since the sensors can attach and be removed with ease, you could use them on anything you want: making a toy, a chicken sandwich or even yourself into an orchestra. Control, augment and synthesize anything you can imagine into an audio experiment or inspired performance.

Move with anything that moves you.

Although our vision is rooted in our passion for the music industry, the eMersion system can grow in any industry that has a need for sensor data driven metrics or gesture control demands. With a little tweaking you could create more interactive presentations, DIY home automation, custom scientific research apparatuses or even robotics control.

In fact, we are an open community that encourages such innovation. Our beta testers have already dabbled with augmented video games controllers, a magic hat and other amazing projects. What will you make? Join our community and become part of the eMotion universe so you can share your creations with other like-minded artists.

A growing community that needs you!

You now know that eMotion unleashes the artist from technological restraints and opens new opportunities to seamlessly integrate intangibles like inspiration, emotion and passion into a performance or anything you want it to. What you also know, is all startups need a little help keeping momentum.

We need your help to develop a sleek, sexy enclosure to protect your eMersion system. We also need your help launching our community and our next round of production. We want to get these units in your hands and see what happens. We want your feedback and ideas. We want you to have a chance to help nurture development of this growing community. Please review the pledges and consider contributing today!


eMersion™ Silver Set (OEM) with $295 Pledge
eMersion™ Silver Set (OEM) with $295 Pledge
eMersion™ Gold Set comes with $395 Pledge or higher. Please note final enclosure may vary.
eMersion™ Gold Set comes with $395 Pledge or higher. Please note final enclosure may vary.

Risks and challenges

Like any start up, we are limited by our funding and personnel. We are utilizing crowdfunding to help gain the capital to increase our production runs, receive more consumer driven feedback and launch a new level of support personnel for eMotion Technologies.

Project timeline:
Having produced 25 prototypes almost a year ago and undergone extensive testing, we are fully prepared to deliver these Version2 systems in a timely manner. We already have a dedicated hardware manufacturer with all the design files in hand who is prepared and ready for a successful campaign. We also have a basic enclosure spec'ed out and ready to go. We aim to fulfill all of our eMersion hardware deliveries based on the following timeline:
Feb 15 - Apr 15: Back us on KickStarter
April 15 - May 30: Manufacturer eMersion sets, assemble, program, and test, CAD out enclosures.
June 1: Official release of eMersion software and "The Music of eMotion Beta" EP to corresponding backers.
June 2: Deliver Titanium Accelerated eMersion sets at NYCEMF conference, host workshop.
June 30: All other eMersion sets will be assembled and delivered to our backers.
All other swag (like stickers) will be shipped by June 30, likely with the same shipment of the eMersion systems.

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    eMersion™ Gold Set |

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